Character(s): Lina Inverse and Open to All
Content: A certain red-head sorceress makes her way into Paixao
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: None So Far

Things were somewhat a blur as Lina’s eyes fluttered open, as she awoke to what looked like a completely different world. )
25 March 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Character(s): Laharl and Vyers.
Content: Laharl has a go at making a seal... and fails. Big time.
Setting: Basement of the Overlord's Castle
Time: Late at night.
Warnings: Slight swearing and tl;dr

Since temporarily moving to the castle... )
19 March 2012 @ 01:47 pm
Character(s): Urd, open!
Content: Urd's relief shop once again opens to the public.
Setting: Across the street from The Cheap Prayer.
Time: Week 39, all day!
Warnings: None.
Note: This log will be done via "party style" threading! Come in and make your own thread to get Urd's attention, or join into someone else's thread. It's all good!

Urd sat in mid-air, floating casually as she watched the wide shop window in thought. )
17 February 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Character(s): Vyers, open to all who would like to popcorn.gif
Content: Vyers attempts a title change (or a name change, really).
Setting: The Netherworld
Time: Afternoon, Week 38
Warnings: Moar Disgaea Antics--Also, this can be party thread style if you'd like

'I require all the Fairy Dust you have in stock!' Vyers exclaimed, slamming a handful of HL on the counter. )
11 February 2012 @ 10:21 pm
Character(s): Vyers, Laharl, Gwen, Flonne, and...?
Content: Getting settled in for the time being
Setting: The Netherworld
Time: Mid-dayish/early afternoon, week 37 (backdated a bit)
Warnings: |D

There was something comforting about being in the castle again, even if there was a certain amount of awkwardness that accompanied it. )
29 January 2012 @ 06:08 pm
Character(s): Vyers and Laharl
Content: Two demons discuss the possibility of moving
Setting: Vyers's Place
Time: Week 37, slightly backdated
Warnings: None

Vyers probably should have been eating his breakfast. )
11 December 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Character(s): Vyers and Timon.
Content: The ongoings of an old married couple.
Setting: Palazzo Townhomes
Time: Early Morning.
Warnings: Appliance Abuse.

The last week had felt more like a test than anything else. )
16 October 2011 @ 06:35 pm
Character(s): Gwen and Vyers
Content: Gwen is heartbroken after she sends off Roxas and goes to find comfort in the form of her husband.
Setting: The zoo apartment.
Time: Evening, backdated to week 34, immediately after this log.
Warnings: Angsty Mama =(

Closing the door behind Roxas was one of the hardest things Gwen's had to do recently. )
Character(s): Vyers and Flonne
Content: Two house mates have a nice chat! :D ...:D?
Setting: Vyers' place
Time: Week 34, a little after noon
Warnings: None

Trying to hide the small smile tugging at the edge of his lips, Vyers walked up to Flonne's door and knocked. )
Character(s): Vyers, Genie, potentially others?
Content: Vyers travels to Urd's place to get himself de-love potioned
Setting: Urd's house
Time: Late Afternoon, Week 32
Warnings: Wackiness! :D

While he had known that something needed to be done about his current condition before, the events of the past few hours had cemented Vyers' need to cure himself of this love potion as soon as possible. )
Character(s): Vyers and Gwen
Content: After this journal and this mb post, Vyers has become a useless mass of self-loathing and pity awaiting his fate.
Setting: Vyers' apartment/room
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: I... I don't even.

He already knew he had done something awful. )
29 March 2011 @ 08:55 pm
Character(s): Vyers, anyone!
Content: Following the Date From Hell, there's something a little... off about Vyers.
Setting: All around Paixao -- Party style!
Time: All around, week 30
Warnings: All women should expect flirtation.

Never before had Vyers realized just how many beautiful, wonderful women there were in this city. )
05 January 2011 @ 01:41 am
Character(s): Kanaria, whomever..
Setting: Around Joutenheim gate
Time: Early week 28, high noon
Warnings: none.

The light shining into her box was too bright to be coming from micchan's room. )
27 December 2010 @ 10:51 pm
Character(s): Vyers, Lamington
Content: Vyers gives Lamington the lowdown on Paixao
Setting: St. Destino
Time: Early Evening
Warnings: None

Read more... )
Character(s): Vyers, Laharl, Gwen
Content: Laharl tries to knock some sense into his parents. ... Take your bets on how this will turn out folks! Bets please! Take your bets here! Cash only!
Setting: Vyers' apartment... around the bathroom.
Time: Week 26, nighttime
Warnings: Fog effects, Vyers getting punched some more, angst

A moment to think. )
Character(s): Vyers and Pumbaa
Content: Muns of both characters realize that these two have not interacted at all outside a couple of journal posts, which is weird when they're living together. SMALL TALK ENSUES.
Setting: Vyers' place. Dear god, it's like he never leaves.
Time: Early week 26, before fog
Warnings: Drama of the Whoring sort. We've got a Vyers in this thread after all. Other than that I've got nothing.

He had begun to get used to everything that was going on, he supposed. )
26 October 2010 @ 01:12 am
Character(s): Vyers and Gwen
Content: Mama and Vyers clean up the house... and try to figure out how all these people are even going to begin sleeping here. And we get a small dose of adorable Vyers/Mama awkwardness
Setting: Vyers' Zoo and Orphanage place.
Time: Week 26, afternoon. Before things can go horribly, horribly wrong. Nope, Spish and I are going to fuck things up here 8Db God we're evil.
Warnings: Awkwardness, possibility for cuteness, possible angst

Read more... )
Character(s): Gwen and Vyers, Laharl later, and Flonne
Content: A LOVING, MOST TOUCHING REUNION! .... actually it's probably mostly failsauce for Vyers what else is new? and Gwen writing him off as coincidence... Then an actual touching reunion with Laharl.
Setting: Muspelheim gate area to Vyers' crammed apartment
Time: Week 25, afternoon and into the evening
Warnings: failboat!Vyers, timeskips here and there? XD

Gwen stays hovering around a bench in the gate area, the journal clasped between her hands and held before her. )
25 September 2010 @ 08:44 pm
Character(s): Riku, Vyers, and Timon
Content: Pieces of the mysterious Paixao report are placed together
Setting: Porfavore
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: None

If Timon wanted Vyers to accompany him somewhere it was usually because he wanted something from the demon. )