07 March 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Character(s): Blue, Bakura, and a reunion with Gaston
Content: The boy and his dog. Er. Wait. Reunited with an old friend!
Setting: Jogo da Crianca (The Park - G6)
Time: Afternoonish
Warnings: Happiness is a warm puppy. None XD

Blue found the park to be much more enjoyable now without the festival overtaking it. )
11 August 2007 @ 09:27 pm
Character(s): anybody playing games
Content: people play carnival games
Setting: Joco da Crianca Fairgrounds, games area
Time: all day~
Warnings: Multithreaded posting format (please include time of day and sub-location in your comment's subject line)

Step right up! )
11 August 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Character(s): everyone entering the festival by the gate
Content: weapons confiscation, greetings, etc.
Setting: Joco da Crianca Fairgrounds, entrance
Time: all day~
Warnings: Multithreaded posting format (please include time of day and sub-location in your comment's subject line)

Next, please! )
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Blue
Content: Bakura goes to meet up with Blue, even though it's rather late.
Setting: starts at Morem o Lisboa and ends at Train Station [L6]
Time: late evening
Warnings: nothing completely serious, a decent amount of minor angst?

Bakura looked down at the journal shaking his head. )
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, npc
Content: Bakura being mopey as the lady at the hotel who helps him a lot takes care of him.
Setting: Morem O Lisboa
Time: morning
Warnings: nothing

Bakura glanced around his room…. )
03 March 2007 @ 11:34 pm
Character(s): Bakura Ryou and Haku
Content: Um.....Bakura is waiting around in the lobby with his cloak on, wondering if it's worth it to go out in the snow that's rather quickly building up before he gets snowed-in. He and Haku decide to go play in the snow and build a snow village!
Setting: Morem O Lisboa right now, possibly the Muspelheim area after that
Time: late morning-ish
Warnings: nothing...other than Bakura and Haku being adorably cute.

Bakura sighed, getting up and picking up his cloak. )
19 February 2007 @ 05:34 pm
Character(s): Bakura Ryou
Content: Bakura's wandering comes to an end....
Setting: Morem O Lisboa
Time: late evening
Warnings: nothing

First, desert-like unbearable heat...then rain, rain, and more rain. )
18 January 2007 @ 01:46 am
Character(s): Jack, Gaston, Bakura, Blue, and whoever wants to harass the merry little band.
Content: After finding little useful material and even less that's reassuring, the group tramps off to the hospital to get their exercise ask after Paixao's graveyards--again, because Jack wanted to, and the others just happened to come with for varying reasons. >O The bony slavedriver....
Setting: Paradisio Hospital [M3]
Time: Evening
Warnings: Um, morbidness if you cross your eyes, blink real fast, and squint hard? They are asking after a graveyard after all, even if there is a good reason for it....

((OOC: Go ahead and harass me if anything ought to be changed. :3))
Current Mood: hopeful
Character(s): Bakura, Blue, Jack and Gaston
Content: After wondering what happened to the white things, the whole group goes to Os Dias Sao a Noite--the library--because Jack wanted to and the rest decided they had nothing better to do.
Setting:Os Dias Sao a Noite
Time: late afternoon
Warnings: nothing yet

None of them knew what had happened to the white things. )
27 September 2006 @ 07:23 pm
Character(s): Gaston and Jack Skellington--and Bakura and Blue!
Content: A good time has been had by all--and now, is being slept off.
Setting: Haja o Que Houver [F4]
Time: Morning
Warnings: >=O SHHH! Gaston has a hangover!

Current Location: Haja o Que Houver [F4]
Current Mood: cheerful
26 September 2006 @ 12:20 am
Character(s): Blue, npcs, Dusks, Bakura
Content: Blue chases a Dusk into the hotel and has a run-in (literally) with Bakura...
Setting: outside to Haja O Que Houver
Time: laterish afternoon
Warnings: -

She was sprinting after it, not quite sure why the nagging in the back of her mind told her to go. )
24 September 2006 @ 11:07 pm
Character(s): Bakura Ryou
Content: Bakura walks several more miles to the Haja O Que Houver and gets himself settled in a room.
Setting: Haja O Que Houver
Time: midafternoon
Warnings: Nothing

Bakura kept walking. )
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Udou Akira
Content: Bakura and Akira finally end up on the "cheaper" side of Paixao at Auntie Unde's. Akira gets clothes and a journal and Bakura gets project supplies.
Setting: Auntie Unde's
Time: week2, early afternoon
Warnings: none...really, except Auntie Unde being bizarre and scaring Bakura.

The walk was quicker than he thought it would be, but still exhausting. )
04 September 2006 @ 12:00 am
Character(s): Udou Akira, Bakura Ryou
Content: Akira arrives in Paixao and is a tad confused~
Setting: Muspelheim
Time: Uh. Morning. Week2
Warnings: None :o
Somehow, this is not what Akira had been expecting. )
Current Mood: chipper
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, NPC Lumen kitty
Content: Bakura tries to find somewhere to stay(not even thinking that the places MIGHT except bartering), gives up and follows a "kitty" before deciding to go to sleep outside.
Setting: Muspelheim area
Time: week2, evening(probably 8PM)
Warnings: none

Bakura had spent much of the afternoon using the journal to locate lodgings. )
Characters: Bakura and npcs Tori and various nurses(likely Heather and Lisa)
Content: Bakura waiting for his release orders, Tori giving Bakura a few items to help him out and spouting off bits from The Wind in the Willows in an (almost delusional) attempt to get Bakura to stay in the present in Paixao. Bakura trying to explain to Tori that the world ISN'T black-and-white like she thinks it is. And the usual with Lisa and Heather.
Setting:Paradisio Hospital
Time: a little after midday Sunday
Warnings: Bakura being a bit of an angst bucket and overexaggerating....(shall we say Oh!Drama!) XD

Bakura stood by the window. )
20 July 2006 @ 01:39 pm
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, NPC Nurse Gayle, and dreamscape npcs of Yuugi, White Wizard Bakura, and Yami no Bakura
Content: Bakura has an old nightmare and Nurse Gail tries to comfort him
Setting:Paradisio Hospital
Time: morning Sunday
Warnings: a unique style and underplayed YuGiOh manga spoilers

I have to stop him! )
Character(s): Bakura Ryou and NPCs Tori, Nurse Heather, Nurse Lisa, and Nurse Cheryl
Content: Bakura arrives, notices that this place is probably too expensive for his wallet, and passes out. Tori comes out of one of the wings and once again a Paixaoese citizen comes to Bakura's rescue, this time with demands for a doctor or nurse. And Nurses Heather and Lisa take care of Bakura....And Lisa develops a bit of a "mother-hen" attitude toward the newest patient.
Setting:Paradisio Hospital
Time: midday to late afternoon Saturday
Warnings: nothing really--an injured Bakura, a childishly adorable girl, a bit of blood and medical details

It was very clean here, but that wasn't unusual for a hospital. )
21 May 2006 @ 09:21 pm
Character(s): Bakura Ryou and any rescuers/passersby NPCs Charlotte and random rickshaw driver
Content: Bakura wakes up outside Muspelheim, wonders what happened and then enters...and kind of collapses. Charlotte comes along to play rescuer and arranges transportation to the local hospital for Bakura.
Setting: Muspelheim Gate [O-3] to Paradisio Hospital
Time: Saturday, midmorning to early afternoon
Warnings: Nothing as of yet, just a poor, hungry, displaced and wounded Bakura.

Bakura sat up with a bit of a start. )