Character(s): Alice and anyone who happens upon her
Content: Alice has just arrived to Paixao
Setting: Joutenheim Gate
Time: Late morning
Warnings: None I can think of at the moment

So how did I up in this land? )
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19 April 2012 @ 12:18 am
Character(s): The Mad Hatter, Rainbow Dash, and later on Basil
Content: It's adventure time in Wonderland!
Setting: Starts near the Niflheim gates then to Wonderland
Time: Early Afternoon, just after tea.
Warnings: Probably nothing, just madness.

Many could wonder around all day just listening to babbling of crowds, but why spend the time doing that, when you know your own babbles were much more frabjous? )
21 February 2012 @ 07:41 pm
Character(s): The Mad Hatter, Austria, Sky, and Flandre
Content: As usual the Hatter was outside setting up a tea party, but then he had some guests arrive.
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Madness, tea, and shenanigans everywhere!

It was just the perfect day to have a nice outing for tea. )
10 October 2011 @ 12:04 am
Character(s): Basil, Toby and whoever finds them Alice, and Hatter
Content: The mouse is homeless and cold
Setting: Somewhere outside, possibly in a snow bank
Time: Evening
Warnings: ...Uh. Idk?

Ch-ch-chin up, Toby old boy, )
05 July 2011 @ 11:55 am
Character(s): Kovu, open
Content: Kovu has had his first "lover's spat" and isn't happy about it
Setting: Pride Lands
Time: early morning
Warnings: ...nomming of a poor, almost-defenseless gazelle. Probably emo. And of course by "emo," I meant shenanigans. Obviously.

This sort of frustration was new to the young lion. )
Character(s): The Mad Hatter and Alice Liddell (AM)
Content: Meeting over the Message Board, the Mad Hatter meets up with a much different darker version of Alice than the one he knew before.
Setting: Joutenheim Gates
Time: Mid-Day
Warnings: Nothing Whatsoever, Most Likely

One wouldn’t want to walk among mad people. )
Character(s): Iroh, OPEN OPEN OPEN
Content: Iroh hosts a tea party at his joint. Conversations ensue.
Setting: The Golden Turtle
Time: Mid-Afternoon, Week 31
Warnings: Will update as it goes.

A few more strokes of the broom against the floor shoved the last plumes of dirt away into the bare streets. Iroh twirled it from one hand to the other and placed it away in the corner of the room, flooded with sunlight and warmth. "All ready!" he announced with excitement, looking over the front door banner that read WELCOME TO THE GOLDEN TURTLE TEA PARTY!

[ooc: Party style threading. Comments are considered exclusive conversations, so reply to the actual comments instead of the entry if you want to be a part of that conversation. Iroh will be by your table shortly. ]
Character(s): The Mad Hatter, Rapunzel, and Flynn
Content: Hatter decided to make more friends with some of folks he liked around here. Starting with Rapunzel, who was very nice to him. Too bad Flynn is being dragged along.
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Silliness, Silliness Everywhere!

Wait! Your hair needs some tea! )
15 March 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Character(s): The Mad Hatter and Anyone else who wants to invite themselves to tea with him
Content: Deciding that it was time for Afternoon Tea, the Mad Hatter goes to have tea in the park.
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: Early Afternoon
Warnings: Nothing whatsoever!

But there's plenty of room! )
03 February 2011 @ 01:24 am
Character(s): Alice & Whoever
Content: Mad Tea party.
Setting: Alice's apartment: O Pastor
Time: Backdated to "Sunday", because that's when it was supposed to be. ...And I am horrible at getting logs up apparently. /cries.
Warnings: Party Log. ...Also, TBA (but doubtful)

Sadly, Alice’s apartment didn’t look the part of playing host to a party. )
07 January 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Character(s): Demyx, anyone else.
Content: Demyx arrives!
Setting: Niflheim
Time: Week 28, afternoon
Warnings: Nothing I can think of?

Demyx sighed, stretching his arms up as he headed through the gate. )
Character(s): The Mad Hatter, Open to Anyone
Content: A wild Hatter has appeared in Paixao, straight from the world of Wonderland!
Setting: Joutenheim Gates
Time: In the Afternoon
Warnings: Probably none, just the Hatter and his insanity

It all started with the twinkling of the tea. )