16 August 2006 @ 09:19 am
Character(s): Ise Nanao and Kyouraku Shunsui
Content: A lovely chat in a hotel room. They both want to get down to business, but "business" is a relative term to either of them.
Setting:Posh little hotel room in Actua Are
Time: Sunday Night/Monday Morning (the time we agreed upon in the OOC comm, cause I can't remember it off the top of my head and I'll edit this if my guess is wrong!)
Warnings: Shunsui is in character. You have been warned.

A perfect night... )
Character(s): Urahara Kisuke and Kyouraku Shunsui
Content: Chat log; Shunsui accidentally clicks Urahara's screen name instead of Hinamori Momo's and has a hard time figuring out who he's actually talking to.
Setting: Internet World! :D
Time: Saturday 2, off and on all day, because Urahara and Shunsui are easily distracted away from their laptops
Warnings: They're perverted creepy men. Also, away message violence. Also also, PLEASE assume that there is at least a ten-minute pause between away messages, despite all the accurate timestamps that I'm too lazy to delete.

momooo~ why are you here )
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24 May 2006 @ 01:44 am
Character(s): Linali Li, Kanda Yuu, Rabi, NPC receptionist, Ashe, Shunsui, Nanao
Content: The female Black Priest travels to the center of the city to reunite with Rabi, his friends, and Kanda.
Setting: Actua Are [J7]
Time: Sunday, early afternoon
Warnings: Flirting, juice stains, a broken nose, and 'sweet' faces. Bewareth.

Under the warm sunshine, the exorcist softly shuts her black mini-PC. )
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03 April 2006 @ 07:39 pm
Character(s): Rabi, Shunsui, Ashe, Isaac, and... uh, anyone else? (As if it wasn't hectic enough.)
Content: Rabi makes friends. His friends are looking for their friends. And their "friends" are trying to get the hell out of there. D:
Setting: Actua Are near the center of Paixao.
Time: Saturday Afternoon (after he reclaims his crack journal).
Warnings: None.

Not even a week later, Pie-sores was starting to bore him. )

[EDIT] This thread is now closed because we need to move on! Please to go Linali's thread.
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