01 May 2010 @ 12:50 am
Character(s): Aisling and Open to Anyone
Content: Aisling’s been making a place suitable for her to live in…
Setting: In between Joutenheim and the Actua Are Hotel
Time: Late afternoon, Week 20
Warnings: Aisling is very protective of her “forest.” But may warm up to visitors. 

Something strange had been going on near Joutenheim... )
08 April 2010 @ 05:48 pm
Character(s): Iroh, OPEN [especially to those that need help with log tags for the AC]
Content: Iroh is opening up a tea stand until he knows what to do about the Paixao restaurant business. He might need some help. [wink, wink]
Setting: Just outside of Paixao station in the central part of the island
Time: Later morning
Warnings: Shouldn't be a problem (for Iroh, at least...)

"How hard could it be?" he asked himself. )
Character(s): Mao, Shiek, and Aisling
Content: Mao tries not to give into horrible, terrible, immoral temptation.
Setting: Os Dias Sao a Noite
Time: Early Afternoon
Warnings: Copious amounts of Mao.

Glaring at the door before him as though it had done him personal injury, Mao began to wonder when he had sunk so low. )
21 March 2010 @ 08:17 pm
Character(s): Aisling and whomever would like to stumble across her.
Content: Aisling arrives in Paixao.
Setting: The vicinity of Muspelheim
Time: Dusk
Warnings: Annoying little fairy-wolf thing ;)

Aisling blinked. A moment ago, the white wolf’s forest had been illuminated with a flash of lightning... )