14 October 2007 @ 10:42 pm
Character(s): Linali Li and whoever else wants to drop by [OPEN. Pretty please?]
Content:Linali enters Paixao.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: None

She was afraid. The heaving of her chest, the widening of her eyes showed it... )
29 December 2006 @ 03:00 am
Character(s): Linali and Rin.
Content: Distraught, the exorcist finally gives into her selfish desire to talk to someone about her woes.
Setting: Strolling the tranquil halls of the Matteus Museum of Art.
Time: Around afternoon or early evening.
Warnings: 'NALI ANGST, omg.

Fifteen to twenty it was. )
10 November 2006 @ 02:03 am
Character(s): Linali Li and Raven
Content: Raven informs Linali about Kanda and some general talking. The Dark Boot bus acquires another person for her to-search-for list.
Setting: PIM (Paixao Instant Messenger)
Time: Evening.
Warnings: None

warutsu on water: You wanted to talk to me about Kanda? )
10 November 2006 @ 01:44 am
Character(s): Linali Li
Content: After registering Raven into Actua Are, Linali checks on Gunzi but finds him gone.
Setting: Beginning in Actua Are [H8], but moving out towards the northern part of the city.
Time: Later evening.
Warnings: Overworrying. :x

Washing her hands, Linali fixed her hair in the mirror of the public restroom. )
10 October 2006 @ 07:06 pm
Character(s): Rabi and Linali Li
Content: The Chinese exorcists seeks dire help!
Setting: PIM (Paixao Instant Messenger)
Time: A little after finding Shiki.
Warnings: CHEATING. :O

warutsu on water: R---rabi! )
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06 October 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Character(s): Linali Li and Rin
Content: Rin's in trouble so Linali's going to help him!
Setting: Eastwards between Actua Are and Auntie Unde's [J7-H7]
Time: Late Afternoon, a little before dusk.
Warnings: None really. Nobodies don't bleed. ♥

Because the main door was locked, Linali had to use her balcony. )
05 October 2006 @ 01:06 am
Character(s): Shiki, Nobodies. Then Linali and Rin find him, o noes.
Content: He gets pwned by some. :| Then they come to help!
Setting: Somewhere in the Muspelheim area.
Time: A few hours after the encounter with Akira.
Warnings: He gets his butt kicked! Not very graphic though because I was too lazy to write it.

It seemed that Shiki's original plan of action would require a slight detour. )
02 October 2006 @ 02:17 am
Character(s): Miyabi, Kiriwar, Inu, and B. Jenet. More are welcome!
Content: Paixao's albino settled to have a drink with Kiri-kins, but later it expanded to a party...
Setting: The Cheap Prayer [F5]
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Drunkenness.

Her wound stung a little, but it went away as soon as she spotted a shabby yet somehow welcoming tavern. )
01 October 2006 @ 11:26 pm
Character(s): Raven, Linali, possibly Nobodies
Content: She wakes up and is very confused at what's going on.
Setting: Starts in the bottom corner of [F8], then moves on to the area between O Pastor & Cafe Ersetat [H8].
Time: Early Afternoon
Warnings: None as of yet

Great care was taken so that Raven remained hidden until she awoke... )
22 September 2006 @ 10:28 pm
Character(s): Linali Li and Timon
Content: After talking with each other for some time over their journals, two friends finally meet face to face for the first time.
Setting: Actua Are [J7]
Time: Week 2, Afternoon
Warnings: None

The walk itself had been exhausting without the help of the sun pouring it's warm rays down upon Timon. )
09 September 2006 @ 02:59 am
Character(s): Larxene & Linali
Content: Number XII got bored of watching Gunzi fight and decided to pester Linali some more. The two exchange IMs and Larxene manages to corner Linali on several occassions.
Setting: Over the journals
Time: Night, during Gunzi's fight with the "Wolf"
Warnings: Larxene being her usual self?

Sadist Twelve: So, helped out any more undeserving people yet? Humanitarian?  )
06 September 2006 @ 12:42 am
Character(s): Linali and Gunzi.
Content: They talk about stuff, and eventually decide that Gunzi will stay with her. Ahahahhaa.
Setting: AIM network.
Time: Night, before the lumen fight.
Warnings: Gunzi is being weird?

10:26:11 PM warutsuonwater: ...Kanda? )
03 September 2006 @ 01:50 am
Character(s): Gunzi, Larxene and eventually Linali.
Content: Gunzi enters the city; after an odd encounter with the gatekeeper, he is dropped off a few miles away from it and then left all on his lonesome.
Setting: A little ways into Joutenheim.
Time: Night.
Warnings: Drug references, Gunzi going after someone... and knowing Larxene, uh, there's gonna be a lot.

What an odd place. )
09 August 2006 @ 09:19 pm
(ooc: Since Linali isn't the type to sit still, I have to do something within the days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.)

Character(s): Linali Li
Content: To the west! To the "general store"!
Setting: Auntie Unde's
Time: Monday morning
Warnings: Kinda long solo. D:

Seven in the morning--time to  )
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08 August 2006 @ 10:04 pm
Character(s): Linali, Ikki, and Agito/Akito
Content: Crow-kun tries to make friends.
Setting: Paixao Central Station
Time: Thursday Afternoon
Warnings: Agito swearing, and Ikki being stupid.

Looking up at the crow sticking out of his hair, )

01 June 2006 @ 05:18 pm
Character(s): Linali Li, Krad
Content: Reading Krad's entry about causing a massacre, Linali decides to continue their talk on the chat system.
Setting: Journals
Time: Sunday, later afternoon--after getting settled into the hotel.
Warnings: None (unless maybe becoming a fan of a new pairing counts? XD).

Current Location: Actua Are, J7
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24 May 2006 @ 01:44 am
Character(s): Linali Li, Kanda Yuu, Rabi, NPC receptionist, Ashe, Shunsui, Nanao
Content: The female Black Priest travels to the center of the city to reunite with Rabi, his friends, and Kanda.
Setting: Actua Are [J7]
Time: Sunday, early afternoon
Warnings: Flirting, juice stains, a broken nose, and 'sweet' faces. Bewareth.

Under the warm sunshine, the exorcist softly shuts her black mini-PC. )
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Characters; Rabi, Linali.
Content; Linali finds Rabi on the journals and plans to meet up with him.
Setting; None?
Time; Sunday afternoon.
Warnings; None.

....Rabi? )
23 May 2006 @ 02:16 am
Character(s): Linali Li
Content: The Chinese exorcist enters Paixao and wastes no time in learning of the place and the e-journal's uses.
Setting: Niflheim gates
Time: Sunday, noon
Warnings: None

As if things couldn't get any stranger. )
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