11 November 2012 @ 01:36 pm
Character(s): Eleven, Sexy, open
Content: The Doctor and his TARDIS finally tie the knot.
Setting: Macalania Woods
Time: All day/night!
Warnings: Potential bad guys showing up, but none so far.

He hadn't been to a wedding ever since his own with Elizabeth I, but somehow this was different. )

[ooc: This will (mostly) be party-log style. You all know what to do~]
29 October 2012 @ 05:24 pm
Character(s): Emizel, Xemnas, Xigbar
Content: Emizel awakens to find himself in the midst of bad company.
Setting: ???
Time: ???
Warnings: Unknown at this time

To say things could have gone smoother was an understatement. )
23 July 2012 @ 01:04 am
Character(s): Anyone and everyone
Content: The domes are falling!
Setting: Entirety of Paixao
Time: Week 42
Warnings: Probably violence and injury.
Note: This will be multi-thread style. Feel free to toss your characters wherever they may be!

The heavens crash down )
14 July 2012 @ 04:13 pm
Character(s): Urd, open!
Content: Urd has lost her true love. Can there be comfort?
Setting: Urd and Ge -- ...Urd's house. :( In M6.
Time: Sunset, week 41
Warnings: None.
Note: To consolidate any and all visits from friends, this log is kinda "party style", as in one comment chain for each visit, all in this post. Thanks!

It was so quiet without him around anymore. )
31 May 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Character(s): Urd, Mickey, Emizel and NiGHTS. Also, who is that watching from the shadows...?
Content: NiGHTS is insane, Urd is worried, Mickey is angry and Emizel is guilt-ridden. And what was the "game" NiGHTS was talking about earlier?
Setting: Within the dome of Paixao.
Time: Sunset.
Warnings: Violence.

She'd been gone for a month. )
Character(s): Eden, Emizel, and in later comes Urd
Content: While Eden curiously checks out the New Hope she's heard about, she meets Emi there. However, Urd shows up, and there were much shenanigans.
Setting: The New Hope
Time: Afternoon-ish
Warnings: Urd and Eden are in this, together, in the same room. Might wanna hide in the bunkers.

Eden was taking a walk along the streets of Paixao, arms folded behind her back as she looked around with a smile on her face. )
19 March 2012 @ 01:47 pm
Character(s): Urd, open!
Content: Urd's relief shop once again opens to the public.
Setting: Across the street from The Cheap Prayer.
Time: Week 39, all day!
Warnings: None.
Note: This log will be done via "party style" threading! Come in and make your own thread to get Urd's attention, or join into someone else's thread. It's all good!

Urd sat in mid-air, floating casually as she watched the wide shop window in thought. )
22 February 2012 @ 09:03 pm
Character(s): Urd, Eden, Genie
Content: The love triangle begins?
Setting: Urd and Genie's house, M6
Warnings: Someone's hair is going to get pulled. (Spoiler: it's Genie's.)

This was the last thing Urd wanted to deal with. )
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10 January 2012 @ 02:39 pm
Character(s): Ansem, Yorda, Mao, the Master, and Urd.
Content: Ansem has plans for Yorda... and those who know her aren't happy.
Setting: Spira, the Calm Lands
Time: Late morning, late in Week 37
Warnings: Violence, darkness and a case of mistaken identity.

Yorda had quickly learned what to expect whenever Ansem had summoned her. )
20 December 2011 @ 04:59 pm
Character(s): Marluxia and Urd
Content: Marluxia "checks in" on Urd
Setting: Random rooftop!
Time: Late night, week 37
Warnings: Marly

It had been purely by chance that Marluxia had come upon Urd that night. )
18 December 2011 @ 06:18 pm
Character(s): Mao, Urd, others?
Content: Mao has shut himself up in his room after failing to find Yorda.
Setting: St. Destino Hospital
Time: Evening
Warnings: Mao is an Emoberry Poptart

Gone... She was just gone. )
19 August 2011 @ 03:09 am
Character(s): Urd and Timon
Content: In despite of an argument between the two over the journals, Timon decides to pay an unusual visit to the goddess.
Setting: Urd's House [M6]
Time: Evening
Warnings: None

Timon debated turning back. )
14 August 2011 @ 09:25 pm
Character(s): Urd, Genie, Yorda.
Content: Urd and Genie check up on their totally not adopted daughter.
Setting: Mao's lab in St. Destino Hospital
Time: Week 34, afternoon
Warnings: None.

Urd rode sidesaddle on a broom as she flew across the sky, low under the ever present domed ceiling. )
11 August 2011 @ 11:56 am
Character(s): Urd, Hei
Content: Exchanging information.
Setting: Urd's relief shop, New Hope
Time: Week 34, night
Warnings: None.

The problem with masks, Urd reflected, was that you became the mask if you hid behind it long enough. )
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Character(s): Urd and Nana
Content: Nana hopes to have a place to live with Urd, Genie, and Aladdin. They must speak about this first face to face.
Setting: by Jogo da Crianca entrance
Time: Week 33, afternoon (taking place soon after this)
Warnings: None, other than some details of Nana's background pre-Paixao. Nothing any sweet kid like her should've gone through. D8

Before leaving, Nana had a little dilemma to think about. )
15 July 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Character(s): Urd, Genie
Content: Urd finally returns from the Pride Lands. Worst floor EVER.
Setting: Urd and Genie's house, M6
Time: Week 33, night
Warnings: ANGST?

Urd trudged up the steps to the house she shared with her sister, Genie and Aladdin, luckily lacking the fur she'd been bestowed with all day. )
14 June 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Character(s): Timon, Pumbaa, and Urd.
Content: Double trouble set out in search of answers only to find a certain meerkat instead.
Setting: Pride Lands
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: None.

The Pride Lands were not as he remembered them. )
05 June 2011 @ 09:41 am
Character(s): Urd, Open
Content: Urd continues her journey in the Pride Lands, stopping at the Watering Hole.
Setting: Pride Lands
Time: Week 32, morning
Warnings: None

Urd stared into her reflection shimmering on the surface of the water, frowning. )
Character(s): Urd, Terra Branford, The Onion Knight
Content: Urd ventures out into the Pride Lands and gets an...unpleasant surprise.
Setting: Pride Lands
Time: Week 32, night
Warnings: None

After being in Paixao for as long as she had, Urd considered it her duty to investigate any new world that happened to open. )
11 April 2011 @ 06:01 pm
Character(s): Kovu, Lightning
Content: A certain someone now matches a rather vague description of Scar that was given to Lightning...
Setting: Somewhere in the Northeast quadrant of the city
Time: Sunset
Warnings: Uh. Maybe some violence, probably some emo, lots of snark...

As much as it kept reminding Kovu of him, the scar really wasn't that bad. )