09 August 2012 @ 01:09 am
Character(s): Emizel, some nameless corpses
Content: Just picking through some of the leftovers, if there happens to be any.
Setting: Ruins of Paixao
Time: Early-late evening to night, week 42
Warnings: Death doing what Death does.
Note: This is gonna be a thing for quite a few hours and possibly over a wide surface area. Therefore I'm gonna use a 'party'-style format for once. Feel free to pick a location and time.

The bustling city had fallen so silent now. )
13 May 2012 @ 09:58 pm
Character(s): Saïx and Demyx
Content: A long overdue conversation
Setting: ???
Time: Afternoon

Overall, the Organization had less of a presence... )
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19 April 2012 @ 09:57 am
Character(s): Red | OPEN
Content: Red is all kinds of depressed, lost and confused. Help her out?
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Evening
Warnings: TBA | But likely nothing.

She was breathless. )
Character(s): Xemnas, Roxas. Much later Saïx, Axel, and Naminé.
Content: Not only is Roxas fueled by regaining his memories, but now after also finding out a certain something from Marluxia. Well, someone has to curve the rage of a peon... Clearly this is a job for the Superior.
Setting: ???
Time: Not horribly long after the above link, week 39
Warnings: Prob will be slow since Wolfie and I are on hiatus XD but thread has been planned for about 5 months so when we do have time it should get places Um, fighting, violence, harassment of Nammers, effing up your friendships, Roxas getting slapped back into place... yeah. Typical Org drama.

The fragment of paper – old, wrinkled, and frayed around most of its edges – was barely held between three gloved fingers. )
07 January 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Character(s): Saïx and NiGHTS
Content: Experiments
Setting: ?????
Time: ????
Warnings: ...see content

After all that had happened )
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04 January 2012 @ 04:43 pm
Character(s): Saïx and Xion
Content: A wayward doll is retrieved
Setting: In the streets of the city
Time: shortly after this
Warnings: ...see the characters involved

It had been inevitable that Marluxia would again resurface )
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07 September 2011 @ 11:21 pm
Character(s): Saïx and Ven
Content: A chance meeting
Setting: Out in the streets of the city
Time: Early Evening
Warnings: None (yet)

It should, Saïx had decided, be somewhat less of a requirement... )
15 May 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Character(s): Axel and Saïx
Content: A reevaluation of their goals
Setting: Not too far from the location of Axel's fight with Sora
Time: Evening, week 29
Warnings: Potential violence

Saïx would be the first to admit... )
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21 December 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Character: Marluxia and Saix
Content: REMATCH
Setting: East Side of Paixao
Time: Late Evening
Warnings: Violence/Org Members fighting.

While he had originally elected to stay in this particular area of the city... )
Character(s): Yzma, open to anyone
Content: The crazy lady of the Llama Kingdom has arrived in Paixao
Setting: Muspelheim Gates
Time: Early Afternoon
Warnings: Most likely nothing

“Just where the heck am I?!” she thought to herself.  )
20 January 2010 @ 08:27 pm
Character(s): Xion, OPEN!
Content: Xion wakes up in Paixao, to... promptly pass out again. :(
Setting: Near the Vanaheim Gate
Time: Evening
Warnings: None for now.

why... am i here? )
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14 December 2009 @ 09:01 pm
Character(s): Saïx and Marluxia
Content: Saïx runs across the wayward Assassin. Fighting ensues
Setting: Out on the streets of Paixao
Time: Dusk, week 15
Warnings: violence, at the least

Contrary to what some might have believed... )
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15 October 2009 @ 06:53 pm
Character(s): Xemnas, Lenne, ....Saix :D
Content: Now it's time for the first specimen... And why not start with a face he's already found interest in?
Setting: K4 streets
Time: Night, end of week 16.
Warnings: Experiments, Xemnas, likely some fighting.

One could never be prepared without sufficient data. )
Character(s): Xemnas, open o.o
Content: The Superior graces the streets of Paixao, a certain concept in mind.
Setting: Jogo da Crianca area [G6]
Time: 'Midday'.
Warnings: Uh. No? :D?

Darkness was only the mirror opposite of light, and Xemnas always walked the line of nothingness between the two; this day made little difference from any other day, wherein he trailed the border of light. )
21 July 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Character(s): Saïx and NiGHTS
Content: In the dark of the city, something not entirely friendly stirs
Setting: Somewhere
Time: Who can tell, with all the darkness?
Warnings: Potential violence

Saïx had been all but itching for a good fight )
28 June 2009 @ 12:14 am
Characters: Xemnas, Zexion, Lexaeus, Larxene, Roxas, Saix, Luxord, Vexen (?)
Content: A certain secret meeting has been called to order :|
Setting: ???
Time: ... I donno, evening? XD
Warnings: Xemnas pont - Uh. Evil talks of treason? Lol.

Note: if folk aren't sure how posting in this is gonna work, check the Org comm. :D ... but you should check that anyway if you haven't :O

The Superior waited for their prompt arrival - there would be no excuses for tardiness. )
Character(s): Saïx, and anyone who wants to come say 'hi'
Content: There's always been something about the moon...
Setting: J5, or thereabouts
Time: Moonrise on the night of the full moon
Warnings: Saïx and the moon, assumptions that there is a moon outside the domes somewhere.

Make no mistake, we are not shy )
08 April 2009 @ 12:09 pm
Character(s): Sabin, open anyone who wants to join him (Celes, Setzer?)
Content: Sabin enters the city
Setting: Muspelheim gate, just inside
Time: Crack of dawn
Warnings: None expected.

'Thank you,' Sabin said, taking the brochure, small box, and everything else... )
14 February 2009 @ 09:58 am
Character(s): Angeal Hewley, open
Content: A fallen SOLDIER enters through Muspelheim gate.
Setting: Muspelheim gate, and wherever that may lead.
Time: Week 2, evening
Warnings: Possible swearing.

Fallin' down to earth. )
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07 December 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Character(s): Saix and at least one of the Disney villains
Content: Saïx goes to talk to the people claiming ownership of the city
Setting: City Hall
Time: Evening
Warnings: None at the moment, although this may change.

My will is law. )