Character(s): Eden, Emizel, and in later comes Urd
Content: While Eden curiously checks out the New Hope she's heard about, she meets Emi there. However, Urd shows up, and there were much shenanigans.
Setting: The New Hope
Time: Afternoon-ish
Warnings: Urd and Eden are in this, together, in the same room. Might wanna hide in the bunkers.

Eden was taking a walk along the streets of Paixao, arms folded behind her back as she looked around with a smile on her face. )
19 March 2012 @ 01:47 pm
Character(s): Urd, open!
Content: Urd's relief shop once again opens to the public.
Setting: Across the street from The Cheap Prayer.
Time: Week 39, all day!
Warnings: None.
Note: This log will be done via "party style" threading! Come in and make your own thread to get Urd's attention, or join into someone else's thread. It's all good!

Urd sat in mid-air, floating casually as she watched the wide shop window in thought. )