Character(s): Yuuri, OPEN
Content: BOSS FIGHT! I mean, Yuuri goes to fight a witch! Elsa Maria to be more precise.
Setting: Somewhere in the World Genesis floor
Time: Evening

Yuuri was feeling more and more agitated by the day.  )
Character(s): Gourry and Lina
Content: Lina and Gourry meet up for the first time since her arrival!
Setting: Jotunheim's Cheap Eats
Time: Early evening?
Warnings: Gluttony and slapstick violence.

I'll take three of those, two of those, and four of that. )
Character(s): Lina Inverse and Open to All
Content: A certain red-head sorceress makes her way into Paixao
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: None So Far

Things were somewhat a blur as Lina’s eyes fluttered open, as she awoke to what looked like a completely different world. )