04 October 2006 @ 09:28 pm
Character(s): Kiara, Duma, Seiichirou Aoki, Xigbar (&his Snipers), and anybody else
Content: KiDuSei have moved from their original location, closer to the center... to encounter the Nobodies!
Setting: A bit past Cafe Ersesat and St. Destino at this point. Possibilities to moving elsewhere.
Time: Morning-afternoonish? ... I think?
Warnings: Nobodies? Yeah. Nobody violences.

First, she runs into the hairless and tailless monkeys, now these. )
Character(s): Seiichirou Aoki
Content: Another of the seven seals makes an entrance. We call it "Seals on a Paixao."
Setting: At and around Niflheim gate.
Time: Noon, week 2. Wednesday. (Do we not do days?)
Warnings: None!

...this was not Tokyo. )
Current Mood: confused
Character(s): Kiara and Duma, anyone to come across them
Content: A lost lioness just looking for her boyfriend rather close friend and trying to avoid the hairless, tailless monkeys. One with wings and who speaks in silence is the exception.
Setting: Nifelheim, and its inner area nearby the outer area of Promenade Terrace. Advancing into the center of the city.
Time: Morning-afternoon, Wednesday, week2
Warnings: None (yet)

If only Zazu was around... )