30 November 2006 @ 11:09 am
Character(s): Ivy, Cloud, Aerith, Loz, Tifa, and anyone else who wants to join(?)
Content: A typical meeting of atypical people. Ivy takes an interest in her fellow foreigners and meets Cloud, Aerith, and Loz. Tifa shows up, too!
Setting: M4, Morem o Lisboa
Time: Yes. Guys, let me know.
Warnings: Probable violence

Shadows were very useful, particularly when one did not wish to be seen. )
12 November 2006 @ 02:00 pm
Character(s): Ivy
Content: Ivy takes the time to collect her thoughts over a cup of tea at the Cafe Ersesat, but winds up delving a bit too far into her subconscious...
Setting: N3, Muspelheim area
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Warnings: Violence and a little bit of language

The atmosphere of the place was faux comfortable, but tea was an attraction she scarcely could have afforded to pass. )
Character(s): Ivy
Content: Ivy arrives in Paixao and receives a warm welcome from her landing, a womanly gatekeeper, and the colorless stalker that can't get enough of him. Just the usual entry stuff.
Setting: Muspelheim Gate
Time: Daytime
Warnings: A single word, a little violence... [Do not drink while reading please.]

Clarity was confused and transient, vanishing in the blink of a squinting eye as sensitive eyes encountered the thick, painful beams of wholesome light.. )
16 June 2006 @ 01:49 am
Character(s): Yazoo, Olette, Ivy, and open to anyone around.
Content: Yazoo enters Paixao and gets a little pushy 'cause, hey, the boy does not do lines.
Setting: Niflheim Gate.
Time: Sunday morning.
Warnings: None at the moment.

With an almost childish scoff, Yazoo realized he hadn't recalled how he'd gotten here. )
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