22 June 2010 @ 08:58 pm
Character(s): Neirenn, Tear Grants
Content: A series of magic and fonic arte demonstrations.
Setting: Actua Are Hotel; J-7
Time: Week 21; Afternoon; Backdated
Warnings: None foreseeable.

So it began. )
08 June 2010 @ 03:44 pm
Character(s): Urd and the Doctor.
Content: Urd has regressed to a child form and seeks the help and wisdom of the Doctor.
Setting: The TARDIS
Time: Backlogged to week 21, afternoon
Warnings: None.

There were few people in Paixao with the capacity to truly understand Urd and her abilities, much less have the knowledge to fix things when a crisis reared its head. )
05 June 2010 @ 01:05 am
Character(s): THE POPULATION OF PAIXAO AND THEN SOME?! ....lol. actually yes
Content: It's finally Election Day! ...jeez everyone's out and about.
Setting: I8, temp offices.
Time: Week 21, all day.
Warnings: ....none? o.o

OOC Notes: You do not have to reply to this post if you're 'voting' (unless you are lol doing a 'write-in'). But the AC is coming up, so it may help out :D Your character can only vote once. The mods Spish with no life will be voting multiple times to account for the natives. The actual results, however, are not viewable by the characters. It's really just for the amusement factor. If characters want to continue their campaigns outside the office, they can do that in this thread as well (please do <3). And, lastly! This log will operate "party-style" - multi-chaining. Who knows if it'll even come to that.

It had been awhile since the city's natives were so active outside of their everyday bustle. )
Character(s): Lightning (and Celes if she wants to comment)
Content: It's morning and Lightning notices her brand for the first time since arriving here.
Setting: Lightning and Celes' apartment
Time: Morning
Warnings: FF13 spoilers, like always.

Lightning's mornings usually consisted of two things. )
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03 June 2010 @ 07:15 pm
Character(s): Mao, Raspberyl, and Almaz
Content: Taking a trip to Halloween Town. ...And stuff.
Setting: Starting in the hallway between Paixao and DI and moving to HT
Time: Early Evening
Warnings: Well, there are three Disgaea characters in one place... >3>

To say that Mao wasn't happy would be an understatement. )
02 June 2010 @ 08:43 pm
Character(s): Ziva David, Open
Content: Ziva arrives back in Paixao.
Setting: Near Joutenheim
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Ziva. Spoilers for the season finale of NCIS.

She stood on the inside of the domes, looking around as she held the journal in her hand again.  )
02 June 2010 @ 07:37 pm
Character(s): Auron, open
Content: Auron comes back to Paixao. It's grumptastical.
Setting: A bit past Niflheim gate
Time: Early Evening
Warnings: Auron is incredibly hard to talk to. XD

Auron barely gave the man at the gate a second glance, interrupting him before he could finish his question. )
02 June 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Character(s): Wolf, Genie, anyone else who loves the rock
Content: Genie lends Wolf some of his music with a cd player
Setting: Iriela Apartments
Time: Mid Afternoon
Warnings: Really Silly

I like that old time rock 'n' roll )
Character(s): Iroh, Yzma
Setting: The Glass Bonsai [G5]
Time: Later morning, Week 21
Warnings: Things could get...*wears sunglasses* old. [yeaaaaaaaaaaah!]

Yours sincerely, wasting away! )
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29 May 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Character(s): Braska, Starr
Content: Summoner... meet Diva!
Setting: Cafe Ersestat (H4)
Time: Noonish, Week 21
Warnings: None

Braska set his cup of coffee back down on the table with a contented sigh. )
Character(s): Lottie, open
Content: Miss LaBouff is hoping to hire some people to help her move into her new home.
Setting: Promenade Terrace
Time: Afternoon, Week 21
Warnings: None

Lottie was accustomed to the finer things in life. )
18 May 2010 @ 12:35 am
Character(s): Urd and Genie
Content: After doing some serious spellwork to save a life, a transformed Urd tries to sneak back home without Genie seeing her.
Setting: Urd's house in zone M6.
Time: Week 21, morning
Warnings: None.

When it came to bad days, having your normally dynamite body regressed to that of a child ranked pretty high. )
16 May 2010 @ 08:45 pm
Character(s): Trudy Chacon, Open
Content: DEATH is wandering around Halloweentown, exploring despite the fact that he looks like he belongs. Have fun.
Setting:  Joutenheim Gate
Time: Week 21
Warnings: Lengthy?

The spinning finally ceased. Trudy watched the missile's explosion tear every seam on her vehicle and waited for the end. )
Character(s): DEATH, open
Content: DEATH is wandering around Halloweentown, exploring despite the fact that he looks like he belongs. Have fun.
Setting: Halloweentown, near the fountain
Time: ...week 21?
Warnings: All the spookiness that comes with Halloweentown, I guess.

Read more... )
Character(s): Jessica Rabbit, open.
Content: Jessica has just arrived and will be a tad wary of everything-- It takes a moment before she realizes Roger is missing.
Setting: Vanaheim gates to a few feet away from them.
Time: Evening, Week 21.
Warnings: Uhm, none that I can think of. She's relatively harmless. xD;

My, oh, my, just what do we have here? )
Character(s): Lottie, open
Content: Miss LaBouff starts collecting "money" from around town.
Setting: Paixao Central Station...specifically, on the train heading east.
Time: Afternoon, Week 21
Warnings: None

Despite her earlier hysterics, Lottie adapted to her situation with surprising ease. )
Character(s): Celes, Lightning (maybe open? Ask first)
Content: Two ex-military women meet
Setting: Muspelheim Gate area
Time: mid-day Week 21
Warnings: Uh... snark? none for now - possible 13 spoilers always present

Lightning had never heard of this city before, but for all she knew it could be some trick. )
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10 May 2010 @ 11:30 am
Character(s): Ursula as Vanessa, open
Content: Ursula wanders about town in disguise yet again.
Setting: Near Paixao Central Station
Time: Week 21, dusk
Warnings: Deception!

Things had been far too quiet for Ursula's liking. )
09 May 2010 @ 02:53 am
Character(s): Roxas, and possibly others in the apartment
Content: Roxas has a nightmare
Setting: Timon and Vyers' apartment
Time: very late at night, after everyone’s returned from Urd’s spell
Warnings: Depressing. VERY DEPRESSING.

The apartment was strangely quiet, save for the sounds of the varied sleepers it housed. )
Character(s): Orihime Inoue, Mrs. Potts, open anyone else who drops by
Content: Orihime's first day in Paixao
Setting: Niflheim area
Time: Week 21
Warnings: none needed, I hope!

Orihime took a step forward into the streets of Paixao. )