17 September 2008 @ 01:13 am
Character(s): The Doctor, Rose, Chrono, Rosette, Donna, Harry, whoevertheheckelse is meant to be here.
Content: The Doctor and Rose go to meet up with Donna to find out what she wanted, and there's a SUPRAIZ waiting.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate
Time: Beats me now.
Warnings: Prolly nil.

It didn't take long to arrive at the gate... )
23 August 2008 @ 10:10 pm

Finder's Keeper's! (Active)
Character(s): Glitch, Cain, Donna, Rosette, Harry
Content: Glitch mistakes Rosette for a scary homeless woman in an alley.  Fortunately, he's with Cain and Donna.
Setting: J7ish
Time: Evening
Warnings: None foreseen

Glitch was having a good time -- but, then, anything shiny helped Glitch to have a good time. )
10 August 2008 @ 03:57 pm
Character(s): Donna Noble, Glitch
Content: Donna finds herself on another world, and while not incredibly surprised, is startled by a lack of a Doctor and a TARDIS.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate and surrounding area.
Time: Evening
Warnings: None?

The first thing she noticed was grass surrounding her, not cement and English buildings )