Character(s): Daja Kisubo, Tris Chandler, Briar Moss, Zaraki Kenpachi
Content: On the way to Moron of Lesbians Morem o Lisboa! Tris, Daja, Chime, and Briar find a place to sleep for the night. ...And run into Kenpachi along the way.
Setting: [M4] - Outside, on the way to Morem o Lisboa
Time: EARLY Sunday2
Warnings: Liz can't keep Tris and Daja from bleeding into one another's posts, and Chime is a naked... thing. None, really. Yet.

It was generally considered a good thing that Tris could divert rain. )
Character(s): Briar Moss, Trisana Chandler, Marluxia, Demyx, Daja Kisubo (and Chime)
Content: ...Tris and Briar are exceedingly naked and possibly very cold. Tris sees corpses and loses all the grass she ate. D:
Setting: Center of Paixao (the stashun!) [J6]
Time: Saturday afternoon
Warnings: Tris and Briar are naked. There are corpses. Tris has issues keeping her food in her stomach.

It was remarkably strange to be a pony. )
Character(s): Demyx, Marluxia and Daja.
Content: Post Meeting, they’re just wandering around.
Setting: Nearby Muspelheim Gate
Time: Saturday Late Afternoon
Warnings: Nothing so far. :P

Man, that was INTENSE wasn’t it, 'Luxia? )
Character(s): Daja
Content: Daja shows up in Paixao with Chime in tow. Chime's new form causes Daja to spaz and Daja flat-out refuses to take the journal.
Setting: Muspelheim
Time: Saturday Afternoon
Warnings: ...Chime is naked and totally clear. Daja swears in Tradertalk occasionally.

Daja had been taking a nap with Chime, who had just recently been fed. )