16 July 2006 @ 12:06 am
((Okay, just gonna ignore that thread with Axel/Kairi/Sora and restart. xD))

Character(s): Raiden
Content; After a night of sleeping on a bench in Cid's Shop, Raiden leaves to explore north.
Setting; Paixao Central Station.
Time; Monday morning
Warnings: None
The morning after )
Character(s): Raiden
Content; In which Raiden decides to take Sora up on his offer and see if he can crash at Cid's. Cause, y'know, a guy's gotta sleep.
Setting; J7, stumbling his way to the front of Cid's shop
Time; Sunday - late night
Warnings: None
Raiden finds himself standing in front of Cid's Shop )
09 May 2006 @ 01:33 am
Character(s): Raiden, Rayne
Content; In which Raiden goes deeper into the city and reflects on the people he's met. (Anyone near here? Anyone? :D)
Setting; I8, near St. Destino Hospital
Time; Sunday - afternoon/evening
Warnings: Uber mild cursing
According to the map, Raiden was near 'St. Destino Hospital'. In other words, he was good and lost )
Character(s): Raiden
Content; In which Raiden figures out why he's creeped out by this brave new world Paixao, and is stalked by one of the more insistent locals.
Setting; Inside Nifleheim Gate
Time; Sunday - noon
Warnings: None
Better take that journal if you know what's good for you! )
04 May 2006 @ 04:35 pm
Character(s): Raiden
Content; Raiden realizes he has absolutely no idea where he is and is half convinced he's seeing things. The poor rookie can't even call his girlfriend (sad!).
Setting; Nifleheim Gate
Time; Sunday - morning
Warnings: Mild cursing.
Ow. That was Raiden's first thought. )