Character(s): Daxter, Garnet 'Dagger' til Alexandros, Yoda, anyone else?
Content: Daxter, Garnet and Yoda sit down for dinner and discuss Garnets memory loss.
Setting: Cafe Ersesat
Time: early evenining
Warnings: none

It was sometime later that the odd company Yoda found himself in entered Café Ersesat.

Current Location: Cafe Ersestat
Current Music: This Is How You Remind Me
11 May 2007 @ 11:27 am
Characters: Timon and Daxter
Content: After Timon IMs Garnet, Daxter steps in to defend HIS territory. Timon had best back off! (But they both end up going to petty insults. Who's shocked?)
Setting: PIMP!
Time: After Timon's PIMP with Garnet.
Warnings: Immaturity, and some cursing. Lolz, too.

Hey bub, back off my girl! )
Character(s): Uzumaki Naruto, Garnet 'Dagger' Til Alexandros, Yoda, Daxter and eventually Uchiha Itachi.
Content: Naruto arrives in Paixao, meets some new faces and a familiar one but then people start forgetting again!
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Afternoon.
Warnings:  None.