12 January 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Character(s): Laharl and Flonne
Content: The trio is back down to a duo, due to an off-screen fight between Etna and Laharl.
Setting: One of the Actua Are hotels... prolly one nearest Niflheim.
Time: Uh. Mid-day? Back-dated to week 16 to fill in some time here. ^^;
Warnings: Nothing but a grumpy Overlord.

Dammit, dammit, dammit... )
10 January 2010 @ 07:49 pm
Character(s): Jake Sully
Content: Jake wakes up in Paixao, at a very bad moment.
Setting: Niflheim
Time: Early morning
Warnings: none expected

Jake shrugged his broad blue shoulders, yawning a little. )
08 January 2010 @ 09:02 pm
Characters: Grace Augustine and anyone in the area
Content: Grace arrives in Paixao and needs some serious healing
Setting: Muspelheim Gate
Time: Week 16, mid-day
Warnings: Spoilers for Avatar are always possible with Grace

This wasn't on Grace's agenda for the day. )
08 January 2010 @ 01:13 am
Characters: Luxord, anybody who wishes to drop by
Content: Luxord is at the bar, keeping an eye and an ear out for anything Relative To His Interests.
Setting: The Cheap Prayer
Time: Week 16, evening
Warnings: None as of yet

He'd been far too busy as of late. )
30 December 2009 @ 02:30 am
Characters: Riku and Timon
Content: Timon has to introduce himself to Riku... AGAIN. The two get re-acquainted.
Setting: Palazzo Townhomes - Kairi's and the surrounding area, likely
Time: Week 16, afternoon
Warnings: Snark

Riku opened his eyes to the sound of Kairi putting away her dishes. )
28 December 2009 @ 10:17 pm
Character(s): Kairi, Roxas, and Riku
Content: Kairi has company, which is probably not the best combination of friends.
Setting: Palazzo Townhomes - Kairi's
Time: Week 16, later afternoon~
Warnings: Possible issues between the boys? lol

Kairi was more than pleased to have Riku in the city now, even if she may not have gotten that across. )
Character(s): Vexen; Zexion
Content: Vexen's coming back to the city from somewhere. And he runs into Zexion on his way back to headquarters.
Setting: Near Vanaheim Gate
Time: Week 16, afternoonish
Warnings: Vexen and Zexion?

The guards glanced over at Vexen as he walked towards the gate.  )
27 December 2009 @ 10:19 pm
Character(s): Naja, anyone daring to get near her
Content: Apparently Naja's been up to... something. Now she's returning...
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Week 16, late afternoon
Warnings: ... a touchy mithra? :D; Spish BSing

Covered in murk and weeds, President Naja Salaheem drags her feet back through Vanaheim Gate - a force to be reckoned with. )
22 December 2009 @ 03:30 pm
Character(s): Megara, Tifa
Content: Meg looks for a job at the sexiest bar in town.
Setting: Seventh Heaven [G7]
Time: Midday, week 16
Warnings: None.

Tifa had seemed concerned. )
22 December 2009 @ 09:37 am
Character(s): Kanji Tatsumi, anybody else.
Content: Kanji arrives to Paixao.
Setting: Niflheim Gate.
Time: Week 16
Warnings: Potential Persona 4 spoilers.

違う恋に 出会ってしまった君をつなぎとめる言葉も 見つからない )
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Character(s): Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Luke fon Fabre, anybody else.
Content: Natalia arrives at Destiny Islands in hopes of finding Castle Oblivion.
Setting: Destiny Islands.
Time: Week 16
Warnings: Tales of the Abyss spoilers.

守りたい 守られてる会えない時もずっと一秒ずつ私たちは強くなれるから )
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21 December 2009 @ 03:41 am
Character(s): Riku and anyone who wants to find him.
Content: Riku Arrives in Paixao. Yet again. And doesn’t remember ever being there.
Setting: Joutenheim gate
Time: Week 16
Warnings: None

Only once before had Riku been enveloped with so much light. )
20 December 2009 @ 12:07 am
Character(s): Darkside NPC, involved parties
Content: Destiny Islands seemed peaceful for a good, long while. Yeah. That kinda ended.
Setting: Destiny Islands.
Time: HIGH NOON! AHAHAH - … week 16.
Warnings: …Darkside smash? :|

Notes: This is Darkside. He's a big ol' pureblood Heartless (meaning when he dies, he won't release a heart). And I mean big. Towering over trees and everyone big. Because of his big ol' size, and to try and manage the thread, there will three folk can tag to fight against. Also: do not worry about posting order. Hopefully this all helps things move along that way, I hope. You do not need to wait for an NPC tag.

I know there's at least two parties shuffling around in the sand, sooo... split up fighting/support however you please. If you have any questions, ask here.

Here's an example of fighting Darkside.
Here's a crappier quality, but you can see it spawning Shadows amongst its lovely pool of darkness.

The islands were nearly completely scarce of Heartless. )
15 October 2009 @ 06:53 pm
Character(s): Xemnas, Lenne, ....Saix :D
Content: Now it's time for the first specimen... And why not start with a face he's already found interest in?
Setting: K4 streets
Time: Night, end of week 16.
Warnings: Experiments, Xemnas, likely some fighting.

One could never be prepared without sufficient data. )