14 December 2012 @ 10:13 pm
Character(s): Zexion and NiGHTS
Content: An exploration into the state of the floors turns up something unexpected
Setting: The Calm Lands
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Nothing (yet)

Zexion wasn't entirely sure he wanted to believe the story... )
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23 July 2012 @ 01:04 am
Character(s): Anyone and everyone
Content: The domes are falling!
Setting: Entirety of Paixao
Time: Week 42
Warnings: Probably violence and injury.
Note: This will be multi-thread style. Feel free to toss your characters wherever they may be!

The heavens crash down )
31 May 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Character(s): Urd, Mickey, Emizel and NiGHTS. Also, who is that watching from the shadows...?
Content: NiGHTS is insane, Urd is worried, Mickey is angry and Emizel is guilt-ridden. And what was the "game" NiGHTS was talking about earlier?
Setting: Within the dome of Paixao.
Time: Sunset.
Warnings: Violence.

She'd been gone for a month. )
07 January 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Character(s): Saïx and NiGHTS
Content: Experiments
Setting: ?????
Time: ????
Warnings: ...see content

After all that had happened )
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15 November 2011 @ 09:12 pm
Character(s): Emizel and NiGHTS
Content: Try to make it outside, not gonna end so well.
Setting: The Actua Are in Vanaheim
Time: Sunset
Warnings: Guards and uh, yeeeaah...

There was still a bad feeling about all this. )
17 October 2011 @ 11:41 pm
Character(s): Emizel, anyone
Content: Exploring plus snow equals bad idea
Setting: A quiet street
Time: Week 36, after talking to Mao and learning about the 'floors', also been staying at Actua Are by now
Warnings: The reaping of vicious innocent snow

The snow looked like it was maybe clearing up at bit though it was hard to say for how long )
10 October 2011 @ 02:47 am
Character(s): Twilight Sparkle and open!
Content: Another Pony arrives from Equestria :D
Setting: Niflheim
Time: Late Afternoon
Warnings: Nada~

Twilight Sparkle was having a hard time... )
18 August 2011 @ 03:40 pm
Character(s): Tinkerbell, Timon
Content: Tinkerbell vs the furry striped jerk. GO!
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: Morning, Week 34
Warnings: None.

Tinkerbell had resigned herself to the fact that she was in this strange new world without Peter Pan or the Lost Boys. )
31 July 2011 @ 12:02 am
Character(s): Tinkerbell, NiGHTS
Content: Tinkerbell arrives in Paixao.
Setting: Joutenheim Gate and surrounding areas.
Time: Evening, Week 33
Warnings: None.

Far in the fields of grass surrounding the domed city of Paixao, a golden little light twinkled faintly. )
12 June 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Character(s): Link, those who said they'd join him here, and anyone else who wants to come in too.
Content: Monster in Halloween Town? Sounds like a job for a hero!
Setting: Beginning at the church, then heading to Halloween Town
Time: Morning (Week 32)
Warnings: Fighting!

The false sun hadn't risen too long ago... )
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15 January 2011 @ 10:56 pm
Character(s): Everyone who wants to be!
Content: An epic game of tag
Setting: The park
Time: Forward dated to Week 29

Xion waited eagerly at the park with Hope. )
03 January 2011 @ 05:20 pm
Character(s): Lithuania and NiGHTS
Content: Lithuania goes exploring, and meets someone he wasn't expecting. At all.
Setting: Somewhere around Actua Are.
Time: Midday, week 28
Warnings: ... Sparkles? Bafflement? Baffling sparkles?
NiGHTS had, surprisingly enough, gotten into little to no trouble ever since his return to the city.  )
Character(s): Rikku, NiGHTS
Content: Obligatory intro post! And this weird purple thing.
Setting: Vanaheim Gate
Time: Day...ish
Warnings: contains NiGHTS

This whole thing was just... way too weird. )
Character(s): Donna Noble, Open to All
Content: Donna's back in town, and wandering around the city trying to find a familiar face.
Setting: Around the Central Station
Time: Week 22
Warnings: None, right now.

Donna stepped off the train, hands in pockets, looking around the area as she did so. )
04 February 2010 @ 04:27 pm
Character(s): Captain Hook and NiGHTS
Content: A bored NiGHTS decides to finally do something about Hook's fear of crocodiles. Unfortunately for Hook, it's not helping him.
Setting: The river outside of Paixao
Time: Nighttime, week 18
Warnings: NiGHTS and Hook in the same space together.
NiGHTS, unfortunately for Paixao, was bored. )
10 August 2009 @ 11:30 pm
Character(s): Captain Hook and NiGHTS
Content: Hook enters the city to find a rather unpleasant welcome.
Setting: Joutenheim
Time: Week 10, Unknown
Warnings: Just the loss of a mans dignity.

How pitiful, yet another world on its way to being consumed by darkness. )
21 July 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Character(s): Saïx and NiGHTS
Content: In the dark of the city, something not entirely friendly stirs
Setting: Somewhere
Time: Who can tell, with all the darkness?
Warnings: Potential violence

Saïx had been all but itching for a good fight )
Who: Harry Dresden, Belle, Hades, Yuna, anyone looking to save the latter from the former.
What: The citizens of Paixao gather to save one of their own from the God of Death
Where: Starts at Yuuko's shop, then makes its way over to Hades' hideout
When: The night Belle and Harry found Hades hideout
Warnings: Probably violence, will update as needed
Notes: Okay, this is one of those pesky large scale logs, so everyone try and move fast (says the hypocrite) especially in the beginning. I figure we get everyone to tag in at Yuuko's shop, Harry and Belle will outline the location and plan, and then everyone split up into teams and make their way to the house. From there, things can hit the fan.

Time to walk up to the god of death and poke him in the eye. )
04 June 2009 @ 01:32 pm
Character(s): NiGHTS, open to anyone else (thread set-up will be similar to "party" posts, so if you want your characters to interact along with NiGHTS, please include them in the same thread ♥)
Content: NiGHTS looks for Yuna.
Setting: The entire city of Paixao, but mostly Cea de Mouraria and City Hall later on.
Time: Late morning, week six
Warnings: None yet.

NiGHTS, being who he was, seldom felt like being on any side whatsoever. )
Character(s): NiGHTS and Belle.
Content: Belle meets a different sort of beast than she's used to.
Setting: The library.
Time: Sunset, week six.
Warnings: None.

NiGHTS had spent the past few weeks rather idly, for what she was used to. )