Characters: Tamaki Suoh, Hitachiin Hikaru & Hitachiin Kaoru
Content: The twins and Tamaki come to an agreement~
Setting: Over the journals~
Time: Early afternoon, Monday2
Warnings: Um, no warnings really. Nothing too severe, just random bouts of twin love, general perverted-ness, pointlessness, and of course, the harassing of the Host Club King >D

:O If it isn't my lord~ >3 )
Character(s): Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Kaoru, and anyone else who may want to join :D
Content: The Hitachiin duo find themselves somewhere new, and do what they do best.
Setting: Vanaheim Gate, and then some.
Time: Monday2, late morning.
Warnings: Brotherly lovin'? ♥

Maybe this was all just a dream. )
Current Location: Vanaheim