Character(s): Cloud & OPEN
Content: He's on his way to Cid's shop, and stops to brood at the station for awhile.
Setting: Paixao Central Station
Time: Week 15; Afternoon
Warnings: None!

A lot of things had been running through Cloud's mind lately, ever since Zack had been on that -- network thing. )
Character(s): Zack Fair and Cid Highwind
Content: Zack pays grumpy ol' Cid a visit
Setting: Cid's shop
Time: Early in the mooooooorning!
Warnings: Cid's $#%&*@-prone mouth, Zack's unusual moroseness, poor attempt at poking the pilot

Does Gaia even have magicians? )

11 August 2009 @ 02:58 pm
Character(s): Squall, Zack, and Rinoa
Content: An attempt to break through the thorns.
Setting: Joutenheim
Time: Who can tell?
Warnings: Violence (mostly to plants), summoned creatures, Heartless

To say that it had been a nuisance to get out to the nearest gate was something of an understatement. )
22 April 2009 @ 01:23 pm
Character(s): Squall, Rinoa, and Zack
Content: Lunch, and discussions about the Resistance
Setting: Café Ersesat (K7)
Time: Midday
Warnings: None!

All in all, it had been far too long since he'd last done something constructive )
16 February 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Character(s): Reno, Angeal, and anyone else who wants to drop by
Content: A much needed crash-course in recent events
Setting: Actua Are at Joutenheim [N9]
Time: Shortly after this thread.
Warnings: None!

Reno wasn't precisely amused to find more SOLDIERs showing up on the metaphorical doorstep )
27 January 2009 @ 06:59 pm
Character(s): Mr. Hanekoma. Open to anyone who wants to join
Content: The Paixao branch of WildKat Coffee is open for business. Feel free to stop on by!
Setting: WildKat Coffee, corner of H5
Time: Throughout the day
Warnings: None.
Note: This will be party style, so feel free to start your own threads, and Mr. H will jump into them. Also, if you want tag other people's threads, since this can be a great chance to meet someone new!

Open for business )
22 October 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Character(s): Zack and Saïx
Content: A meeting of emissaries
Setting: Ceu de Mouraria
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: Potential violence and verbal sparring, at the least.

Five minutes. )
08 September 2008 @ 05:29 pm
Character(s): Gabranth
Content: Gabranth clomping around in full Magisterial armor and ignoring the giant monster.
Setting: J7
Time: midday
Warnings: none, yet

It hadn't been a wish to announce his allegiances... )
Character(s): Reno and Zack
Content: Zack comes to talk to Reno. What he finds isn't what he expected.
Setting: Reno's room in the Actua Are at J7, possibly elsewhere
Time: eveningish, after this thread
Warnings: potential violence?

Needless to say, it hadn't taken long )
Character(s): Cloud Strife, Demyx, Squall Leonhart, Zack Fair
Content: The trio runs into ‘Eddie’ while walking back to the hotel
Setting: Somewhere along the road from Vanaheim to J7
Time: Afternoon, day before this post.
Warnings: None at the moment

...rarer was the kind [of person] that didn't try to drown Zack after a full twenty four hours spent in his company. )

Character(s): Sephiroth, Cid, the majority of ShinRa...
Content: The past confronts the future. ...Or something.
Setting: Cid's Shop
Time: Early afternoon
Warnings: ...I think the only potential warning I -don't- have to make is about sexual content, actually.

This was a fine mess to walk into unarmed... )
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16 January 2008 @ 10:50 pm
Characters: Cloud Strife, Zack Fair and Squall Leonheart
Content: Cloud arrives in Paixao, only... younger???
Setting: Vanaheim Gate.
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: N/A

He feared that he might have bumped his head a little too hard... )
Current Mood: confused
Current Location: Vanaheim Gate
Character(s): Zack Fair and The Incredible Hulk! you~.
Content: Zack makes a not-so-impressive entrance into Paixao
Setting: At the Joutenheim Gate
Time: Late at night
Warnings: It’s Zack. Standard silliness applies.

Right. Gonna stop doing squats now. )