Character(s): Nana, and Princess Kakyu, then Toboe later.
Content: In the middle of using her journal for the first time, Kakyuu and Nana discuss about who she has spoken to. Nana then asks Kakyuu if meeting one of the nice folks in person would be all right.
Setting: Near the park entrance
Time: Backdated to week 28, early afternoon. Methinks Nana could hardly wait to see how the journal device worked.
Warnings: May contain a bunch of cuteness. XD

She had no idea... )
Character(s): Nana, and anyone who wouldn’t mind going out of their way to help her.
Content: In the middle of adjusting to move with her prosthetic arms and legs, a lost and lonely Diclonius child arrives to Paixao.
Setting: Muspelheim Gates
Time: Mid-week 27, late afternoon
Warnings: This post might compel you to want to give her a hug.

When Papa had finished speaking to her, through that strange little box on the side of her stranger looking bed, Nana sat there and stared at it. )
Character(s): Kakyuu, OPEN
Content: Another new arrival!
Setting: Niflheim Gate & Surrounding area
Time: Mid-morning?
Warnings: Pfft. Hah!

The last thing she remembered was the small girl finding her. )