14 June 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Character(s): Ivan, open to anybody
Content: After some time away, a Jupiter Adept returns to Paixao.
Setting: Joutenheim gate
Time: Daytime
Warnings: None

The first time, he'd been confused. )
12 November 2008 @ 01:42 am
Characters: Ivan, Loki
Content: Ivan is chasing an imaginary friend. Loki investigates.
Setting: through the streets over on the east side of town
Time: slightly backdated (to pre-Maleficent); also, early evening
Warnings: none

... but apart from that, nothing all that strange. )
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11 October 2008 @ 04:37 pm
Character(s): Ivan and Yorda
Content: While wandering about, Yorda finds a Jupiter Djinni and attempts to capture it. Shenanigans ensue.
Setting: Matinal's
Time: Late afternoon
Warnings: Yorda fails at catching things. 8D

This place was both wondrous and strange. )
30 August 2008 @ 08:20 pm
Character(s): Sin and anyone who wants in on the fight
Content: Boss fight! In the rain!
Setting: L7
Time: early evening, while it's still raining
Warnings: Destruction, mayhem, and violence. And a hole in the domes.

In the past weeks )

[Note: Since giant boss fight is likely to be giant, it'll probably be best to split this up into a bunch of different threads. Thread hopping is, of course, not only okay but encouraged, so hop in and have fun!]
07 June 2008 @ 04:33 pm
Characters: Ivan, NiGHTS, Sin-spawn, and reinforcements later on
Content: Our intrepid heroes venture forth to scour the scourge or something like that.
Setting: Outside Porfavore's [I5] -> ???
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Butt kicking, for srs.

Short tag is short (in more ways than one) )
23 May 2008 @ 01:20 am
Characters: Flonne, a Jupiter Djinni, and Ivan
Content: Flonne finds a Djinni in a very unexpected way...or rather, it finds her.
Setting: Laharl/Flonne/Ivan's hotel room
Time: Midmorning
Warnings: ...implied nudity? Because she's taking a bath? C'mon, guys, it's Flonne. XD

It had been quite a while since Flonne had gotten to relax like this. )
14 February 2008 @ 08:30 am
Characters: Ivan and Karst
Content: They get in a fight, although theoretically they're not trying to kill each other this time.
Setting: Jogo da Crianca fairgrounds
Time: Several days after the festival ends?
Warnings: None unless Karst constitutes a warning

The fairgrounds felt more like a park when Ivan arrived. )
Character(s): Ivan
Content: he isn't feeling well and freaks out a little
Setting: Actua Are [J7]
Time: around the same as this thread
Warnings: It's long and more for my own reference than anything else? :D;;

Ivan didn't even make it to the lobby... )
25 October 2007 @ 04:04 am
Character(s): Laharl and Flonne then possibly Ivan and Adell later. (And not sure about Etna right now.)
Content: Bad water effects! Laharl's tends to sickly Flonne, has a breakdown as the water messes with his emotions, Ivan reads minds accidently and Etna loses her voice! Annnd... help comes for sickly Flonne.
Setting: Actua Are (J7)
Time: TBA
Warnings: Oh lawd the angst. D: And long Laharl posts.

Laharl sat on the floor of the hotel room... )
11 August 2007 @ 09:27 pm
Character(s): anybody playing games
Content: people play carnival games
Setting: Joco da Crianca Fairgrounds, games area
Time: all day~
Warnings: Multithreaded posting format (please include time of day and sub-location in your comment's subject line)

Step right up! )
11 August 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Character(s): everyone entering the festival by the gate
Content: weapons confiscation, greetings, etc.
Setting: Joco da Crianca Fairgrounds, entrance
Time: all day~
Warnings: Multithreaded posting format (please include time of day and sub-location in your comment's subject line)

Next, please! )
25 July 2007 @ 10:34 pm
Characters: Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Ivan, Carpet
Content: Ivan and Etna discover that Flonne found Laharl last night. Much Q&A ensues, as well as a great lot of relief.
Setting: Actua Are (J7)
Time: Morning
Warnings: HOMG FLUFF!

Characters: Ivan and Karst
Content: An apology and some information is exchanged.
Setting: PIMP~
Time: probably after this thread.
Warnings: none, remarkably!

OneLastWindSeer: Everything's crazy lately. )
09 May 2007 @ 07:55 pm
Characters: Timon & Pumbaa and Etna (and then going to find Ivan?)
Content: Timon and Pumbaa, frightened from Kovu vanishing and explosions from outside, go to escape, but discover the destruction outside.
Setting: Havasu Medical Center
Time: Late Evening/Night?
Warnings: None right now.

The great race to freedom from the scary medical center... )
26 April 2007 @ 12:40 am
Character(s): Ivan, Laharl, and later an uninvited guest
Content: Laharl and Ivan finally get around to meeting. Important stuff goes down. Then Larxene shows up and starts stabbing people.
Setting: Havasu Medical Center, lobby
Time: after they talk about meeting. probably before dinner.
Warnings: Larxene vs. Laharl. Collateral damage ensues.

What am I even doing here? )
Characters: Ivan & Syaoran
Content: Wait... it's morning and we're still here? OHSHI-
Setting: a room in Actua Are [N9]
Time: morning, prior to this. (I hope the weather loops around again by then)
Warnings: you mean besides a kind of lame first post?

For the second time in two days, Ivan woke up with no idea where he was. )
21 December 2006 @ 11:12 pm
Character(s): Flonne, Laharl, and Ivan
Content: Guardian Flonne, accompanied by a certain Overlord, rushes to meet Ivan in the lobby of the Actua Are.
Setting: Actua Are [N9]
Time: Middle of the night!
Warnings: Laharl The usual Disgaea-related insanity

'Hurry up, Laharl! )
13 December 2006 @ 09:52 pm
Character(s): Ivan, Flonne
Content: In which Ivan gets lost, figures out this device conveniently quickly, gets un-lost, and offers to help
Setting: PIMP
Time: Nightlike
Warnings: None

OneLastWindSeer: Hello? )
15 November 2006 @ 04:12 pm
Character(s): Ivan, Bloo
Content: Ivan and Bloo are goin' to get some drinks.
Setting: Joutenheim area, nearing Cafe Ersesat [L7]
Time: afternoonish
Warnings: Deep thots. D:

After an hour or two on the road with Bloo, Ivan began to realize the cafe was significantly further away than the map made it look. )
Character(s): Ivan
Content: A very confused Ivan finds himself in a very strange place, is given a very strange item, and sets off exploring...
Setting: Joutenheim Gate
Time: Daytime
Warnings: None

There was nothing like this in Vale. )