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A Shadow Meets a Shadow

Character(s): Zexion and NiGHTS
Content: An exploration into the state of the floors turns up something unexpected
Setting: The Calm Lands
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Nothing (yet)

Zexion wasn't entirely sure he wanted to believe the story about the worlds beginning to mingle. From what he could see, things looked more or less as they always had. The ruins of the city still stood in stark contrast to the towns and cities of the other floors, and nothing smelled particularly out of true. Still, someone had to and least look and for all that it was no doubt something better left to Vexen, the fact of the matter was that Vexen was no longer present in the castle. As such, it more or less fell on his shoulders; no one would really expect Xigbar to look into such things even if he was actually paying attention.

For once, Zexion had even been tempted to wear the habitual coat of the Organization. This time there was no guarantee that he'd need to fight at some point along the way, and it was only the fact that he couldn't know who else might be in the world he'd chosen that had finally made him decide against it. Instead, he'd decided on a robe of deep blue, and had left his hair unhidden by his usual illusionry - an uncommon risk, from him, but he could simply hide away again if things didn't seem to work right with this incarnation of himself.

The rest had simply been a matter of getting to the Calm Lands, and that had been no great difficulty. Unfortunately, he had yet to actually find an sign of things being out of the ordinary, but that wasn't about stop him.
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NiGHTS had mostly kept to himself, ever since going off with Hades. Aside from the occasional banter and plotting with the god of the underworld, he hadn't really wanted to deal with anyone. And then there was the problem of Emizel apparently having gone missing awhile back. Had he been jailed, too? It serves him right, NiGHTS thought bitterly, but it was as though his heart didn't agree with the darkness within it. Despite what NiGHTS might say, he was worried, and had even held onto Emizel's journal for him, to keep it safe.

But Hades wasn't always the best company (he didn't take kindly to being pranked, no matter how funny NiGHTS found it), and so NiGHTS had taken to wandering the floors, as he had been wont to do before his imprisonment. Usually, he was alone, but today, it seemed someone else had the same idea as he.

"Hello," he greeted, floating casually in the air. "And what might you be doing?"
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"There's not much left to explore," said NiGHTS, despite neither knowing nor caring if the other had been to the other floors. This place was getting boring; there was little, if anything, new in this castle, which held so many worlds. It all seemed pretty pointless, really.

Still, a bored NiGHTS meant a talkative NiGHTS, and so the nightmaren shrugged carelessly and gave a nod. "Oh, well. It's less boring here than it is in the city."
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"No," giggled NiGHTS in agreement. He'd helped destroy the city, after all. And why not? He'd been imprisoned in this place long enough. Even though he knew he would die, should he return, he was so terribly bored of this place that it no longer mattered. Even if it meant helping the others, who had ignored his warnings in times past, he didn't particularly want to be here any more.

"What about you? Don't you get bored, over there?"