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Shipping [Active]

Character(s): Eleven, Sexy, open
Content: The Doctor and his TARDIS finally tie the knot.
Setting: Macalania Woods
Time: All day/night!
Warnings: Potential bad guys showing up, but none so far.

He hadn't been to a wedding ever since his own with Elizabeth I, but somehow this was different. Sure, he's liked Good Queen Bess well enough (he thought), even if her imperialist tendencies had troubled him, but he hadn't had much in the way of affection for her. He'd been running at the time, and she'd been nothing more than a convenient excuse to hide. He still felt guilty over it, playing with someone's heart like that - but, well, she had ordered his head off before he'd even done it. But never mind that! There was work to be done.

Since the collapse of the city, he'd busied himself with helping as many people as he could. the citizens would likely never accept an outsider again, but that hardly slowed or stopped him. They were people, and needed help. Now, however, was different. He'd worked all night, getting everything ready - the woods wouldn't need to be decorated; they were lovely enough as it was. But he'd still needed to move around tables and chairs and do all the cooking and baking. Luckily for him, it was hardly the first time. Usually, he only came for the dancing. This time, however, was special. Idris - or Sexy, as he liked to call her - was his TARDIS. And alive. And - really, that made things exceedingly simple, didn't it?

He took a step back to admire his handiwork and wipe the sweat from his brow. Not bad, for having done everything himself. Well, himself and his TARDIS, which had been rather laboriously flown into the woods because there was no way he was going to drag everything there himself, but still. A quick shower and a change of clothes later (tails, this time; there was only ever bad luck in a tux), and he sat back in one of the chairs, whipped out his journal, and began speaking into the device.

Now all he had to do was wait, and he hated waiting, but he'd make an exception for today.

[ooc: This will (mostly) be party-log style. You all know what to do~]
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Palms sliding along her sides, she shifted her hips and tilting her head, tried to decide what the proper protocol was on heading out to see her groom. She was standing within herself in a manner of speaking and it had happened before — a TARDIS within a TARDIS — typically however, it was a rare situation to find oneself a part of. For Idris, it happened often and like the number of times beforehand, she was amused with herself for it.

A laugh passed her lips.

“Since when do I care about protocols anyway?”

Her frizzy mess of hair had been pinned up as prettily as she could manage it and decorating her borrowed body was a dress that she’d deemed worthy of the occasion. Touching the flats of her palms to the raggedy dress — or rather what she saw as raggedy — Idris looked herself over and smiled. It wasn’t exactly TARDIS blue as she had wanted but it was close enough and the way it looked made up for it. The clothing she normally wore rather tattered and raggedy, which she’d happened to like quite a bit, so the gown made her feel comfortable on an otherwise nerve wrecking day.

“Good grief, don’t you look the fox?” Grinning to herself, she set her hands to her hips firmly, turning to peer over her shoulder as she glimpsed over herself. “Yes, I am very much. Quite the fox indeed, ha!

Then again, I’ve never understood that saying. A fox… Whom in their right mind is attracted foxes in the sense that the sentence implicates? Isn’t that some form of illegal eroticism… —oh!”

Realizing that she was talking to herself, Idris moved from the TARDIS room she was within and heading by the console within the ‘main area’ of the ship, she stepped outside — pushing the door opened the way it was meant to be used in doing so.

“Thief?” she asked as she wandered from the ship, dress’ train dragging behind her as she moved along toward him. “Thief, the area looks beautiful. Well done.”
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“What? You mean this old thing—?” Sexy gave a grin at the slack in his jaw from her appearance — definitely the desired effect! She would have moved a hand to lift it back into place so he wouldn’t look like a guppy fish any longer, but he’d gained composure of himself and yet remaining amused she took a long look around with him. Nodding gently, she moved toward one of the chairs to sit down, something told her there was a lot of standing in weddings and since she was part of the main attraction for the day, she would take to sitting for the time being before all the guests were to arrive.

Smiling to her Thief, she gave a soft shrug of her slender shoulders and shook her head gently at the question.

“Oh, I don’t see why not. I’ve always been rather attached to you after all, I might as well make it bold and showy — don’t you think?” Chuckling gently, she crossed her legs beneath the large tuft of her dress. “I’m ready, Doctor, perhaps a bit nervous, but I’m nothing if not always ready for a new adventure with you.”
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“With how this silly world works, would that honestly be possible at this point, sweet Thief? Although I do suppose there is a vast sky here and there do appear to be things within it that aren’t entirely unlike stars—” she gave him a warm smile, most unlike her typically quirky self, “—I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to attempting the journey.”

After all, when had she ever turned him down for his wild and crazy rides?

Color rising to her cheeks, she softly linked her fingers with her husband-to-be’s and smiled. At the mention of the scenery, she turned her head to look around once more and nodding to herself, agreed with the comment. “It’s very blue, but not too — I believe it has the perfect set amount of blue for the day, don’t you? Of course we have, adventuring is practically our trade you know. Plot in a course, set going, find a new ‘tourist,’ travel — never acquired any funds from it though. Just messes in the bedrooms and closets of clothing strewn about like a child playing dress up.

—have you any idea how many hours it takes to clean up a room with no hands in which to do so?” Bzzt, wrong answer! It was a trick question anyway. “Too many.

Still, she grinned. “And yet, it’s always been fun. This will be fun, too.”
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“Oh—!” She raised her brows as though she had suddenly, just then, realized about that whole other part to this ceremony thing. The honeymoon, how could she have forgotten that part? Glancing off in a random direction, she thought about it for some time and in a completely ungraceful shrug of her shoulders, veered her head to look back to the Doctor once more. “I plum forgot about that bit, isn’t that the part where we rest for the night after going through some sort of erotic carnal activities?”

Don’t you simply love your blunt wife-to-be, Doctor?

“They’re like children; have to clean up after everything they do. Actually that’s not much unlike you, Thief. Very messy indeed, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve managed and I’m clean,” with that, she nodded to affirm her point. “Well, the other me is clean. You know what I’m trying to say.”

Looking off in the distance, she smiled. “So they have, and so we will. That is the proper thing to do.”
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A smirk passed her lips at the look he was giving her. Chuckling, she moved her hand to touch his cheek and with a gentle pat. There was just something about that look of being stuck in headlights that she found so ridiculously endearing of the man. Lifting his chin as he lowered his gaze, she gave him another amused smirk. “Now now, no need to be shy, Thief. I’ve been told that romance can most certainly come from carnal activities with someone you love. I look forward to it.”

“Perhaps that makes me motherly,” she tapped a finger to her cheek as the conversation veered to their typical guests once more. Arching her brow, she tilted her head as she looked at him. “Can I even be a mother? What a strange thought for a ship to have…”

Nodding, she glanced to the peoples drawing in. “I think that is a good idea.”
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To be perfectly honest, Cid still wasn't entirely sure he knew what to do when marrying a couple. He'd seen enough to know the general idea, or at least, what the general idea on his own world was, but by the time you other worlds all tangled up into the mess there was no telling how things were supposed to go. But hell, he'd said he'd do it and if there was one thing he knew it was that he had absolutely no intention of going bak on his word.

Of course, going to a wedding meant looking comparatively nice, and after realizing that he didn't exactly have anything nicer than what he was already wearing, Cid figured that the best he could was at least ensure that he was properly clean for a change as opposed to wearing various amounts of dirt and grease from his various projects. After a significant amount of further consideration, he left his goggles behind as well. As nice as they were, he was pretty sure they weren't actually something that was generally considered part of the dress code of weddings.

With that done, he grabbed his spear (couldn't be too careful in a place like this, even if no one was expecting much trouble) and headed out to where the whole damned affair was supposed to be happening. Given that he hadn't exactly been out that way before, it took him a little bit to get out to the place, but he managed to arrive in relatively short order all the same.
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Cid wasn't exactly the sort of person who was inclined to handshakes. Not that he didn't recognize the gesture for what it was, of course. It was just that there was a slight moment of pause before Cid took the Doctor's hand in return. "Wasn't exactly gonna leave you two standing around," he answered with a shrug. "Besides, I wasn't hearing a whole lot of other people willing to step up to get the job done."
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Of course the city officials weren't going to do it. As far as Cid could tell - and he hadn't exactly gone looking, for all that he could sort of blend in with the natives - there didn't seem to be a lot of weddings as things stood anyway. Plus that whole not caring about anyone other than the native citizens bit, but that was almost normal by this point.

"Can't say I'm surprised," he answered with a shrug. "Place ain't really good about getting its act together."
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At this point, Cid was pretty sure there wasn't a way to repair the rift between them and the natives. To be honest, he wasn't even sure the citizens wanted to repair it, and something like that probably wasn't going to work without both people trying to reach out. Their loss, really, even if there'd been some reason to the whole mess.

"Good luck getting them to believe that."
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Even with the invitation he'd gotten and the explanation that had followed Rinzler wasn't really certain he understood the idea of 'marriage' much less why he was meant to be there. He didn't need to know more about User habits than he already did, and for the most part, that was quite enough for him. And yet, he couldn't quite help but be curious about this strange ritual that was so very unlike anything programs did.

He was, however, not terribly inclined to hang out too near where things were going to be taking place. Curiosity was all well and good, but he had no desire to be caught in the middle of a swarm of Users. Instead, he'd taken advantage of the trees and their apparently natural bioluminescence. They were admittedly blue to his orange, but hopefully no one would would be looking up enough to catch the splash of unusual color up amongst the branches of the trees.
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Best Man. Why couldn’t the title be Best Man? Or Best Wolf rather? No, it had to be ‘Made of Honor’, because he was to assist the bride. Wolf gave a sigh as he straightened his tie, his tail giving a slight wag as observe all that was around him. It wasn’t often Wolf was invited to a wedding, but he was thankful enough he knew a lot about it anyway. He blamed the fairy tales he’s been exposed to since he was a pup though.

Catching glance Wolf saw Idris in the dress and gave out a sigh. Oh he did a good job, she looked beautiful. He gave a grin toward her, wagging his tail. After all Wolf felt proud of what he accomplished. Nothing felt better than helping bring true love together.

Wolf caught himself, and cleared his throat, as he straightened up. Making sure everything was going according to plan with the wedding. As he took the chance to look around, sniffing around making sure there wasn’t anything that was gonna ruin this.
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Alice didn't know either party of what was already looking to be a rather strange wedding, but the invitations had been open and she was rather bored, so why not? She had snuck into one of the shops at night and acquired a green dress, proper enough for the occasion, and she'd left some shiny leaves to pay for it, too, of course. An outcast she might be, but a thief she was not, and she was determined to at least be something of the lady her parents had expected her to be in some respects. But she had also brought her knife, sheathed discreetly at her belt, in case of trouble. One could never be too careful.

Upon seeing the man with a tail, Alice was polite enough to not stare (and besides, she'd seen stranger things in Wonderland), but she did glance a bit at it before turning her attention back to the rather oddly-dressed bride.
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Wolf glanced his attention toward the girl, he tilted his head, giving out a slight, “Awwooo?” The scent was certainly similar to someone he used to know in Paixao, but she was much much younger, plus the scent seemed slighty different, quite different actually. Wolf wondered if she might be related or know the young girl. However he did recognize her from message boards, she shared the same name as well, Alice was it? Wolf scratched his chin slightly before coming over to her out of slight curiosity, “Hello, have we met? My name is Wolf, I’m the … Made of Honor for the bride, so to speak. I prefer a more masculine title, but she insists on that title.”
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Blue didn't understand the whole wedding in itself, but she did understand marriage. There had been the old man and his wife early in her life, while she had been growing up and things had been normal and happy before it all went up in flames.

That, and it was something the Doctor had been looking forward to. He was a friend that she had related to when they had both kept losing the people they cared for in the city. He deserved the celebration, and she was going to be there for him, and the woman, too. Blue remembered helping her when the domes fell.

After the domes, Blue hadn't really stuck around for long. She did what she could at the the time to find people in the wreckage. It had been easier to be around the natives in her wolf form; they seemed less angry at her. But even she knew it was time to finally start moving through the floors again, something she hadn't done since the mishap in Halloween Town with those strange shapeshifting Heartless.

So, it had seemed Blue made it to Spira right in time.

It had been awhile since she had seen Wolf. Now, she had realized that she hadn't really caught up with him to be sure he was alright after the domes... Better late than never, right?

Blue was still dressed the same as always. Dressing up was optional, at least. She didn't know what she would have done otherwise.

She approached Wolf with a smile. "Wolf. It's good to see you again. I thought I'd find you here."
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Hearing about the invitation on the message boards, Aladdin had to come. After all, the Doctor was getting married, and he really he was glad for him. Everyone should be able to find love. Aladdin made his way to Macalania, looking around at the sight. He gave a small smile. The feeling made him start to think about Jasmine back home, someday he suppose they’ll be married as well.

Aladdin took his time as he arrived. He leaned against one of the trees, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Hm, hey there is cake later. Wonder what flavor it is.
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By chance or not, the tree that Aladdin leaned against was the same one that Rinzler had scaled in the hopes of getting a better look at the party as a whole. It wasn't really something that Rinzler had intended, but given that it gave him a very good line of sight to at least one User, he wasn't about to complain.

He was not, however, going to bother at all with conversation. He never had much to say and it would have gone against his decision to stay hidden. Unfortunately, he'd never been able to hide the low rumble that followed him wherever he went, and if Aladdin happened to be listening closely, he could no doubt hear it.
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A wedding...after all that had happened and likely all that would still occur, for something like this to happen... Urd smiled slightly, making her way to the center of it all. Some might question the necessity of the ceremony, the timing of it all, but the goddess figured if ever there was a time for happiness, it was now. There'd been a sore lack of it lately.

Wearing a slinky, pastel blue dress that -- as per usual Urd style -- revealed more of her bronze skin than was frankly appropriate. She took a brief moment to enjoy the view than set about wondering where the drinks were. Or was it too early for that?
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Yorda had not thought to salvage any of the clothing she had acquired during her time here during her escape, and so she'd arrived in her usual white dress, her feet as bare as ever despite the slight chill in the air (and after Ansem, she hadn't wanted to wear shoes again, anyway) and her hair, now grown long save for the fringe around her face, blew around a bit in the gentle breeze. Upon seeing Urd, Yorda broke into a smile - the first one she'd given in quite some time - and moved to greet her.

"Hello, Urd," she said. "How are you?"

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"Hey, kid," Urd said quietly, reaching out to smooth down the girl's hair. " pretty as you usually look, this won't do. It's a special occasion and you need to dress the part." She looped her arm around Yorda's slender shoulders and steered her away from the mingling crowd of people and behind a tree.

"Let's see, what sort of dress should we put you in..." Urd then reached out her hand with a flourish, surrounding Yorda in smoke. The girl was now dressed in a yellow lolita-inspired jumper dress, embroidered with delicate daises. Her long hair was no magically curled slightly and pinned up with real daisies.

"Hm...not sure about yellow. What do you think?"
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"What do you mean?" asked Yorda, who had no idea what it meant to dress for the occasion, but Urd was already guiding her away from everyone, and before the girl knew it, her clothes had been changed. She looked down at herself, marveling at how easily Urd could do such things.

"It is very pretty," she decided with a smile. "Thank you."

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Urd smiled slightly, the expression tinged with a bit of sadness, as it usually was these days. "You're welcome." She moved around her to lean against the tree shielding them from the rest of the party, and watching the coming and going of guests. "So I bet this is your first wedding."
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Yorda noticed Urd's expression and took her hand, squeezing it gently. "Yes," she replied. "I was not sure what a wedding is, but Sexy explained it to me." She loved seeing new things, and everyone involved had seemed truly happy, so Yorda thought she should go. The trouble wa,s she had no idea as to what a wedding actually entailed.
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The familiar black coat of Organization XIII had made quite the reputation for itself. It was almost funny, were it not for the fact that it was feared greater than Xigbar himself. He scoffed at the thought. One upped by a coat, talk about degrading... It was all the more reason to abandon the usual garb and fashion something different, something he knew the Doctor’s chums would not recognize. All it had taken was a visit to another floor and a little persuasion to get what he needed. And though his new attire may not have been to his particular liking, it would serve its purpose well.

Lounged in the very back row, Xigbar stretched out enough to take up two seats. He wore his hair down so that it would cover his scars, something he hoped would not reveal his identity. As for his eye patch, a white bandage could be found over his right eye to make the wound appear fresh. In case someone had missed the memo, a city had just collapsed. Any wounds he had received easily have been caused by the event.

He brushed a fallen leaf from his shoulder and drew a sigh. “What a drag.” The Nobody mumbled to himself. Waiting was always the worst part. The sooner this wedding got under way the sooner he could leave.

But not without the couple opening his gift first, of course.
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It was anyone's guess of how Ma managed to actually get to the wedding. Disney magic? Tunnels? An actual journal brought on by something her son may have said? Or maybe she had simply taken a ride in another guest's pocket without them knowing.

Either way, Ma was around the wedding, poking her nose at everything that was shiny and new (which given the location, there was a lot of that). She ooh'ed and ahh'ed at anyone dressed up, found herself perplexed by the various food (at least she hadn't dug her way through the cake; small mercies, right?).

It was unfortunate that Timon had ruined the nice clothes that Ratigan had gotten her so long ago... All this fancy stuff, she should be dressed up too, right? Oh well.

The meerkat was more than happy to enjoy herself.

"This is just so wonderful! I'm so excited!"