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Being on the new floor is suffering [Active/OPEN]

Character(s): Yuuri, OPEN
Content: BOSS FIGHT! I mean, Yuuri goes to fight a witch! Elsa Maria to be more precise.
Setting: Somewhere in the World Genesis floor
Time: Evening

Yuuri was feeling more and more agitated by the day. Her soul gem was reaching her limit, not that she particularly knew or cared about it. Her thoughts of revenge were growing by the day due to the corruption, making her even less aware of her more pressing problems.

Finding no reasons to stay with the other refugees in camp while her enemies were out there, she made her way up the floors, almost in a angry daze, reaching the strange agglomeration of worlds. Had she been in her normal state of mind, she might have found this to be quite amazing, but right now nothing was catching her attention as she simply walked forwards, looking for an exit. She barely even noticed when the area started looking similar to where she had come from...

That was until her soul gem started shining as a familiar feeling took over her. The world around her suddenly started to change once more, absorbing anyone that had the misfortune of being nearby.

The world had become a gray labyrinth of stained glass where all inhabitants were nothing but shadows. Yuuri couldn't help but let out a long, maniacal laugh.

After all these weeks, she had finally found one. She found a Witch.

The grief seed was as good as hers.

[[OOC; For those unfamiliar with Puella Magi, currently, they are stuck in another dimension, the realm of a Witch: the "Labyrinth/Barrier". The inside said barrier looks like
Also, everyone "changes" while in the barrier, in this case, just like the image, you become almost completely dark and shadowy with only a faint color outline. The witch attacks with vines and tree branches. Have fun~

And for those of you who do not mind MASSIVE SPOILERS: here's the witch in action. Seriously though... SPOILERS.]]

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