15 October 2006 @ 04:49 pm
Character: Kidd... and anyone in the area!! (mention in settings)
Content: Kidd gets paid from her job. Oh yes. Moolah.
Setting: Café Ersesat [H8]
Time: PM3
Warnings: It's raining and cold, due to the wintry season~~

Payday is sweet. )
Character(s): Bakura Ryou, Udou Akira
Content: Bakura and Akira finally end up on the "cheaper" side of Paixao at Auntie Unde's. Akira gets clothes and a journal and Bakura gets project supplies.
Setting: Auntie Unde's
Time: week2, early afternoon
Warnings: none...really, except Auntie Unde being bizarre and scaring Bakura.

The walk was quicker than he thought it would be, but still exhausting. )
04 September 2006 @ 12:00 am
Character(s): Udou Akira, Bakura Ryou
Content: Akira arrives in Paixao and is a tad confused~
Setting: Muspelheim
Time: Uh. Morning. Week2
Warnings: None :o
Somehow, this is not what Akira had been expecting. )
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