13 March 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Character(s): Riku, Kairi, and anyone else if they want to show up.
Content: As Riku looks for baddies to clean up, Kairi insists she helps.
Setting: Promenade Terrace
Time: Early evening, Week 38
Warnings: None

The last Unversed fell quickly. )
19 March 2011 @ 07:33 pm
Character(s): Lottie, Wolf
Content: Lottie settles back into her townhouse and gets a gentleman caller. Who has a tail.
Setting: Promenade Terrace
Time: Week 29, Afternoon
Warnings: None

There were no words to describe the relief Lottie had felt when she opened the door to her old townhouse and found it empty of any new owners. )
Character(s): Lottie, open
Content: Miss LaBouff is hoping to hire some people to help her move into her new home.
Setting: Promenade Terrace
Time: Afternoon, Week 21
Warnings: None

Lottie was accustomed to the finer things in life. )
14 July 2009 @ 06:28 pm
Character(s): Neirenn and open.
Content: Neirenn's arrival in the city.
Setting: Promenade Terrace (H9)
Time: Morning, week eight (I think?)
Warnings: None.

She was sure this wasn't a dream. )
Character(s): Hades and Yuna
Content: Hades and Yuna play house! ...*shot* Hades quite nearly blew up the place, has thankfully cooled down, but decides to have a wonderful talk with his captive.
Setting: A house at Promenade Terrace [H9]
Time: Afternoon, backdated to week 6 after this journal.
Warnings: Hades. And likely an agitated Yuna |D

If the house had shaken a bit, it was hardly Hades' fault. )
09 May 2007 @ 03:44 pm
Characters: Kir, Toph Bei Fong
Content: Kir and Toph go riding around on the trains
Setting: Promenade Terrace [H9]
Time: Unknown
Warnings: None yet

He had to admit... )
Character(s): Xellos, Raven, and Miss Tris!
Content: The evil, heartless monster Xellos stalks down Raven in the Promenade Terrace and drags her off to heal Tris on pain of death!!! Only much more light and fluffy, of course~♥
Setting: Promenade Terrace... area... thing.
Time: ... Later in the afternoon? After this thread thing some time. And after his MB post. Yes.
Warnings: Xellos is determined to make Tris spontaneously combust in embarrassment.

It was honestly rather disappointing that Xellos had received a response to his message board post so quickly, but that didn't mean he couldn't try and drag this out awhile longer. )
20 November 2006 @ 01:59 am
Character(s): Tris and Xellos
Content: Tris is bored. Thankfully, this doesn't last too long.
Setting: Gayle's house in the Promenade Terrace, near Niflheim
Time: Mid-afternoon
Warnings: ...Tris is grumpy, and Xellos... I dunno. XD

Ow. )
02 October 2006 @ 11:35 am
Character(s): Rin
Content: After Daniel Hall and the Corinthian leave, Rin encounters the Nobodies.
Setting: Nifleheim gate going to the general area of Promenade Terrace.
Time: Late-afternoon after meeting Dannyboy and Cori.
Warnings: General violence and ass-kickery (mostly on the Nobody's parts)

So... that sun wasn't too much of an interest now... )