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What a Pest You Are. Let's Turn That Around... [Active, Closed]

Character(s): Shenzi and Hei
Content: Just another day of searching for the one person that really matters to him—until a certain hyena comes along. Hei takes action to have her be put to good use for him.
Setting: Starts at a random street with pedestrians around
Time: Beginning of week 34, midday
Warnings: Shenzi being Shenzi, and Hei being scary and violent when showing some of his true colors.

The human drones carried on, keeping a gap of distance between themselves and the man in the black overcoat. Hei had tried socializing and reasoning with these locals as his polite and harmless alias to find a lead on locating Yin, but they either shied away or took little notice of Li. A week had gone by after investing some time to observe them.

Squall had been right. There seemed to be an unnatural air to these people. Those who wore flashy clothes acted more arrogant than the lower class citizens that helped him just to get it over with. No individuality could be seen, as they were two separate collectives that didn't want much to do with anyone different from them. No one cared to approach Li when he decided not to be the first to speak to them.

Hei checked the fountains again in hopes to see a glowing blue spirit only he (and other contractors and dolls) could see. He looked among human faces for hers. Frustrating, this was. Where could she have gone? Was she alone in Tokyo after all?

If Timon spoke the truth about Organization Thirteen performing less experiments on anyone, did the Syndicate have her then? Did Organization Thirteen entrap any Syndicate agents around here? The organization Yin and Hei had to run from often hid themselves in plain sight. But walking around and exposing himself like this might draw at least one contractor out. That was a risk he was willing to take. He would demand and beat the information out of them to find out if they knew anything.

The city of Paixao lacked in metallic material, aside from iron doors and the fence around the park. If there was no iron around for him to touch and unleash the contract, he’d have to use his weapons in order to seek aid from Bai to harm any contractors, or Heartless maybe—if electric shocks could ever delay living shadow beasts. He’d have to learn more about them to know what kept them apart from ordinary darkness.

As for the female hyena he once spoke to on the message boards; she wasn’t that much of threat. Her attitude, and the intent of considering Yin as an easy meal through her laugh caused Hei to feel uneasy and aware of her for the doll’s sake. He only pretended to be startled at her angry response to Li’s empathy. He’d know how to deal with her, once he saw her.

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Shenzi was doing what she usually did: Nothing. She sighed and sauntered down the street. This place was so boring, especially after Ed mysteriously disappeared. She wasn't sure that she liked being so alone, but she wasn't about to go running to Scar, or that crazy lioness, for company. So all she had to do was terrorize the bland tasting locals and avoid the humans that were different from each other.

She wasn't paying attention to anyone when she walked past the fountains. The hyena brushed up against a human and she automatically snarled and skipped away. "Watch where you're standing human." She spat with a growl.

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Shenzi ignored the dark haired human and advanced on the lighter haired one. This one wasn't important, she could kill and eat him and no one would care. The light haired human whimpered and Shenzi chuckled. "You ain't gettin' away..."

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Shenzi was just about to lunge when the other human spoke up. Normally she would not have any interest in anything humans had to say, but this made her pause. It gave the light haired human enough time to scurry away, but Shenzi forgot about him and turned to glare at the other human.

"Impala's are a little more of a challenge. Humans are too fatty." Shenzi said, narrowing her eyes at him. "Why do you care?"

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To Shenzi, most humans looked alike at first glance. "Protect who?" She asked, squinting suspiciously at Hei. What did he want? And what was he talking about?

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Shenzi's ears flattened and she backed away uneasily. She was not ashamed of her actions, but something about this human didn't sit right with her. "It was just my usual stuff y'know? I didn't mean anything by it right?" She started to remember now... yeah she's spoken with him before.

She wasn't getting mixed up with this craziness anymore.

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Shenzi still isn't completely sure what she's done, but whatever it was, she's not taking the heat for it. This human made her more uneasy than Scar ever had, and she certainly didn't like it. Her dark eyes followed his hand movements to his waist and her ears perked with alarm at the wire.

She let out a yelp when he threw it at her and bolted, the metal wire narrowly missing her neck. Oh hell, she was SO OUT OF THERE.

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Hyenas weren't fast sprinters, but they were great endurance runners. As such she was able to keep going for a remarkable amount of time while the human dodged behind her. Everything she did to try and lose him failed, and it only increased her fear of him.

Eventually, she began to slow down and she dodged into an alley way and made one last attempt to lose him there.

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Shenzi let out a yelp of alarm and pain as the wire was flung around her neck. She immediately began tugging and thrashing, her sharp nails digging into the ground and creating gouges in them. "Let go! I didn't do anything to me you brute!" She snarled, deciding that fighting the wire wasn't the way to do things.

With a high pitch yip, she suddenly charged at Hei and lashed at him with her powerful jaws, fully intending on grabbing him by the throat.

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Shenzi yowls in pain at both the kick and the wire on her neck. Part of her wanted to curl up and accept it, but the survival instinct she has tells her to keep fighting. She snarled and snapped at him, her teeth letting out audible clacks as they came dangerously close to a body part.

She growled at him when he spoke and stopped fighting, though her tense body said that she could launch back into an attack at any moment.

"Fine, talk. I'm listening."

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Shenzi yelped again at the applied force and let out a warning growl. She didn't like to be mishandled by anyone, not even Scar. However she also didn't want to die, so her ears flattened and she accepted defeat. The moment he let go she was SO outta there. Her ear flicked as he spoke, his words making no sense to her at all. She could practically smell his anger and hatred, so she said nothing during his speech.

"Alright... so what does that gotta do with me?" Shenzi said cautiously, "And why'd you go and attack me over that?"