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Character(s): Zira and Shenzi
Content:  Confrontations between an angry lioness and a... hyena?
Setting: around the city
Time:  Morning?
Warnings: Zira being Zira and Shenzi being Shenzi.

Zira growled as she took off, leaving the journal behind as she begins her hunt. The tawny lioness stalks through the shadows as she seeks out the distinct scent of the hyena. The fact that she was even here pissed Zira off enough to risk getting in trouble with her beloved Scar.

All Zira could think about was  how much she wanted to tear the backstabbing dog apart for the hyena's part in her mates death. She would not let that happen again! If anything she hated the female and her clan as much as Simba and there was nothing short of a miracle (or an order from Scar) that would stop her from at least maiming or injuring the hyena. Or- if Shenzi was lucky- she may just settle with scaring the hyena to death. It would depend on how difficult she made this little hunt

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Shenzi was NOT sticking around to be torn apart by an crazy angry lioness. She had no idea which direction was which, and there were so many new sights and sounds surrounding her that it made her dizzy. As much as she would like to stop and examine things, she knew for the sake of her self-preservation that she should keep going. Her nostrils flared and her ears flicked in all directions, straining to catch the sent or sound of an approaching lioness.

It was no use. The new... everything kept interfering, and her way was being constantly blocked by some obstacle, both animate and inanimate. She didn't think that she would be able to put any distance between her and Zira. Or maybe she was running right into her, Shenzi had no way of telling.

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Shenzi let out a yelp and spun around, fully facing (to her horror) the very crazy, angry lioness she had set out to avoid. The look in Zira's eye told her that she wasn't leaving here unscathed. So all there was for her to do was stand her ground and hope she was still alive afterwards.

The hyena bared her teeth and growled in warning. "I've served Scar most of my life, what are you worried about lion?" She wasn't going to betray him any time soon, so the implication Zira was giving made her angry.

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Shenzi did not have any idea what Zira was talking about. She tensed and made sure to keep her back away from the lioness at all times. "Whatcha mean you've lost him once? He hasn't been lost what you talking about?" Maybe she could get away if she somehow manages to distract Zira...

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"Simba?" She remembered the fight that she had been in not long ago. Simba had been alive all this time, when Ed, Banzai and Shenzi was supposed to kill him. She wondered if Scar was going to punish her for that. She wondered why it didn't occur to her to ask him. Simba caused Scar's death? Scar died? Her clan had a part in it? None of this was making sense to Shenzi, and she was already confused enough as it was. "I would never kill Scar." Unless he tried to kill her first.

Shenzi bared her teeth fully and snarled. If Zira was going to attack head on, then she was going to latch onto her throat and not let go no matter what. There were advantages to having such strong jaws.

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Shenzi yipped in alarm and attempted to dodge those claws. She was partially successful, one of Zira's claws scratched against Shenzi's shoulder and drew blood. She growled fiercely and dove for Zira's throat, intending to go with her earlier plan and latch on until she drew blood (perhaps even past then.)

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Shenzi latched her jaw around the lioness's shoulder blade and attempted to crush it between her powerful jaws. Her teeth sunk into Zira's flesh and she could taste the disgusting lion fur. She growled and kept on pushing, hoping to knock Zira further off balance and gain an advantage she needed badly. Zira's paws were still everywhere, and one claw struck her in the stomach, drawing more blood, but Shenzi refused to let go.

For her to let go now would mean death.

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Shenzi was rapidly losing blood, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hang on for as long as she would like. The lion pawed at her, successfully managing to injure Shenzi further. Shenzi shook her head violently and tore off fur and a large mouthful of skin. Blood flowed from the wound and she snapped at Zira's legs, but Shenzi knew that she lost her advantage. Panting heavily she backed away lioness, growling and yipping. She tensed and bared her teeth again. Shenzi was so tired and her pelt was slick with blood, however she wasn't ready to give up just yet.

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After hearing Shenzi and Zira's on the journal, Scar had been quick to find where they both gone. He had no intention of allowing either of them to die just because they lacked the common sense necessary to recognize the simple fact that they were both currently his subordinates, meaning that fighting amongst them would not be tolerated.

He leaped down from his perch high on the rooftops, where he'd been watching the two attack each other. While he had no purpose in letting one cause the other's death, it would be worthwhile to him if they were both rather injured. They could consider the wounds a punishment for their transgression.

"ENOUGH!" he boomed. If the two didn't disentangle themselves, they would quite quickly find the Heartless forcing them to obey the command instead.

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Shenzi froze the moment she heard Scar. She noticed that Zira had stopped as well, and took the moment to lick her wounds with her rough tongue. The ones on her shoulder were definitely going to scar, she wasn't sure about the rest of them. She kept an eye on Zira. You can't trust Lions not to attack and kill you when you're injured. No, she did not consider Scar a lion, she hasn't in a very long time, so she wasn't as worried about him as she was about the crazy meatbag in front of her.

"Hey boss, it's good to see you're alright." Shenzi said, sniffing at him a little, "What happened with Priderock? Wasn't there a fight going on?"

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"A fight at Pride Rock? This is the first I've heard of such a thing." The smell of blood mingling from the two injured females standing in front of him made Scar sneer. He could hardly call it pleasant. He advanced on the two of them just the same though, the look of slight bemusement quickly turning into a deep frown.

"However, that is a matter we will discuss at another time. Would the two of you like to explain to me just what made you think it wise to start fighting? And why, when you thought of that, you left your journals behind?" The tone of his voice said nothing for his anger, but Zira and Shenzi both knew him well enough to know just what emotion was lying under the well-controlled exterior.

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"Uh, sure Scar whatever you say." Shenzi said, a little confused. "Hey, I didn't do anything she attacked me!" She bared her teeth in Zira's direction, still not trusting her in the slightest. Scar was there, which meant that things were going to get resolved, but Zira was there, so things might somehow get worse. Shenzi couldn't tell.

Stupid lion.

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"Don't start making excuses," Scar moaned. His eyes flicked across their bloody bodies, taking note of just how badly wounded they'd gotten themselves before he'd decided to step in. He didn't care that they were fighting, if it weren't for the simple fact that when they did they left themselves in such miserable states that it was difficult for them to carry out his orders. And if this was how Zira was going to be with every hyena that came to the city, he would need to find some better way to keep an eye on her.

"Zira, come here."

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Shenzi snarled angrily, "Watch it Lion! I'm not betraying anyone any time soon!" Unless that someone is Zira, then she'd do it in a heartbeat. She smirked at the lioness's injures (hers were no better). Even if Shenzi was injured too, it was satisfying to see the blood matting Zira's fur.

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Zira's response merely made Scar scowl. "I don't recall asking for your opinion on the matter, Zira." He stood at his full height over her, looking down with disdain.

"I'm going to make this perfectly clear to both of you." He shot a glare at Shenzi. "This is the very last time that anything of this sort will happen between you. And that goes for any of the other hyenas who come here as well. Am I understood?"

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"Fine Scar." Shenzi said, giving Zira another dirty look. There wasn't much more she could say or do right now besides agree with Scar and give hate filled looks at Zira. She wondered if she would have the chance to tell Ed, Banzai, or any other hyena who came here to not fight Zira.

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"Good. The next time I hear of either of you fighting like this, I may not be so kind." The lion backed away from his mate as he let the threat hang in the air. He had no qualms about having the Heartless kill either of them, save the loss of one of company that was able to speak...which in the case of both of these females he wasn't sure such such a great loss at all.

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Shenzi watched them back off but stayed right where she was. She was going to stay right where she was if Zira was going to follow Scar. Her wounds were stinging and she examined them again. She'd live, hopefully.

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"Zira, we're going to find your journal, and then we're going to go home." The dulcet tone he used now was a sharp contrast to the heavy threat that was still thickening the air. "If you wish to accompany us, Shenzi, be my guest."

He looked back at the hyena, turning only his head and looking at her out of the corner of his eye. The way he'd said that, it was almost like another threat.

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"Nah, I'm fine." Shenzi said, sitting down and casting Zira a haughty look. "I'll catch you later Scar."

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Ignoring Zira, Scar turned fully around one last time to cast a haughty glance over the hyena. "And go retrieve your journal, I don't want to have to search the entire city for you."

A last turn on his heel, and Scar's hips swayed as he led Zira away, following the lioness' scent to make certain he had the direction right. The nerve of these two females astounded him. To think they had the gall to wound--much less to actually try to kill--each other. They had to be the most reckless brutes Scar had ever met, short of his loathsome brother.

Sadly, he knew the two were also an entirely lost cause. He would simply have to restrain them in some way to prevent any similar events from occurring in the future, though how exactly he was going to accomplish that he wasn't quite sure. Perhaps he would just leave them for the Heartless the next time it happened...