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Character(s): Zira and Shenzi
Content:  Confrontations between an angry lioness and a... hyena?
Setting: around the city
Time:  Morning?
Warnings: Zira being Zira and Shenzi being Shenzi.

Zira growled as she took off, leaving the journal behind as she begins her hunt. The tawny lioness stalks through the shadows as she seeks out the distinct scent of the hyena. The fact that she was even here pissed Zira off enough to risk getting in trouble with her beloved Scar.

All Zira could think about was  how much she wanted to tear the backstabbing dog apart for the hyena's part in her mates death. She would not let that happen again! If anything she hated the female and her clan as much as Simba and there was nothing short of a miracle (or an order from Scar) that would stop her from at least maiming or injuring the hyena. Or- if Shenzi was lucky- she may just settle with scaring the hyena to death. It would depend on how difficult she made this little hunt

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