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When it seems all your dreams have come undone [Active]

Character(s): Kovu, Kiara, Simba (eventually awake) and whoever else in Vyers' poor apartment.
Content: Kovu and Kiara arrive with injured Simba.
Setting: Vyers Apartment
Time: Yes.
Warnings: The lion drama continues.

Kiara was more than a little frightened for her father's life. It was hard to see just how much damage Zira had caused, as her father's mane hid it. To see him pass out, however, was something she'd never seen, ever, so in her mind it had to be bad.

This wasn't all that troubled the princess. Kovu barely saying a word to her wasn't helping things; if anything, he was making things worse. Not being able to bear his silence, she'd finally walked on ahead, so he couldn't see her silent crying. The past few weeks were taking a toll on the young lioness.

Hopefully, someone at the apartment could help her father and somehow Nala needed to be found too. Kiara missed her mother terribly, especially right now. If only she'd come from a time when she knew who Kiara was. While she was so glad Nala believed that she was her mother, she couldn't expect her to take on that role any more than she could expect Simba to take on the role as her father. The lack of her parents, as she knew them, to fall back on for support was starting to wear on her. They'd always, ALWAYS, been there for her, after all.

Still avoiding looking back at Kovu, she brushed lightly at her face with the back of her paw, trying to clear away signs of tears, before doing her best to knock on the door to the apartment. Of course, it came across more as some desperate thumping, but at least it would likely get someone's attention.
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The guilt that Kovu felt was far heavier than the burden of bearing Simba on his back. Lucky for him, even though it was a long walk to the apartment, Kiara hadn't seen what Zira had done to him. She was more worried about her father anyway. He wondered what that had to be like...he'd never felt that way about anyone but her.

At first, he thought he felt guilty because he hadn't been there to help Simba sooner. So he kept himself quiet as they walked. Looking over at Kiara every few seconds, it took only a few minutes for him to realize what it really was. He'd never had to deal with something like this before, and he had no idea how he could help her. So instead...he just stayed quiet. He did feel like Simba getting hurt was his fault, at least a little, and that didn't make it any better. He didn't realize how much she needed him.

So when they finally got to the apartment, he didn't feel any relief. Really...he only felt worse than before.
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Simba had been out far later than Timon had anticipated. When the lion had said he was going out to clear his thoughts, he had imagined an hour, perhaps two at the most. But as time went by, and the sun finally set, he began to grow more and more anxious. Had something happened? Had something gone wrong? The meerkat continued to pace, his eyes every so often wandering back to the door. Pumbaa said he needed to be patient and show trust in Simba. He had scoffed at the idea, but ultimately did the best he could to restrain himself from going out and looking for the lion. As much as he hated to admit it, he had been too paranoid. Simba was a grown lion, he could look after himself. And should he ever need help, he knew where he could look to.

… Still, Timon refused to rest until the lion was home. So, while the rest of the household had slipped off to sleep, the meerkat continued to pace in front of the door, waiting for Simba’s return. “Trust,” He told himself, eyes returning to the door for over the hundredth time. “gotta have trust.”

Suddenly there was a knock. The meerkat stopped and stared at the door for a moment, unsure whether or not he had imagined the sound. He had been waiting so long, to finally hear a knock was almost more unsettling than if he hadn’t. Cautiously, Timon approached the door and rested his head against it. There wasn’t a sound. However, there was definitely someone there. Judging by the smell, there was Simba, Kiara… And another scent he couldn’t quite recognize. Still, to be accompanied by the others they must have been a ‘friendly’.

“Alright, alright,” he exasperated. “Hang on a minute, will yeah?” Scaling the coat rack beside the door, Timon skilfully jumped onto the door handle and using all his weight turned the knob. A soft click could be heard. “It’s open.” He said, dangling from the knob. All that was required of them now was to push the door open.

Hopefully Simba had a good excuse for staying out so late.
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Kovu carefully stepped past Kiara to go inside, and he was careful to walk on the meerkat's right side so that the wound over his left eye wouldn't be so easy to see. Without waiting for either Timon or Kiara to say anything, he went to the couch, where he gently let Simba down, so there would be something to cushion him so he could rest.

Wordlessly, he sat on the far end, making sure his left eye would stay hidden from both Timon and Kiara, and from Simba when he woke up.

"She tried to kill him," he finally said, his voice full of resentment and just barely containing his anger.
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Timon dropped back down to the ground where he was met by Kiara, the distress on her face noted before she even spoke. Something had gone wrong, terribly wrong. His eyes widened, the fear he had tried to push down quickly resurfacing and overcoming him. That name, Zira. She was the one who had sworn to… Who had been… His eyes wandered past Kiara, noting the ‘brownish gold’ heap carried by Kovu as he slipped inside. The unmoving ‘brownish gold’ heap. He fidgeted with his paws, rubbing them together nervously as he pried his eyes away from Kovu and looked back at Kiara worriedly.

“It’s… It’s okay, kid.” He assured her after taking a moment to collect himself. To his surprise, his voice was far calmer than he had expected. “Everything is gonna be okay.” Placing his paw atop hers, Timon looked up at her with a small smile. Gently, he patted her paw in hopes of comforting her. “You did the right thing. It’s over now.” At least, for now it was. “Rest easy, kid.” He told her before slowly turning to where Kovu had placed Simba. Timon shared one last glance with Kiara before he hurried to the lion’s side.

Climbing onto the couch, he stood before the lion, hesitant to touch him. It was only after Timon had managed to muster up the courage he gently placed a paw on the lion’s muzzle. His nose scrunched up at the smell of blood, eyes carefully looking over the lion for the source. “Simba,” The meerkat nudged the lions head in hopes of waking him. “Simba, can you hear me? It’s Timon.” He paused for a moment, nudging the lion again. His voice remained on the border of desperate, more than evident fear. “Simba! Gimmie a sign here, will you?”

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Despite passing out, Simba wasn't in a position to really give up. He had heard voices, even after everything when black, but they all sounded so far away and hazy. Now, the voices seemed a little clearer, a little closer. His eyes flickered open a little, and despite how blurry his vision was, he could tell Timon was in front of his face, and he could also feel his tiny hands on his muzzle along with a nudge from...Kiara, maybe?

Simba managed to force a weak and guilty looking but lopsided grin. He was sure the meerkat had more than a few words for him.
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“Simba!” he cried, eyes lit with excitement. “Oh, Simba.” The moment the lion opened his eyes Timon felt overcome by a wave of relief. However, as quickly as it had appeared, his excitement faded, the meerkat appearing easily on the verge of tears the longer he looked at his friend. “Simba, Simba, Simba...” He repeated, almost painfully so as he looked into the lions eyes. “You mook! Do you have any idea what you put me through? How worried I was?!” If Simba weren’t injured, Timon would have punched him right then and there. Not that it would have done any harm, but regardless. “I spend all night here worried sick over you and you go and pull this stunt?!” He sighed, turning to rub his temples. Though through this anger, relief was still clearly evident, his expression softening. “Kid, I swear, you’re gonna end up givin’ me a heart attack one of these days. I don’t know why I’m still here for yeah with all you put me through.” He was joking, of course. It was a tasteless way to try and brighten the mood.

Gently Timon push back Simba’s mane to reveal the teeth and claw marks hidden beneath. The sight alone caused him to cringe, though it was doubtful Simba could see his expression. He was no doctor, but it was evident the lion had lost a great deal of blood. None of which he wore smelt as though it belonged to this other lion, Zira. Worriedly, he began to pick through the lions mane for any other injuries. Simba had never taken damage to this effect in the jungle leaving Timon unsure how to treat him. There had to be something or someone who could help heal these wounds and he would have to think of it or them fast.

“We’ll get you fixed up.” He told Simba confidently regardless of the worry on his face may have suggested otherwise. “Don’t worry, pal. Everything is gonna be okay.”

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Simba couldn't help but wince as Timon climbed on his head and started to comb through his mane. His wounds were still pretty fresh, and they hurt enough without someone poking around them.

"Timon..get out...of my mane." It still hurt to talk too, and the evidence was clear in his voice and labored breathing.
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Kovu breathed a sigh of relief when Simba woke up. He was safe...good. Kovu couldn't help but smile just a little when Timon started fussing over Kiara's father. Simba had those two here with him, and if Pumbaa woke up, then he'd be there too.

Quietly, he stood, and opened the door to the balcony, trying not to draw any attention to himself--and away from Simba. Kiara's father was the one who needed it right now, not him. As the door closed, the stars, fake as they were in here, caught Kovu's eyes. He looked up, and slowly lowered himself onto the floor. He wished, not for the first time, that he knew what to do. Kiara was probably mad at him for the way he hadn't talked to her the whole way here, and Timon would find something to yell at him about as soon as the meerkat got the chance. Who knew what Simba thought of him now...Kovu could only hope that saving the other lion's life would outweigh anything else.

It could have been worse. It could have been so, so much worse. If Kovu had gotten there any later, Simba might not have made it at all. The very thought made him cringe.
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“Did I say you could talk?” Timon asked, a ‘polite’ indication for Simba to stop talking. His own irritation matched Simba’s, but only because he knew speaking seemed to hurt the lion more. He tried to ignore the weakness in his voice, focusing on finding more wounds. It would only upset him further if he thought about it and at the moment this seemed to serve as a good, though certainly disgusting, distraction. “I have to check your injuries.” He told him. “Try not to move.”

Reminded of something, the meerkat looking up and turned to Kiara who had kept quiet for much of the time. “You’re not hurt, are you?” Slip a disk? Catch a fever? Get a hangnail? The unspoken list was likely endless to Kiara. “What about Kov… Uh, hey, where’d he go?” Staring at the vacant space that had once inhabited the lion, Timon looked around the room for any sign of him. “He wasn’t hurt too, was he?”

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Simba frowned at Timon's words, wincing from the added pain of having the meerkat climb through his mane and aggravate his injuries. He kept quiet though. It took too much energy to talk back at the moment.

Simba felt Kiara's paw and he gave her a reassuring smile before closing his eyes. He wanted to go to sleep, but for the moment he fought it off, just listening to Timon and Kiara. He honestly wasn't worried about Kovu at the moment, though he did make a mental note to thank him later.
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Having gathered all the information he needed, he climbed down from Simba’s head and quickly surveyed the rest of the lion’s body from the couches back. It was his neck in particular he was worried about, the rest of his body appearing unharmed. He glanced down at Kiara and nodded in response, thankful to hear both her and Kovu had gone unharmed. For the time being, there was only one lion to worry about. Though, he was sure he would have to check on Kiara and Kovu later, both surely more than shaken. Simba was in no position to be speaking and Nala… Timon wanted to be the last one to deliver such news of this incident to her.

“Stay with Simba,” the meerkat instructed Kiara. “I’m going to get help. If anything changes, let me know right away.” He then turned to leave, crouching down to jump from the couch. However, he seemed to hold the pose, pausing for a moment before he looked back at the lioness. “Are you gonna be okay if I leave you here?” Timon would not be gone long but if Kiara needed him, he would not leave her or her fathers side.

Simba's gonna go to sleep. Please be to the skipping.

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Simba could still hear Kiara and Timon's voices, but they were quickly fading to the point where he couldn't understand what they were saying. He opened his eyes one last time when the meerkat jumped off of him, but seeing nothing really going on, he let himself relax as much as he could and drifted off to sleep.

Someone call for a white mage?

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Dagger was on her way to help right now. Zidane had come to her not long ago, telling her that her skills as a white mage were necessary. He had explained enough to her that she knew it wasn't a human she would be healing, but an animal. And she had been given directions to the right apartment, so she was heading there as fast as her legs could carry her.

Good things she wasn't bogged down by her huge hoop skirted gown at the moments. She had instead found herself a rather good replica of her old traveling clothes. She weaved through the city until she came to the correct building, looking around.

"Hello?" she called. If someone was waiting for her, she wanted to make sure she didn't just rush right past them.
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“Over here!” the meerkat called out, waving his arms to try and bring the girl’s attention downward to the floor. He approached her quickly, stopping short of her feet. “Dagger, right? Zidane said you’d be wearing somethin’ like that.” Although, for some reason when Zidane had described her outfit, it had sounded as though it were by far the most extravagant thing he had ever seen. Maybe he didn’t get out much. That or he had been completely absorbed in the owner of such outfit. Not that Timon would have noticed such thing. Any signs of affection Zidane had shown for the girl had completely flown over his head.

Gesturing for her to follow him, Timon led the mage up the stairs and to the apartment. He explained the injuries Simba had succumb the best he could along the way, noting heavily the amount of blood he had lost. By the time they reached the door he was sure he had told her everything. Everything except how he had led her right into a lion’s den but she would find that out right away anyway. The door, still unlocked, was easily pushed open by the meerkat who directed her to the couch found inside. There Simba could still be found resting on top.