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Kiara ([personal profile] mightyhuntress) wrote in [community profile] paixaorpg2011-03-20 01:27 am

When it seems all your dreams have come undone [Active]

Character(s): Kovu, Kiara, Simba (eventually awake) and whoever else in Vyers' poor apartment.
Content: Kovu and Kiara arrive with injured Simba.
Setting: Vyers Apartment
Time: Yes.
Warnings: The lion drama continues.

Kiara was more than a little frightened for her father's life. It was hard to see just how much damage Zira had caused, as her father's mane hid it. To see him pass out, however, was something she'd never seen, ever, so in her mind it had to be bad.

This wasn't all that troubled the princess. Kovu barely saying a word to her wasn't helping things; if anything, he was making things worse. Not being able to bear his silence, she'd finally walked on ahead, so he couldn't see her silent crying. The past few weeks were taking a toll on the young lioness.

Hopefully, someone at the apartment could help her father and somehow Nala needed to be found too. Kiara missed her mother terribly, especially right now. If only she'd come from a time when she knew who Kiara was. While she was so glad Nala believed that she was her mother, she couldn't expect her to take on that role any more than she could expect Simba to take on the role as her father. The lack of her parents, as she knew them, to fall back on for support was starting to wear on her. They'd always, ALWAYS, been there for her, after all.

Still avoiding looking back at Kovu, she brushed lightly at her face with the back of her paw, trying to clear away signs of tears, before doing her best to knock on the door to the apartment. Of course, it came across more as some desperate thumping, but at least it would likely get someone's attention.

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