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if you give a hyena a "box" she's gonna want to eat your leg off [active]

Character(s): Shenzi and Simba, with Scar showing up later
Content: Shenzi's good day gets crashed by lions :|
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: High noon, Week 19
Warnings: I... have no idea XD;

Shenzi's been liking Paixao thus far. Bit overpopulated for her tastes, but hey! Hey, most of that population was people that she could sink her teeth into! So far? No problem! She was digging it, except for the weird box-thing she got upon arrival. Taste horrid, and she had spat it back out at the two-legs.

Within the park, she was curled around the remnants of some poor sap who tried to give her a new box, gnawing away at the bones with a cackle breaking out occasionally. The blood was gone, for the most part; the initial kill had been carried out on some street's edge. Well fed, Shenzi didn't have a care in the world right now!

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Simba was also out and about, as he needed to get out of that place Timon took him to stay. The beds were comfy and everything, but it was so cramped in there! He had to get out and stretch his legs.

The lion had been wandering around most of the day with no real destination in mind. He looked around to see what else was in the city, but he wasn't very impressed. There were a lot more humans than anything else, and most of them looked and even smelled the same.

Before long, Simba arrived at the park. He was about to lay down under some strange structure that he heard a human child call a 'swing set' when he heard a cackle. His ears perked up, and his skin crawled. He knew that cackle, and before when he was a cub, it terrified him. Now that he was fully grown, he could get rid of the thing that caused it. Hyenas weren't allowed in the Pride Lands, and Simba was damned if he was going to allow them here. He picked himself up and walked towards the sound, growling loudly when he came upon the filthy thing chewing on a bone.

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"What are you doing here?" In all honesty, Simba didn't really want to know. What he did want was to never see the hyena ever again.

Another thought suddenly came to mind. Wasn't Shenzi usually surrounded by other hyenas? It was unusual to see them alone, as they tended to travel in packs. "Where's the rest of your pack?"

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Ok, so the slimy ball of fur had a point. He really didn't have any authority here, and thus, no right to kick Shenzi out of town. That didn't mean that she could get away with everything she wanted though...

Simba glared at the hyena. "You're right. I can't chase you out of here. But you better stay away from my friends, or you'll be sorry." Simba would make sure of that.

The lion raised an eyebrow at her last remark. He really didn't care if the other two were watching him. What were they going to do otherwise? "Tell your buddies to stay away from them too." Simba turned to leave. He had already had enough of Shenzi for now.

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It took a full week for Scar to recover from the gruesome encounter with the meerkat. He had spent the time licking his wounds in a building near to that cafe, and had found that the populace of this city let their fear overwhelm their better senses. He had been well taken care of, using threats whenever they dared defy him.

He was in great shape again now, and had dedicated his time to exploration of what he planned to acquire as his new territory. A strange patch of land greeted his eyes after some time, though he did not see anyone there as he approached.

An unexpected sight startled him. "S-Simba!"

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Simba had also jumped at the voice, as he had not expected Scar,even though he knew he was in the city. Shenzi's reaction also helped to surprise him.

"Wait, what? Scar's not dead." He looked from the hyena back to his uncle. Why would Shenzi think he was dead? "What's going on?"

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For a moment, Scar showed his own surprise at seeing Shenzi. After all, he had no idea that the hyena was even here. And Simba shouldn't be privy to the fact Scar knew her at all.

"Alas, I must say I'm still quite well situated among the living." A bit of venom accompanied a scowl in Shenzi's direction. "I've no idea what she's talking about. But then..." Scar waved a paw around in the air, "You know how hyenas can be. They aren't so bright."

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Wait a second...

"He...betrayed you?" Now, Simba wasn't the smartest guy around, but he still had a few gears that worked in his head. The only way you could betray someone was if you were allies first.

The lion wasn't keen on accepting the hyena's words as fact, but he couldn't deny Shenzi's strong reaction. He continued to look from one to the other, not sure how to react, and not sure who he should be mad at, or if he should even be upset at all. He was just very confused. For some reason, his uncle should be dead, and somehow, he had betrayed some hyenas. It didn't make any sense!

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Scar didn't miss a beat in his response. "Now, Simba, how could I betray a mangy hyena I've never even met?" He looked at his paw again. "After all, I am here, and I am alive. How can you believe anything else she's telling you?"

"Perhaps...we should rip her to shreds instead!" Scar pounced at Shenzi without warning, swiping the same paw at her legs that he'd just been gesticulating with.

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Simba crouched down to follow Scar's lead, but instead of pouncing at Shenzi, he stood his ground.

Scar had a point. Hyenas were known for being liars and just generally bad creatures. Then again, Simba couldn't get what Shenzi said out his mind. Aren't daddy issues fun?

Simba stayed put. He wasn't about to fight when he didn't need to, and he still remembered what Shenzi had said before. He had no right to chase her out of the city.

"Leave her alone, Scar. Hyena's aren't worth it. I doubt they're any good for eating anyway." Simba would only kill for a few reasons. To eat, to defend himself, and to defend his friends. Shenzi didn't fit under any of those reasons at the moment, so he just wanted to leave her alone.

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Scar took a few steps back, wanting least of all to anger his nephew. If nothing else, Simba was certainly larger than his uncle now, though it seemed the cub had inherited his father's brains.

He carefully put on a smile, and let his shoulders relax. "Alas, Simba, you're quite right. She isn't worth our efforts, is she?" The malice carried on his voice would have sent lesser hyenas than Shenzi scattering--though she had slightly more of a spine than they did.