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if you give a hyena a "box" she's gonna want to eat your leg off [active]

Character(s): Shenzi and Simba, with Scar showing up later
Content: Shenzi's good day gets crashed by lions :|
Setting: Jogo da Crianca
Time: High noon, Week 19
Warnings: I... have no idea XD;

Shenzi's been liking Paixao thus far. Bit overpopulated for her tastes, but hey! Hey, most of that population was people that she could sink her teeth into! So far? No problem! She was digging it, except for the weird box-thing she got upon arrival. Taste horrid, and she had spat it back out at the two-legs.

Within the park, she was curled around the remnants of some poor sap who tried to give her a new box, gnawing away at the bones with a cackle breaking out occasionally. The blood was gone, for the most part; the initial kill had been carried out on some street's edge. Well fed, Shenzi didn't have a care in the world right now!

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