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A Nightmare Awakes (active)

Character(s): Reala, NiGHTS
Content: Reala arrives and gets down to business hurting Paixaoans. NiGHTS is there too,and does some stuff. But that's really not nearly as important. =P
Setting: Muspelheim gate
Warnings: Uh, blood? Snark? Sibling rivalry?

A soft noise of confusion, a sudden shifting against a ground that was entirely too hard; Reala sat up without knowing he'd laid down at all. He had been flying--why was he waking up? And in such a strange place, at that? Ugh, this place was too damned bright.... Where was he? This certainly wasn't Nightmare. He'd never seen anything like it in Nightopia, either.... It seemed a little too brilliant and strange. Not to mention full of what looked quite like Visitors. None of the normal residents he would expect to find in Nightopia, yet none of them seemed particularly disoriented.... It was like some strange shared dream? Perhaps a new part of the Night Dimension altogether.

Reala picked himself up with a disdainful huff, dusting himself off and rising into the air with a quick burst of golden sparkles. They left a fading comet's trail behind him as he joined the line of visitors, privately scoffing at their obliviousness; they hardly seemed to think he was odd at all. Truly a wolf along sheep, with not even a skin to hide him.... "Name, please?"

Such a mundane question. As though he were one of these fools.... "Reala." He smirked; there was no reason at all to not give it. He doubted this Visitor would know who he was anyway.

"Welcome to Paixao! Here's your journal, please enjoy your stay!" The gatekeeper smiled and offered him a deep red rectangle and some pamphlets that Reala hardly bothered to look at.

"Thank you very much." Reala's smirk widened, and he moved to take the offering, apparently overshooting; pale fingers closed delicately around the man's wrist, gleaming pink claws leaving furrows down the entirety of his hand. The man jerked back and cried out in pain as rivulets of pale, glowing blue blood spilled over the journal. Reala caught the journal and pamphlets as they were dropped, offering a mockingly cheerful wave as he turned to glide into the city itself. So they weren't Visitors after all.... Visitors, as he recalled, bled nothing but crimson. "I think I will."

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Jackle was here. Jackle was here. And he was alive.

Those thoughts chased through NiGHTS' mind in a continuous refrain as the Maren floated silently above the city, her face unusually serious. What was this place? She could swear she had killed Jackle, and the memory of his destruction was clear even now. He had cackled madly, even unto the end, that final defiant laugh so fierce it had hurt NiGHTS' head. Claris had covered her ears and shivered in fright.

She was jerked out of her thoughts by the sound of a man crying out in pain, and her own nightmarish instincts screamed at her as she flew towards the sound - almost as if she was drawn to it.

And then she stopped, hovering a few feet above the ground, her mouth dropping open.

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NiGHTS was speechless, her mouth still open as her eyes drank in the sight of her near-brother. How? How? First Jackle, and now this? But she had Seen it, she had seen Reala's battered form fall from the sky, she had felt that sharp, stabbing ache in her heart as she had pasted that confident (triumphant) look on her face when Will and Helen had come up to her, happy that the big bad boogeyman was gone.

If only they had had a clue as to what NiGHTS was capable of.

But no. Now was not the time for such fiercely scattered (proud, almost) thoughts. She had to speak.

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NiGHTS froze at the contact, knowing how Reala was taking pleasure in her discomfort but still not caring (alive, her almost-twin was alive, and the ache in her heart she didn't even know remained returned, but lessened). She was used to Reala's ways - how brutal and cruel he could be, but there was still a face behind the mask, and Reala could never fool NiGHTS into thinking otherwise. Perhaps their so-called "father," but he had only ever seen what he wanted.

"I..." NiGHTS shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant, but it wasn't easy - she felt, for the second time today, as though she had been thrown for a loop. "I've made some new friends."

Even Reala knew, however, that NiGHTS would never forget the friends she had made in the past, even as she made new ones.
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NiGHTS quelled a shiver as Reala cupped the warm glow of positive energy that still remained in the shard at her chest. She felt the remnants of the Ideya shudder at being touched, being tapped, by Reala, cruel as he was. "You'd know a lot about heartless, Reala." And the light-reflection of her brother's shadow had to bite the words out, knowing the truth of it - that Reala was not heartless, that he chose this path, the same way had chosen hers.

It wasn't the fact that Reala was evil that bothered her.

"No." The answer was short, forceful, and NiGHTS knew that it was a mistake the instant it had slipped from her mouth. She was one of the Nightmaren, and she hadn't spoken to Elliot and Claris since the end - except to thank them, of course, by leading them into each other in the harsh, shattered-glass world called reality. She knew, as well, that she wouldn't speak to Helen or Will again - perhaps allow the strains of her flute to reach them, let them know she was there, but it was over. The life-span of mortals was painfully short, even to a being that didn't know much of time.

It was the only thing she had learned from WIzeman that she agreed upon.
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NiGHTS' iridescent eyes, so like Reala's but for the glimmer of midnight purple mingling with the blue, narrowed subtly - not subtle enough to hide from Reala, of course, but she was counting on that. Secrets between twins, real or not, were just that. A sharp intake of breath at her own implied heartlessness, and she resisted the urge to cup her own Ideya shard protectively, shield it away from Reala and make him forget it was ever there.

But of course, she couldn't do that - not with Reala, who knew her better than Wizeman ever could. It was a double-edged sword, for the two of them to be created as twins; the two of them repelled one another as often as they were drawn to each other. Right now, NiGHTS wasn't sure which one she felt. Elation, certainly, at Reala being alive after all, but apprehension as well. What would Reala do in such a place?

"WIll and Helen are all right," NiGHTS replied back, calm despite her own turbulent emotions. "They both overcame their fears, and they're going to be fine." Not that Reala cared, but NiGHTS did. Will and Helen would always be friends to NiGHTS, much like Elliot and Claris - even if they never met again.

Reala had to know that.
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NiGHTS knew. She had always known that her fate and Reala's would remain intertwined - and likely hers and WIzeman's as well. NiGHTS still wasn't entirely convinced she wasn't dead after all, with the way she had spoken to Wizeman before that battle, with stingingly cold water, relentless earth and winds that forced NiGHTS to turn into her draconic form just to get past them. It had been a difficult battle, and between that and Dualizing with both WIll and Helen at the same time, NiGHTS had felt sure she was going to simply collapse from the sheer exhaustion alone.

And then the light which had engulfed her came, and NiGHTS had known that she was going to die. Even with that, however, she never felt a smidgen of regret, only smiled to WIll and Helen and taken one final bow.

Was this place what happened to people, Maren, Visitors and all, when they died?

"I know now, without a doubt, that Helen and WIll are all right. And if you don't recall, Reala, Elliot was with me when I beat you before."
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"How I got free is none of your business, Reala," replied NiGHTS with a smirk, crossing her arms. She knew Will and Helen were all right, beyond the shadow of a doubt; if nothing else, Owl, knowing his concern for children, would have found them and led them back to the Dream Gate. As for Wizeman, he was no more.

At least, NiGHTS thought so. But now she wasn't so sure, between Reala and Jackle coming back. On the other hand, Jackle had sounded angry at the mere implication of Wizeman's defeat, whereas before he simply would have laughed long and loud as always at the sheer ludicrousness of the idea.

NiGHTS tilted her head, examining her sibling. "Just how did you get here, anyway?" Jackle hadn't known, but maybe Reala would.
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"Hmph," NiGHTS responded, her tone playful and almost arrogant, "Did you really miss me so much?" Reala had been relentlessly hunting NiGHTS ever since she had left Wizeman's side for good. Wizeman may have been her father, in a sense, but he hadn't acted like a father, from what Will had told her about them. More than that, he treated his so-called "children," the Nightmaren, with such utter disdain - they were nothing more than pawns to him.

She refused to budge as Reala circled her, her vivid eyes following him. "I know what I would say - and that's what matters." No doubt that Reala had some inkling as to what his sibling would say as well, but that wasn't the point.
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"You...!" NiGHTS growled at Reala as his hands found her shoulders, and she turned her head to bare her teeth at him. "You should know by now, Reala, that you can't keep me caged for long." One way or another, NiGHTS always found escape - but that didn't stop her from hating being caged.

She grinned defiantly at Reala, her pupils thinning like an angry cat's at the way her near-brother moved. "Then again, Reala, you'd know a lot about being caged, wouldn't you?" The meaning of her words were clear -Reala left himself willingly in a cage, all for Wizeman. The way Reala was acting - did he know their creator was dead?
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NiGHTS was about to respond with a few sharp remarks of her own when Reala's claws dug into her shoulders. She winced, her breath hissing in, and managed to reply, "Of course you would know about cages, Reala, you live your life willingly in one." NiGHTS did care about Reala in her own roundabout way, but she could never understand why Reala was so loyal to Wizeman, when their creator treated them so.

NiGHTS cried out in pain as she was slammed, pain hitting her where her throat would have been, had she possessed one. "I wouldn't say that, Reala," she chuckled, her voice strained under the choke-hold Reala had her in. "You do work for Wizeman." Or did, but why sweat the small stuff right now? She had bigger problems on her hands at the moment.

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NiGHTS gave a strangled cry at the pain, struggling against her brethren. Despite the ferocity of her own struggling, however, she failed to break free - Reala had her pinned. He always had been the stronger of the two of them, just as NiGHTS was the faster.

She shivered and froze at Reala's words - they hurt. Despite her flippant reactions to her not-brother and the fact that, time and again, she had stood against the Nightmaren, she still was one of them. That wasn't exactly the part she minded, despite L's implications; it was the reactions she got when people found out. But she couldn't deny the near-truth of Reala's words. Near because she only belonged where she wanted.

"That's not true!" she hissed back, struggling anew.
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"Ugh!" NiGHTS cried out in pain again, shoving at Reala defiantly (angrily) as she glared at him, the sharpness of her teeth showing. "Free? Like you?" she spat, clawing at Reala's shoulders in an effort to get him off. "Like Wizeman would have the Night Dimension, with everything being the same?" No way. No way. "Everything being boring? That's not going to happen!" She was angry now, uncaring of the way the citizens scurried around the two, giving them nervous looks as though the Maren might fall upon them and devour them en masse.

She gave a grunt as she crashed ungracefully into the ground, propping herself up on her elbows as she coughed dizzily, and looked up at Reala in dismay. Nightmaren were known to the ignorant Visitors as monsters, despite the blatant untruth of the stereotype (most of the time, they were only doing their jobs, and the Maren - excluding NiGHTS and Reala - didn't even have a will of their own); what would happen when word got out that three of them were in the city?

She had to stop him. NiGHTS picked herself up off the ground and shot after Reala in a cloud of silvery-blue sparkles, her speed allowing her to catch up when Reala's trail of flight hitched. Something was wrong. "Reala?" she called out, cautiously; what if it was another trick of his? On the other hand, what if he was really hurt?
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Despite the fact that they had tried to kill each other a few dozen times, Reala was still the closest thing to a sibling NiGHTS had, and she cared about him. And, judging by Reala's apparent reluctance to kill NiGHTS, he cared, too - though NiGHTS knew he'd never admit it, just as she wouldn't.

Not admitting things, however, did not translate into showing them, and NiGHTS was at Reala's side in an instant, slinging his arm over her shoulder and supporting the heavier Nightmaren. "Reala, what's wrong?" she asked, her eyes betraying the concern she felt. She had never seen Reala like this, not once - and the was he was reacting confused her (frightened her, too, but she really wasn't about to admit that).

"Hey, Reala! Snap out of it!" What was going on?
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What were those strange noises Reala was making? The snarl she recognized (of course, Reala just wouldn't be Reala if he didn't threaten NiGHTS at least once in every conversation. He was acting strange; NiGHTS had never seen this happen before, and all she knew about this was that she didn't like it.

She had to get him out of here. She needed to get him somewhere safe, a place where there weren't people she knew staying, but where? She ignored her sibling's feeble efforts to push her away (how could Reala be weakened so?) and looked around, trying to think of something, anything that she could do.

"Hold on, Reala. It's going to be all right."
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NiGHTS caught Reala easily; whatever was wrong with him was serious, if Reala couldn't even be sarcastic. "Sometimes, Reala," NiGHTS replied, "Even you do." Look at the way he clung to Wizeman, after all - not physically, of course, no one would so much as dream of daring that (no pun intended, but it was true). Reala clung to Wizeman's ideals of a beautiful darkness covering the Night Dimension, of destroying the carnival of lights called Nightopia. And now Reala was clinging to his pride, not that that was anything new.

Only NiGHTS wouldn't let him do that... mostly. "Come on," NiGHTS murmured, taking Reala's hand so that it would look as if she was merely leading him somewhere. She tugged him in the direction of the Morem o Lisboa she had seen one day while exploring - she wasn't about to pull him towards Nina's or Ryuuzaki's hotel, even in the state he was in. She didn't, of course, know much about the area, but she knew that there were men and women who made odd noises and... it looked like they danced with people, but the shadows of their movements were so strange, even to NiGHTS, that she had never bothered to learn more about them.

"You're going to be all right."
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NiGHTS giggled at how grouchy Reala was - the only time he seemed happy was when he was causing others pain or otherwise being... well, Reala - but frowned to herself afterwards. Reala was obviously in pain if he couldn't mutter angrily about whatever shenanigans NiGHTS was up to, whether it be taking off her Persona, befriending Visitors or undermining Nightmare as a "harmless" prank. She continued flying, letting her sort-of brother use her for balance, and soon enough, they were at the Morem o Lisboa hotel.

Ignoring the odd noises of the flashy building near the hotel, not to mention the strange noises that occasionally reached the two Maren, NiGHTS hurriedly scooped a handful of jeweled plants off the ground and tugged Reala inside, hurriedly checking Reala in at the front desk. Grinning at the clerk, half-tempted to pull a face (but knowing this was not the time), NiGHTS pulled Reala along up some stairs and reached his room as quickly as she could.

Once inside, she pointed to the bed. "Get in." Wasn't that what Visitors did when they got sick or felt tired? Maybe it would work for Nightmaren, as well.
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NiGHTS made sure to keep a firm grip on Reala's hand as she tugged him along, alert for any signs of her fellow Maren losing his balance. Her iridescent eyes searched her almost-twin, searching for signs of what was wrong almost anxiously. "Reala..."

She didn't speak further for a few moments, knowing - for once - that arguing wouldn't help. She had never seen Reala like this, so... weak. This wasn't like him. Normally, he'd fight tooth and nail, no matter how injured he was - NiGHTS vividly recalled the feeling of Reala's claws, golden bone back then, digging sharply (painfully) into her arm, even though she had beaten Reala, even though he should have been unconscious.

It wasn't NiGHTS' favorite memory, of course, but it was the one that stood out at the moment, showing itself in sharp relief. And here Reala was, sitting, pain and utter confusion reflected in his eyes, and NiGHTS had no idea what to do.

Except... "Lie down, Reala. You need to rest."
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NiGHTS frowned, looking at Reala steadily. "Oh, cut it out. Even we need to rest occasionally." For NiGHTS, it was sometimes after battle, or Dualizing with a Visitor. But no fight had taken place, and Reala couldn't Dualize - and try as NiGHTS might, she couldn't, for the life of her, figure out what was wrong with Reala all of a sudden. Sure, Paixao was full of light, and Reala was a Nightmaren - but so was she, and JAckle, and they hadn't gotten sick.

The Maren didn't move or bat an eye at her not-brother's pain, thought she wanted to - it was so foreign to see Reala like this. "Stop being stubborn, Reala. The sooner you rest, the sooner you'll get better."

She hoped.
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Reala was up to something; that much NiGHTS could tell. He could rarely hide things from NiGHTS, just as NiGHTS found it difficult to hide anything from him. She smirked back. "Oh, I know what you're doing, Reala." He was always scheming; even during their battles, when Reala had been wounded, he had always tried to drag NiGHTS back to Nightmare, one way or another.

NiGHTS playfully poked Reala on the forehead, her eyes softening a fraction. Despite her misgivings, she was glad to have her not-quite sibling with her; annoying him would give her something to do when she was bored. But for now, Reala had to rest, and NiGHTS would stay by him until he had recovered.
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"You're up to something," NiGHTS laughed, "and don't pretend you aren't. C'mon, Reala, we could always tell what's going on between us." It might be pointless to play at being coy, but NiGHTS found it amusing anyway. Her smirk faded a bit when Reala didn't even try to hit her (just what was wrong with him?) but she kept her expression cheerful.

At least until Reala passed out. NiGHTS frowned to herself for an instant, then took on a neutral expression as she floated by Reala's side. She carefully removed the mask, lest it hurt Reala should he stir in his not-quite sleep, and set it on the dresser next to the bed. The Nightmaren planned to be gone before Reala awoke, but she didn't see any harm in making sure he didn't get any more hurt than he already was.

What a day this had been. NiGHTS kept her eyes fixed on her near-brother, her expression unreadable. Something was going to give soon, and she knew it.

Reala had to know it, too.