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What help do you care for [Active/Closed]

Character(s): Ma and Axel
Content: Oh, salvation! the form of Axel? Well, this is kind of familiar.
Setting: Hallway beyond Spira floor.
Time: Week 46. TIME DOESN'T MATTER IN HALLWAYS. ... I mean
Warnings: ...none?

After what felt like days and days, Ma finally found herself surfacing to a new place. She had popped out of the ground to get her bearings, only to stumble over the threshold of world floor and hallway, skidding across the pristine white floor.

"What on earth is this?" she asked, thumping a paw at the floor. Oh no. It was another kind of ground that she couldn't dig through! In fact, the entire hallway looked like a Meerkat Deathtrap. She glanced behind her, back towards the Spira floor, and sighed. No, she couldn't go back to that place. It was a miracle that she had made it out.

She stood and smoothed down her sides, toddling along through the hallway, eying the walls with caution. "What am I going to do...?" She thought about her journal, but everyone just seemed so occupied. She didn't want to be a bother.

She let out a small whine and flopped over onto her back, staring up at the ceiling.

All this white was really starting to get to her.

Oh, how did she get herself INTO these situations?