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Not as Planned [Complete]

Character(s): Laharl and Krichevskoy
Content: Laharl decides he's going to try making a door... Dad says NOPE.
Setting: The current highest floor
Time: Evening
Warnings: Laharl, Laharl, Laharl..

Flonne was gone.

He'd looked everywhere he could possibly think of. No one had spoken to her for days, no one had seen her for days, she was just... gone. He always knew that in a blink of an eye those around him could just vanish. Heck, it could even be him who did the vanishing. It was a fact of being here he couldn't ever really forget, but it had certainly not been foremost on his mind of late. He should have thought about it, he realized in hindsight. More and more people were disappearing lately. How many outsiders were there even left? It didn't feel like many.

He'd been here a long time, and he'd never seen this few a number of people. When people vanished, there always seemed to be someone new to fill the place, but it wasn't that way at all. What was happening?

Whether he should have expected it or not probably would not have eased the blow of Flonne's departure. The pain dug into his chest far harder than the last time he'd lost her. And it was worse this time with all the talk of all the worlds outside being gone and the like. It meant she might not even be back, safe in the Netherworld as they had all believed, but that just led to questions with no possible answers.

After awhile the pain in his chest gave way to anger. Anger at himself for failing her and anger for Xemnas and this whole situation. He was tired of feeling like a prisoner. He was tired of not being able to find a way back to the Netherworld--the REAL Netherworld. He was tired of losing people. He was tired of feeling like, once more, he'd been powerless to keep someone that mattered to him close.

There was only one thing he felt he could do right now: find the door to the next floor. If he could get to the top, he could find that Xemnas bastard and defeat him. Then hopefully they could get answers and he could find Flonne.

The problem was, however, finding the door. He had actually tried to look at the place, but he hadn't been sure where to even start. The floor looked like someone had taken a bunch of different chunks of buildings and places from different worlds and just glued them all together. Finding the door could take forever.

That's when the idea formed in his head. He'd always resisted the idea of trying to actually attack the castle itself. He hadn't wanted to bring the place down on top of them all, so the idea had been dismissed from his mind. Of course, he'd made that decision a long time ago. Things had changed. Now he had to wonder if it was possible. It wasn't like he would destroy the whole floor, he just needed a hole, that would lead to the next floor.

Of course, no one else seemed to like his idea. He should have known that no one would be behind him on this. He'd ended up tossing his journal aside, sick of their attempts at trying to convince him otherwise. Laharl wasn't going to let them talk him out of this.

He needed answers. He needed to find his vassals. Laharl was going to make a door.

Standing on that floor, he stared upwards, uncertain of what was about to happen, but either way he was going to try. Raising his arms, he began to gather his power.

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