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In Your Darkest Hour, Call to Me

Character(s): Ansem and Emizel
Content: A Heartless comes to do what he does best
Setting: Wherever Emizel is
Time: Midday
Warnings: Ansem :|b

Ansem was no stranger to loss. It was part of that which was life, and one of the things that most people could expect to experience. Of course, it hardly bothered him - why be bothered about the loss of one particular heart - but for those who still lived in the light? Oh, there were many ways to injure a heart and none of them more so than loss.

Thus, it should hardly have been a surprise when he came to Emizel. He knew darkness, and anger, and this was so clearly both, for all that he didn't announce his presence. He didn't see a need to, when he was fairly certain that Emizel would notice his presence in due time.
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While there may have been an array of possibilities to what could have happened, Emizel was only set on one: He took her. That god damn bastard took her. The timing was all too perfect for it to be nothing else. After all the Nobody made it quite clear he was going to take everything dear from him. Starting with Urd made perfect sense, but how far would it go? Was Valvatorez going to disappear next?

No, he wasn't going to allow that. No more people were going to get hurt or captured just because of him. As soon as Emizel got over the pain of--

"..." the demon felt it. It sure had been awhile the last time 'that' was around.

"You again," Emizel turned to the side. His voice sounded a bit dry, that strange blend of sorrow, anger, and hurt that some used when failing to hide all three.
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Emizel glared at him. It always did seem like Ansem appeared at the worse times, but even this was more than usual. But then considering what he was selling, there was no doubt it was all intentional from the start.

"Maybe," he snapped at him. He could already assume what Ansem was doing here, so he might as well cut more to the chase. "What did you want?"
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And there is where Ansem lost him.

"What? No I didn't," as far as Emizel was concerned he never asked for him at all.
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Emizel might have been a little more surprise if it weren't that others were apparently going through losses too. Perhaps there was something even bigger going on that he didn't realize. Though still, he didn't really want to answer that.

"What it is is none of your business," ... not unless he was involved somehow. But no, nobody was that stupid to kidnap someone and turn around to brag about it... were they?
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Oh there it was, just what he was waiting for. What this whole encounter was all about.

"I don't want your help," Ansem wasn't the only one avoiding explanations. Emizel didn't even need to back up what his reasons were so long as they were legit. It didn't even bother him if it did seem a bit foolish. Or at least, not too much.
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It may be foolishness due to pride more than anything. But no doubt Emizel had a few other concerns than just that.

"Of course I would."
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Well that was new. That black aura flaring up a bit and the horrible feeling that went with it. It brought back from unwanted memories of what Xemnas had done prior and that was more than enough to want it to stop.

Emizel clenched a hand to his chest and attempted to use willpower to hold the darkness back. Enough to lighten the aura, but he would have to do more to stop it completely.

"What are you..." he growled and used his other hand to get a staff. When in doubt, force was almost always the first thing demons turned to.
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Fear it? Maybe. It was different to the darkness he was used to. And that kind never bothered him at all, never had the reason to.

But the hate was much more personal than that. Emizel did not like the idea of somebody messing with him. Rather than a response back, he simply answered by torching Ansem. Maybe that would do it.
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Emizel did pause, but he was still irritated. He couldn't exactly do both things at once anyway. There had to be a better way to go about this.

Physically holding back darkness probably was stupid. What was there was there and there was nothing he could do about that. At least not in that way. And going by the last experience, staying calm and focused was the easiest way to prevent it from effecting him. Which he might need.

Slowly Emizel removed his hand and stood straight. He was going to have to ignore the presence and just try to endure it, hopefully this won't take long.

"I don't need to," with both arms free now, let's try that again. Jotting some ice around Ansem as a wall and attempting that fire again. Let's see him get out of that.
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From Emizel's angle it looked like a direct hit, which he felt quite proud of. That should teach him. Now it was a matter of time to wait for the steam to clear to see what sort of damage was done, it was one of the downsides of combining ice and fire together like that.

Instead the result couldn't possibly be more opposite. Emizel stepped back when he saw that Ansem still looked completely unscathed. And maybe more importantly, where did that shadow come from?
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Emizel freaked at how fast it was moving. Even when he tried there was no way he could have gotten out of the way ahead of time. It made him quite an easy catch over all.

"L-let.. GO!" he squirmed and tried to slip his way free, he was just the right size that it might've been a possibility. It was a little too unlikely though.
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Since getting lifted off the ground made him completely helpless now struggling even further would do nothing but wear him out faster. Instead he was stuck listening to Ansem's words, which like usual barely made sense.

"So what?" of course he had a connection to darkness, he was a demon. It was in their nature. Just maybe not all of them like this. Speaking of which though it was doing a fairly good job by not flaring anymore. Nor was Emizel even trying to push it back still. It was simply there, calm as it might ever be. Perhaps because Emizel's rage dwindled down to just... being simply annoyed.

"Why does it matter to you what I do with it?"
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Aside from a low growl Emizel didn't say much of anything, the darkness didn't quite move that much either. Perhaps Emizel thought the longer he resisted Ansem might get bored and leave him.

"... I'll get her back."

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