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Character(s): Ventus, Sora. Possibly open to others, but please ask for permission before joining in.
Content: Ventus returns to Paixao after a brief absence, more than slightly worse for wear.
Setting: On the outskirts of the city, near Vanaheim gate's location.
Time: Evening
Warnings: Very upset little Vensicle :c

He still couldn't move, as much as he struggled to break the ice that held him in place. It was taking too long, he knew it, but he had to keep trying. Aqua needed help. So did Terra. He wasn't just going to watch while they fought, while Vanitas tried...tried to...

No! He wasn't going to let that happen. He had to get up.

It was only when he reluctantly stopped to catch his breath that he realized he could no longer hear the sound of blows being exchanged nearby, or in the distance. That there was no longer a heart-shaped moon hanging in the sky. If he could turn his head more, he was sure that he would no longer see a dusty wasteland, either. This wasn't the Keyblade Graveyard.

This! How had he ended up back here, now of all times? If he was here, that meant that he couldn't get back. That meant...!

No, he tried to tell himself. When he went back, he had somehow picked up right where he left off, as if he had never come to Paixao at all. Yet somehow, telling himself that didn't quiet the panic he felt. What if this time was different? No, it wouldn't be, but...

"Aqua!" It was a strain to move his mouth, and it took effort to get the words out, but that didn't stop him. They weren't nearby anymore, but he had to try anyway. "Terra!"

They were still here, right? He just had to get up and go find them again.

But still, the ice refused to thaw.
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The voice that answered wasn't Terra or Aqua's. But Sora's. He ran towards the voice that had been calling out, only to gasp in shock when he found Ven frozen solid.

"What happened?!"