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standing in line to see the show tonight, and there's a light on. ( open / active )

Character(s) Jecht & OPEN
Content Sizing up the camp and its inhabitants before setting off.
Setting The encampment at first, though he plans to blow that popsicle stand.
Time Mid-afternoon.
Warnings None yet! Just a note; let's do this log party style so if anyone else wants to jump in in separate threads with Jecht, feel free!

Well the locals certainly didn't have any sympathy, or good manners in general to share -- Jecht had learned that pretty quickly. Aside from being called a hooligan to getting things thrown at him for 'indecent exposure' or something or other... they mostly seemed to try to stick to themselves, ignoring any foreigners in the process. It made getting information all the more troublesome.

"Sheesh, even Spira was more welcomin' than this place. An' they thought I was crazy," he muttered to himself, slinging his sword on his back again and setting out. There wasn't going to be anything gained by staying here anymore. It looked like it was getting to be time to set out and see what more this place had to offer.

"Might as well head for that Church I've heard tell about."
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Tidus had been wandering around, almost in a daze. He hadn't known what to expect after everything, but this...was nowhere near what he'd imagined. He certainly hadn't thought there would be other people. It was strange, too surreal, and he wiped at his eyes, often wondering if it was just another dream.

There was no one around he knew though, or so he thought. The word Spira didn't matter--that was Jecht, he knew it. He slowly looked, completely shocked and at a loss for words. He didn't know what to do. So he did what he usually did, and reacted in anger.

"What are you doing here?!"
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no don't worry X)

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"What's that supposed to mean?" The words came out defensive, even though there was no reason for them to be. As hard as Tidus tried, he still couldn't conceal the underlying curiosity. Standing at his full height, his fists were clenched at his sides.

"You make it sound like you've been waiting a while."
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Glaring, Tidus stayed rooted on the spot, raising his voice to give a retort he didn't quite feel. "Last time I checked, I was faster than you." His expression fell when Jecht turned away, and he did begin to follow him. By making sure there were several yards between them.
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At first, there was no retort. He eyed the damage, trying to ignore the tiny desire he felt about asking what happened. The place was a wreck. It felt alien and familiar all at once. He shook his head. Maybe he would ask, but it wouldn't be Jecht. He replied dryly. "I think I'll stay here."
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"Organization?" Tidus slightly resented having to ask Jecht, his pride causing it to But more then that, he resented not knowing. He couldn't just walk around, with no idea about what was going on. Or, he could, but it would make things difficult.

"A group with as vague a name as the Organization doesn't stand a chance. Has anyone gone after them?" Translation: did Jecht?