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your bridges are burning down ( open / active )

Character(s) Jecht & OPEN
Content A return to the broken city with some new memories... and missing some old ones.
Setting Elysian Fields → Niflheim Gate
Time Mid-morning.
Warnings None yet!

With his zweihander slung across his back, Jecht walked towards what looked like it had once been an entrance to... somewhere -- but now, it only looked piles of rocks and junk. Some of the blond-haired bystanders paused to glare at him as he passed, causing him to arch an eyebrow in their direction. "Yeesh, what's with the hostility?" he muttered to himself, as he trudged forward, looking for a better view.

As he closed in on what seemed to be some sort of gate, he paused, looking outwards at all the destruction. A sharp whistle blowing past his lips as he took it all in. "Looks like someone had one heck of a brawl..."
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A brawl would have been putting it mildly. Though Saïx didn't much care much one way or the other about the state of the city (it was regrettable, but he hadn't the care to worry about it over the general stability of the Castle at large), there'd been something a bit larger than a brawl that had taken place. Especially given the sheer amount of destruction that had ensued. The city had been by no means small; the sort of brawl that would have been required to destroy this much of it would have been nearly catastrophic in its scope.

"More than a mere brawl," he commented, with the slightest of shrugs. If there was no real reason for him to be present at all, that was hrdly his concern. (That fact that he wasn't wearing the coat of the Organization, on the other hand, was simply the product of long habit.)
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Out of hand would be putting it mildly, regardless of the truth of the situation. The mention of a war, on the other hand, was something else entirely. It was perhaps accurate in potential, but at the moment there certainly wasn't anything outright. Thus, the odds were it was simply something from the other's world and as such not much of a concern.

"I didn't," he answered, apparently unconcerned by the adjustment of Jecht's stance and the lowered gaze that accompanied it.
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It wasn't meant to be an answer that was well-liked. Saïx didn't particularly care enough to offer up that much consideration for other people. It was, however, the truth. Though he had no real doubt that the question had been intended more as a way to ask at his name, he hadn't once mentioned it, and wasn't about to do so unless it became particularly necessary.

"In a manner of speaking."
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There was a moment of silence before Saïx spoke again. For all that he was heartless at the best and cold-hearted besides, he supposed that it couldn't truly hurt to offer something about the nature of the world.

"One of the previous visitors destroyed the city that used to be here," he answered, with a tone of voice that suggested was really only a minor inconvenience at the best. "Beyond that, this is merely one floor in a castle."
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"Unless you'd prefer to stay here," Saïx answered, with a disinterested shrug. What did it matter to him if someone chose to remain in the ruins of a city? It might not have been a particularly lovely choice, but people had done stranger things.
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To be perfectly honest, Saïx hasn't had much reason to visit the other floors, much less any real interest in subjecting himself to what he might find. That said, he'd made at least something vaguely resembling an attempt to visit the worlds that seemed the most likely to attract visitors.

"On occasion," he answered, with a half-hearted shrug.
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"That would be the general assumption," Saïx answered with a noncommittal shrug. It wasn't his place to concern himself with what people thought about any of the worlds, and he certainly wasn't about anything resembling a flicker of concern. He didn't even to bother to offer anything more than the slightest of nods at Jecht's wave, but that was at least better than nothing.
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"Enjoy your stay," Saïx answered, before turning as if to head off somewhere else. Though he might have had answers to any and all of Jecht's suspicions, he would offer nothing else without being asked further. Such was life, after all. Nothing was free, and he was no mind reader, to know what lurked in the thoughts of any given person.

Honestly, it was probably just as well, all things considered.