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Defeat looks different this time around. [Open/Active]

Character(s):Ganondorf, anybody else who feels like poking at him.
Content: Ganondorf arrives in Paixao
Setting: Vanaheim gate
Time: Week 38
Warnings: Face stabbing?

Defeated by a child, no less. You’d think he’d get used to this. Ganondorf stared up at the deluge falling from the sky and a hysterical laughter clawed its way up his throat. It was funny really; how close he’d come to succeeding. He couldn’t help but laugh. Laugh at the absurdity of it all. Laugh up until the Hero of Winds launched himself up and lodged the Master Sword in the gem on Ganondorf’s forehead. Laugh until it all went dark.
The next time Ganondorf opened his eyes he expected to see nothing but the darkness of the shadow realm. He pushed himself up and froze as he got a good look around. Instead he was quite surprised to find himself staring up at an ornate gate that looked to be made of two fruit trees, leading into a giant dome. Nowhere in Hyrule were there structures like this one. It was gigantic. He could fit Hyrule palace in that dome if he wanted to; and then some. This was definitely not the shadow realm.
He stepped forward, making his way toward the gate, till he heard a quiet cough slightly behind him, and turned. How had he not noticed the small man standing there? The man quickly stepped up to him and pushed a smallish black object, a journal, into Ganondorf’s hand while saying, “Welcome to Paixao,” before gesturing towards the gate and walking through himself.
Ganondorf stared after the strange man with a slightly perplexed expression on his face. So, this place is called Paixao… It didn’t sound like a word from any language he knew of. This place…This world was almost overwhelmingly strange. Still, standing here, staring at the domes wasn’t going to get him anywhere and so, he took his first steps into the domes of Paixao.

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Despite his friends tending to stay put, Simba has taken to exploring as much of Paixao as he could. Today, he just so happened upon the area of the Vanaheim gate. Perfectly in time to see someone else with the same expression he had when he first got here.

Ganondorf was pretty strange-looking, even for a human (though Simba was wondering if he might be some other kind of monkey or ape), but Simba couldn't really help himself. "Hey. You're new, right? Need any help?"

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"The name's Simba," he answered, smiling and blissfully ignorant at just how weird it is for a lion to have humanesque expressions. "I'm really new, too, so I don't know a lot, but I can probably at least show you somewhat around."

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"Well, they call this whole place something like pie-show. It's a pretty strange place, since it's like... a really big cave. Sort of," he explains, to the best of his ability. Given his experience in being nothing other than a lion, he doesn't quite have the reference needed to really come up with relevant similes. "This area is one of the gates you get in through. I've been told that it's not really a good idea to leave them."

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"It's all really strange, yeah. I arrived not too long ago, myself, though I came through a different gate," Simba explained, looking around with him. It's still quite a bit removed from anything he had ever seen in his life. It's true - lions are still lions.

"What do you mean, deliberate?"

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"So you're saying that somehow, someone took us from our homes and brought us here? I didn't even think of that..." Simba frowns, looking concerned, that oddly human-like face showing all of his worry. He wasn't very good at masking his emotions.
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"If there's someone responsible, then they need to be held accountable. Taking animals from their homes is unacceptable. There's no way it's not upsetting the Circle of Life," Simba says, recovering fairly well from the surprise. "I wouldn't know who or what could have that kind of power, but if I did, I would start looking for them immediately."