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Simba's Introduction [Active]

Character(s): Simba; Open to anyone!
Content: Simba enters Paixao for the first time. As far as he knows.
Setting: Muspelheim Gate
Time: Afternoon? Week 37
Warnings: Excessive exposure to Disney N/A

Not that he really understood what a 'gate' is. Though incredibly suspicious, he agreed to come inside as instructed, taking the strange object that was offered to him and carrying it in his mouth. He made a face at the snowfall, not understand what that was all about, either.

Unfortunately, with a full mouth, there wasn't much in the way of being able to ask where the heck he was, let alone what was going on and what were those strange animals walking on their back legs. So he settled on trying to explore and find the answers through observation.

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Pumbaa wasn't really sure why he'd decided to leave the apartment today when it was still snowing outside, or why he'd gone to the gate either. Then again, he wasn't exactly sure how he'd gotten to the gate. He thought he was going toward the middle of the city, not the outside. Maybe he should've brought Timon along...

But wait. Was that a lion he just saw over there? With orange fur? And a red mane?

"Simba, is that you?!" The warthog called out, almost jumping forward with excitement. Luckily, the snow was keeping most of the crowds inside...

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The warthog trotted over to Simba happily.

"Uh...I'm not really sure what I'm doing here, Simba," Pumbaa admitted, a little sheepishly. Then he looked back up at his buddy. "But shouldn't you know what you're doing here?"

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"You haven't?" The warthog can't help but look confused. "Are you sure? You were here just a few weeks ago."

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"Yeah! You were here with me an' Timon, and then you disappeared. Kovu and Kiara went looking for you, and so did the two of us, but we couldn't find you anywhere."

It never occurred to Pumbaa for even a brief moment that this Simba may not have been here before. He hadn't met anyone yet who'd left Paixao and come back without remembering anything.

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"You don't know who Kovu and Kiara are?" That stumped Pumbaa for a second. He knew that you could get to the Pride Lands through that weird place way outside the city, but if Simba didn't remember Kovu and Kiara, then that must mean...

"Maybe you really have never been here before. I should show you how to use your journal!" The sudden enthusiasm was joined by a big, beaming grin.

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"Yeah! You can use it to talk to people anywhere!" Pumbaa got side by side with Simba, so he could start poking at the journal with one of his hooves. The first thing he did was turn it on.

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"You can use this thing to talk to people even if they aren't there! It's really neat!" He poked at another button. "You say something into it after you hit the right buttons, and then someone else can say something back!"

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"We're in Paixao, Simba!" Pumbaa answers, not losing any enthusiasm. "Uh...I dunno why it's so cold though. This white stuff has been around since you left last time. Uh...the you that was here before but isn't you. ...I think."

The warthog paused for a moment. "My head hurts."

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"Oh, we should try to find Timon. He's much better at showing people around than I am. He's been here longer. Oooooo, he'll be so happy to see you!" Pumbaa could barely contain his excitement. His best friend was back!

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"Gee Simba, I don't think I kept very good track. I've been here for a long time, but Timon says he's been here forever."

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By the time Pumbaa had thought to say anything to Simba about how long they'd been here, he'd forgotten what they were really talking about, so he thought of something different to talk about instead.

"The cold's not gonna bother you too much, is it Simba? It'll be a lot warmer once we get to the apartment." He stopped after taking a few more steps, and looked around.

"If I can remember how to get there...Maybe we should see if Timon can come and find us instead."

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"Yeah! Timon should know where we are if we tell him what that place you came in looks like!"

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"WHy don't you try to use it? You'll get to talk to Timon yourself that way."