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Character(s): Shenzi and anyone
Content: An injured Shenzi is wandering around looking for a good place to rest.
Setting: All around Paixao
Time: Week 32 after her fight with Zira.
Warnings: None for the moment

Stupid, stupid lioness. Shenzi scowled, limping down the long alleyways. This entire place made her uneasy. It felt like there was too much around her, and that she was constantly being crowded or harassed somehow. The hyena stopped and sat down next to a doorway and took a moment to lick her wounds again. The ones on her shoulder were bleeding particularly bad, and she was starting to worry about it. The others on her stomach and legs were only slightly better, she took a moment to lick them too.

She sighed and watched the humans walk past the alley. Shenzi didn't understand any of this, she should be home at the Pridelands making sure that Banzai and Ed didn't kill each other, and keeping her Clan in line. Whether Scar was here or not, it didn't change the fact that she didn't belong here in Paixao.

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Flying around the city, eyes and ears open for any opportunity to be sought for his gain, it begun as any ordinary sort of day for Naesala. It would be easy to notice what looked like a man with very large black wings on his back.

It would be just as easy for him to spot the animal licking its wounds and stop on occasion to see the humans passing by. On laguz standards it looked small. This was also a sort that looked canine, but not of any dog that he'd seen where he came from...

Out of curiosity and self interest, he decided to land on a sidewalk across the street from the wounded canine. Since this was an unknown, it would be sensible to keep a distance away. He thought more of the beast more than himself. In doing so, it would do neither of them any good for him to be close. He wouldn't blame her for being in a bad mood over losing a fight.

As for the blonde humans, AKA the featherless chickens as he's thought of them, the closest gaped up at Naesala and started to scatter. Their skittish reactions provided the space necessary for him to lower himself onto the sidewalk. Whoever else was moving away were tuned out. His focus was toward the subject of interest.