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Character(s): Mufasa and Simba!
Content: Let's get our bond on.
Setting: Near where he arrived. (Yes, this is that late. I am so sorry. ;-; )
Time: Early Evening (Week 32)
Warnings: There might be a lecture or two. We'll see.

There was no point in getting caught on the particulars. At least not yet. Mufasa had more than his fair share to deal with in the near future. But, for now, his entire focus was on Simba's arrival. His grown son would surely make up for the horrible deeds of his murderous, back-stabbing brother.

Lifting his head, the great lion stood his ground, his senses perked for any sign of Simba. Part of him was afraid. After catching the cub - no lion - in the Elephant Graveyard, Mufasa feared how far Simba would go to have some fun. He simply could not - and would not - risk his son getting hurt - much less killed.

If there was any sign of danger, he would run to Simba's aid. This new land was...strange - eerily so. Mufasa didn't know what to expect. Therefore he was determined to stay on his toes for his family's - and his pride's - sake.

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