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It's Another Log with Lions! [Complete!]

Character(s): Simba, Zira, and later Kovu
Content: I'm sadistic and Simba's going to have his ass handed to him by Zira. Kovu to the rescue!!!
Setting: I think the park sounds nice...
Time: Sunset-ish?
Warnings: Violence, violence, and maybe some violence.

Simba walked over to the park and found a nice spot to sit down and watch the ceiling of the dome dim until little points of light imitating the starts would start to shine. He had yet to talk to Nala, whatever she wanted to speak to him about, and there was still the growing concern of both this anti-lion team gathering in Paixao and Simba's uncle and his mate. Ever since he had appeared in this cursed place, more and more issues seemed to come out of the blue and pile on his shoulders.

Coming to the park and watching the ceiling wasn't as nice as watching an actual sunset, but it would do for now. Simba had to get his thoughts cleared up, and since there were never too many people around here, especially at this time, this was the perfect place to do it. He laid on his back now, watching the dome's ceiling slowly turn from oranges and pinks to deep blue.

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Zira had been stalking the city and scouting the layout in her own way. As it was, she was contemplating the arrival of Vitani along with what to do with Kovu. The mere fact that he defied her still rattled her cage. Zira would not have it! The boy owed her his life for keeping him alive in their exile and training him as hard as she did. The boy was to be the perfect killer and follow in her beloved mates pawprints like he was meant to. Zira would have it no other way!

As she passed through the shadows a scent caught her attention. The scent was one that immediately caused her to veer off her course, self appointed mission forgotten as she tracked through the shadows to find the origin.

There! Simba! A vicious grin found its way to her muzzle as she watched him. He was completely unaware. This was perfect! The prime opportunity for her revenge! Zira would not rest until he was gasping his dying breath with her fangs buried in his throat! As she moved, she made sure to stay down wind. There was no need to alert the brute after all.

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He was moving! Her body was tense as she readied to attack, her claws digging into the dirt to launch herself forward. There were a few more moments where she waited for the prime opportunity....


Zira rushed forward, fangs bared and claws ready as she attacked from the side, plowing into the larger male with claws and fangs aiming to kill.

She wanted him down! Zira was guided by her pure hatred of this beast! The one that caused her so much pain... the one that killed her mate! The one that exiled her and her cubs to a land that not even the hyena's wanted!

Even though Zira had Scar back now, she still wanted Simba dead.

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Distance was not something she was going to let him get. Zira let his paw slam into her, catching her in the shoulder as she snapped at She didn't care if she got injured just as long as he did as well.

Zira was being relentless before she suddenly let go and circled around him to attack from the other side.

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Despite her skills as a huntress, even Zira wasn't strong enough to resist getting knocked back by the larger male. So she skidded and twisted to avoid the claws to the face and vital areas of her neck only to get caught across the shoulder blade again and down her side. The marks didn't feel too deep but then again she was working on pure adrenalin now.

Claws dug into the ground as she launched herself into him again this time aiming for his back, where he couldn't reach her and digging in claws as she tried to bite through his thick mane.

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Kovu was used to smelling Simba around every once in a while by now. Not too often, but enough that it wasn't out of the ordinary, and it had stopped surprising him. Things with Simba weren't...well they weren't perfect, but they were getting better. Way better than they'd ever been in the Pride Lands, that was for sure.

Another scent caught his attention. A scent that he had never wanted to smell again, especially not here. And especially not while Simba was around. "!" he whispered as he took off, not giving Kiara enough time to ask him where he was going.

He raced to find his mother before she could do any harm to Simba, but before he could even see them he heard roaring. He was too late. Zira's claws raked into Simba's back right in front of Kovu's eyes.

"SIMBA!" he shouted, leaping into the fray to try to pry Zira off. He aimed right for her shoulders to get her head--and teeth--away from Simba as quickly as possible, before she had a chance to do any more damage.

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Somehow Zira managed to hang on as Simba flipped over onto his back, pinning her beneath him. Yet still she didn't let go! The lioness continued to dig claws and fangs into the male wanting nothing more than for him to die!

When she thought she was just about to get her long awaited victory something started to pry her away from her prey and eventually off of Simba. Whever this was was going to pay!

Zira roared as she was pulled completely away. Now that he body was free she managed to twist enough to claw at the unknown lion's face. There was so much adrenalin racing through her system that she had barely begun to feel the pain her own injuries were going to cause her. That would come later! She would take on both males if she had to!
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When Kovu suddenly took off without a word, Kiara had just sat there a good few long moments, confused. Had... she said something? She'd just been starting to ask about finding something to eat. Surely that wouldn't have-- Then a familiar scent caught her attention. That was... Simba? But that other scent... Oh no. No, no!

Kiara shot off in the direction Kovu had run, her paws not moving nearly fast enough. She arrived just to see her father collapse as Kovu went after his mother.

The scent of blood, made her freeze in her step, as her world suddenly seemed to be threatening to fall out from under her paws. Of course, she thought the worst. It was hard not to. No! She couldn't lose him! Not like this. He couldn't... "No! Daddy!"

She wasn't sure when she'd started to move again, but she had, approaching her father, frightened of what she would find. The smell was worse as she got close; it made her feel sick to her stomach. "Daddy? --Simba?" she managed to correct herself.
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"AGH!" A claw raked across Kovu's left eye, digging deep and drawing blood. His head was pushed back by the force of it, throwing his mane backward too. He leveled his gaze at his mother, growling fiercely.

"Leave. Simba. Alone." There was no doubt in Kovu's voice. The pain in his eye was all but ignored, but after running so hard and the effort of pulling his mother off Simba, his breathing was labored.

A single drop of blood ran down his cheek.

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"Never. I will not rest until he is dead!"

The voice speaking to her didn't register right away as she snapped at the male before trying to pull away to attack Simba again. She didn't even recognize that Kiara was there. She just wanted to finish him off!

Of course, once things did start registering in her mind, she was staring at her youngest cub with a scar across his eyes reminiscent of her mates. The thought made a sadistic grin come to her muzzle. Which, was creepy considering the blood on her muzzle.

"Now there is no denying your destiny now Kovu! You look exactly like my dear Scar."
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Kovu's cry caught her attention briefly, but a glance showed him still on his feet and speaking to his mother. She hoped he'd be okay, but her father's words returned her gaze to him.

Blood. He seemed to be bleeding badly. "I followed Kovu... I-I'm not leaving you!" she said, with stubborn determination. As much as she resembled her father, she was just as much her mother's daughter too. She couldn't imagine leaving him now. He... he was bleeding.
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"I already told you, I want nothing more to do with him!" Kovu growled again, and advanced toward his mother, keeping his composure strong. "And I won't let you hurt Simba!"

The scar...he would have to worry about it later. Right now, Simba was more important. And if that meant that he would have to fight his mother...then so be it.

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At his words, Zira growled, fangs bared as she stood her ground. The ebbing pain of her own wounds were starting to catch up to her and still she refused to abandon her 'mission'. She was so close! Even with Kovu standing in the way she refused to give up.

"It's your destiny!"

With little warning she charged her youngest cub, fangs and claws bared. Even so, her breath was on the labored side. Now the world around her was narrowed down to just her and Kovu. She would make him fit the role he was meant to play!
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"I won't! Please, keep your eyes open!" she begged gently, nudging his shoulder, but it didn't seem to be helping. She could feel tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, as she could see her father's eyes closing.

"Daddy...? Daddy!!"

Her calls appeared to be falling on deaf ears, however. She nudged him again and even tried to gently tug his ear, but it seemed it was all in vain. Frightened for her father's life, Kiara was uncertain what to do, other than do her best to protect him and help Kovu--though she wasn't sure what she could do in that regard either.

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"I will never kill Simba!!" Kovu roared as his mother charged him.

He reached out with both forelegs, catching her around her neck as he shoved his whole weight into her, intending to knock her back hard enough to keep her from getting back up.

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His response drew a roar from her that was suddenly cut short as his block connected and sent her sliding back. There was a few moments of her staying down before slowly pushing herself up with her front paws and growling as pain crept over her body.

No no no! Her goal was so close! She would murder Kovu if that was what it took! Nothing would stand in her way not even her own cubs! They were her tools they should NOT disobey her!

"Is this how you repay your mother!? You're betraying your own pride! You are exactly like Scar whether you like it or not Kovu."
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"He's NOTHING like Scar!"

Tears still drizzling down her cheeks, Kiara was standing protectively before her father. Her attention was back on Zira and Kovu, as it seemed there was nothing she could do for her father.
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"...Kiara!" Kovu whipped his head around to look at her out of the corner of his eye, and saw Simba lying motionless. With a growl he looked back at Zira.

"She's right, Mother. I am nothing like him. And I never will be."

Another roar, and Kovu pounced, extending his claws so he would be able to grab hold and force her to the ground.

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When Kiara spoke, it drew her attention just long enough to distract her as Kovu roared. Moments later she found herself pinned as claws dug in to her fur.

Her own roar spilled forth as she struggled against him.

"Oh you will be! I will make sure of it."
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Kovu strengthened his hold, her struggling making his claws dig in even deeper.

"Stop, Mother. It's over."

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"I will never stop! It will never be over."

She continued to struggle as she started to grow weaker, the fight starting to take its toll on her before she was finally left pinned beneath her youngest son. Zira could feel his claws dig deep into her flesh, making her smirk. Yes, he would be just like her beloved Scar or he would die by her claws.

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Kovu didn't let up. "Yes, it is."

He forced his weight onto his front paws suddenly, trying to knock the breath out of her. He had her pinned...with just a flash of his fangs, it could all be over.

But...she was still his mother.

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The sudden addition of weight made her increase her struggling for a few moments Zira found it harder to breathe. After several moments her struggling began to lesson as her breath became labored before she finally passed out, limp beneath his paws.

Her head even lolled to the side a bit, an easy target if he dared.
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Slowly Kiara approached, realizing Zira had closed her eyes. Had Kovu...? No, he wouldn't. And as she thought, he hadn't. She could still see Zira's chest raising and falling slightly. She was just passed out. Thank goodness! Although, she might not be out long.

They needed to get her father out of here fast.


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Kovu's shoulders rose and fell each time he drew a breath. The fight was over, but adrenaline still had him on edge.

He looked back at Kiara, and took a step toward her, head hung low and tilted to the left just enough that she couldn't see the wound his mother had inflicted.

"Let's get him out of here...before she wakes up." Without waiting for Kiara, he went over to Simba and scooped the unconscious lion onto his back, heaving him up with only a little effort. It was just like he'd done with Kiara in the fire.
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Kiara looked on him worriedly. She wanted to comfort him, but there was no time. They needed to get her father away from here fast.

"Y-yeah... Where should we go?" she asked him, coming up beside him, just happening to choose his right side to walk on. She wasn't sure what to do to save her father. "That, um, apartment?"

That seemed like the best place to go since Timon would likely be there. Timon seemed to know a lot about this place and a lot of the people. Maybe he'd know what to do.

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"...Yeah. It should be safe there." There was barely any emotion in Kovu's voice. He made sure that Simba's limp body would stay on his back, and motioned with a slight incline of his head that Kiara should lead the way.