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Don't let the bedbugs bite (Active/Open)

Character(s): Reala, Timon, open to anybody else.
Content: Reala angry. REALA SMASH. >| Timon sucks at timing.
Setting: Ceu de Moraria
Time: Afternoon.
Warnings: Violence? Mindgames? I'unno.

How could she? How DARE she?! After all Master Wizeman had done for her, after all they..... the nerve! And acting concerned like that, hovering over him, taking off his Persona..... He wouldn't have it. He wouldn't!

But he was damned if anything even remotely worth his time and attention had appeared yet, even if he had stalked some of the city looking for suitable prey. These damned Visitors were all the same, all sheep that would stampede in an ungainly flight for their pathetic lives when he tried to stir some interesting response out of them. Useless, bleating insects. Not one of them had the brains or personality for anything but run-of-the-mill terror. Surely there must be some interesting prey here, someone worthy of his attentions? He would be glad for a little resistance to push against, a bit of spirit to utterly crush. He'd even like different screaming, at the very least.... It all sounded the same from these golden-haired fools, barely changing no matter whether they were men or women, young or old. The same tone and pitch, the same volume and length, the same inflection and expression.... It was as if it were rehearsed. Pre-recorded, even. What, had they mass-produced screams and sealed them into each and every Visitor here, to be pumped out at the push of a button? He deserved better than this!

And so Reala waited, and so he watched, at the only building in this wretched city tasteful enough for someone of his rank and stature: Ceu de Moraria. Reala sat perched over the front entrance, brooding like some grotesque gargoyle made flesh.
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Timon had been worried since separating from Simba, but his concern, for once, did not center on himself. Paixao was full of all kinds of weirdos, most of which the meerkat found he had the poor fortune of bumping into. And though the lion could clearly take care of himself, considering his age and all that Timon had taught him, he still could not help but feel a twinge of doubt. He had been kidnapped once before, what prevented the Organization from taking him again?

Chewing his lip, the meerkat pressed on. His friend would be fine; it wasn't as though he was alone. He had gone to meet his friends who, as far as he had seen, looked more than capable of holding their own.

... Though, it wouldn't hurt to check if Simba had made it there safely.

No. Simba would tell him if something had happened. He had to trust him. Besides, he was starting to remind himself of his mom.

Shaking the thought away, he opened his journal to view his map. By the looks of it, he had stumped upon Ceu de Moraria. "An opera house, hu?" he asked himself, looking up at the glass structure curiously. "Well, it's not really my kinda thing, but I suppose I could shower the audience with a little of my talent."

He ran through a list of possible songs he could sing as he approached the entrance. Most of his songs were unfit for such a theater, opera never really being his forte. Though that did not mean he did not enjoy listening to it. He accepted almost every form of...

Suddenly, Timon came to a halt. Something didn't feel right, and it wasn't his lunch.
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Closing his journal, his eyes surveyed the building. There was definitely someone here, someone watching. Though, he hadn't the slightest idea who, it didn't make the thought any more comforting. His heart began to race at this thought. Maybe he should have mentioned to someone where he was. Heck, even ask someone to join him. Surely someone would have agreed to accompany him.

The meerkats eyes widened at the animated figure slowly descending toward him. Almost immediately he drew back, ready to run as fast as his little legs could carry him. However, once the shadowed figure had fully revealed itself, this feeling passed. A new wave of relief fell over him, causing him to let out a sigh.

Oh, thank the Circle of Life. This obviously wasn't an alleged member of the Organization. Why, they didn't smell anything like them. And here he got himself all worked up...

"You startled me, that's all." he replied, slouched over with his paw clutching his chest, just over his heart. "It's not nice to sneak up on people like that, you know! Whaddya tryin' to do, give a guy a heart attack? -not that I was actually scared or anything."

Raising himself upright, Timon looked up at Nightmaren curiously. He really wanted to catch the sparkles that seemed trailed behind him, but restrained himself by planting both his paws on his hips.

"What were you doing up there anyway?"

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Hopping from roof-top to roof-top while attempting to look up at the fabulous paintings and patterns on the underside of the domes was a hazardous venture, but it didn't stop Obito from trying to do both at once. He'd glance up at the domes, then at the buildings in front of him, then up at the domes mid-jump, then down again, narrowly avoiding tripping. It was in this pattern that he noticed a dome that was even more attention-grabbing, as things tend to get when you light them up. An involuntary "Oooooh!" left his lips as he spotted the fanciest thing he'd ever seen.

Making a dome that big was hard enough, but how the heck did anyone make one out of GLASS?! He considered for a moment but decided against jumping to it like he had all the other buildings. It was glass after all, what if he broke it? There was no way he could pay for something like that and even if he could, it would be just plain embarrassing.

Taking all this into account, he decided to land in front of it, because it also had a very fancy entrance anyway, and examine it closer. As he landed, however, he saw something even more interesting than the building. "OH MY GOD!" he shouted excitedly, running up the steps. "You're freaking flying!" Difficult as it was to pull his eyes away from the sparkly doll-like person floating above the steps, he did glance down to see where the jester was looking and spotted the other person who had escaped his notice due to his small stature. "Hey! You're Timon! You really are a cat-dude-thing!" his body was overflowing with so much excitement at the wonders in front of him by that point that he was literally bouncing.
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Timon raised a brow as he listened to Reala, the corner of his mouth inching upward in amusement. The jester had a point, thing were boring when so alarmingly similar. Citizens seemed no different from one another aside from perhaps gender and occupation... And maybe a few other things too, but that wasn't the point. He nodded in agreement before suddenly coming to a halt and frowning.

Distressed, him? What a ridiculous concept. At least, at the moment it was. The meerkat would have loved to enlighten Reala by explaining how wrong his observation was, however, the meerkat was not given the chance. Out of what seemed like thin air, a boy suddenly appeared, and a very excited boy at that. It didn't appear that he would let his arrival go unnoticed.

Switching his glance between Obito and Reala, Timon chuckled at the boys reaction to Reala's flying ability. What made it even more amusing was the Nightmaren's 'enthusiastic' response. He quickly looked away from the two, doing his best to refrain from laughter. Then, he heard his name.

Looking back up at the bouncing ninja in confusion, a smirk soon found itself across his lips. "Uh... Yeah, that's me." he replied, finding himself further amused by the boys energy. And though Timon couldn't say he appreciated being called a 'Cat-Thing', it certainly beat Rat-Thing any day. None the less, he was sure to correct the boy. "To be more exact, I'm meerkat, not a cat-thing."

Turning his gaze back to Reala, the rodent could only guess that he had been referring to him as a little dreamer. Of course, as far as Timon was concerned, he was anything but that. “Little dreamer?” he repeated questioningly. “You got me all wrong! Just ‘cause I’m small don’t think I gotta keep my dreams that way. I’ve got plenty of big ideas.”

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"Ah! Gomen! Meerkat! What's a meerkat, huh? I don't think there are any in Fire Country!" Obito continued to bounce, this was all far too exciting to contain within a stoic ninja-like facade. Not that he could ever manage one of those. "Hey! Hey! People say you're, like, the guy and you know everything, or, well, a yellow mouse-dude told me that anyway. How come you know so much? Are you, like, from here instead of just popping up like most of us?"

Obito's attention was pulled back to the clown by his question. He assumed that the clown was talking to him, after all, it wasn't the first time he'd been called a 'dreamer.' It happened pretty often, actually, or rather, it was more commonly put to him as 'in your dreams.' "Not much, just exploring! This place is like an awesome dream or something! Oh wait, was he talking to you?" Obito paused for a moment in confusion before he remembered something. He did kind of have something to do. "Oh! Hey! I'm kinda looking for my cousin, do you guys know him at all? His name's Uchiha Itachi and Zetsu-san told me he was here! I'm kinda looking for him, but he hasn't answered the message I sent him."
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"Eh..." Leaning away from the hyperactive ninja, Timon rubbed his chin in thought. He knew his explanation would have to be simple in order for the boy to understand. "Well, they're a small, burrowing mammal related to the mongoose. Our long tails help us balance so we can stand on our hind legs unlike other animals. We're probably one of the more superior animals where we come from, even if we do live under a rock."

Mumbling the last bit, he clapped his paws together and smiled at Obito. "But that's not important. What is, is that your little mouse friend was right! I do know everything. -well, almost everything. There are some fine details I'm a little hazy on myself, but generally I'm your go to kat. After bein' here so long, I guess I've just picked things up. I'm not from here either."

Blinking in response to the boys question, the meerkat shared a look of confusion. The jester hadn't exactly been clear as to who he was talking to, had he? "I don't know, maybe he was talking to you." This time he would let him reply to Reala's question without interruption.

"Uchiha Itachi?" Timon repeated the name Obito had mentioned in thought. "The name rings a bell... I haven't seen or heard from 'em in awhile though."

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"Ahaha, well, see, I just wrote in my journal yesterday that this place is kinda like a dream because it's all shiny and weird and stuff and then I said that the only thing missing was a scary clown and now that's settled too!" Obito laughed, loud and gleeful, before his expression turned to annoyance about Itachi's continued absence. "Maaaaan! People tell me he's here but I can't find him at all! Maybe I should post on that message-board thingy again..."