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Somewhere over which rainbow? [active]

Character(s): Lorne and Anyone Else
Content: Lorne Arrives
Setting: Joutenheim gate
Time: Late Morning
Warnings: Death and Singing

The room smelled heavily of death. The smell was hot and wet, it stuck to the inside of you so you could taste it. Funny that the smell of death should seem so.. alive. As he stepped in the door, Lorne could see the bodies around him, all beaten and broken. Only Lindsey was left standing, he and looked as though little was wrong with him. In fact, he looked pretty comfortable standing at the sink, washing the blood from his hands. Lindsey turned back to watch Lorne enter the room.

"Those guys were chumps," Lindsey said, a satisfied smile on his face.

"Now they're chunks. Demon strength or no, you're quite the master swordsman."

"Well, I could have done it without that high note in MacArther Park."

A sad smirk crossed Lorne's lips, breaking the grimace he had been wearing. "Slays'em every time."

"Any word from the team?" Lindsey asked as he dried his hands.

"For all I know, we are the rest of the team. I haven't heard squat"

"That's weird," Lindsey said, apparently in thought. His eyes were turned towards his handy work on the floor, but they were unfocused. Lorne could make out small flecks on colour in the man's aura, but it wasn't strong enough to read.

"They'll call"

Lindsey turned his face back towards Lorne, pulled away from his private thoughts. "No, I mean me saying "team", and meaning it. I kind of like the feeling."

Lorne could feel a bit of guilt in his stomach at this words. This man was standing here.. speaking of a team.. All he could manage was.. "yeah, today."

"You really done with them?"

"It isn't my kind of work anymore. It's," he paused, feeling the taste of bile at the back of his throat," unsavoury."

"Gee, I think it's just getting interesting"

And he did too. Lorne could see Lindsey's excitement in his aura. It was strong enough that he could make it out without any singing. It was bright and shimmering. Lindsey finally felt he knew where he belonged, and that made this even worse.

"Yeah, I bet you do."

"You don't trust me. You don't think a man can change?"

"It's not about what I think. This was Angel's plan."

Lorne could only sigh sadly. He knew Lindsey was a changed man, he could see it, hear it, by god he could almost taste it over the stench of blood and sweat that hung in the air of this damned room.

A bright smile danced happily on Lindsey's beautiful boyish face. "Come on. I could sing for you."

Lorne's hand buried itself in his pocket, grabbing hold of the handle tightly. "I've heard you sing."

Without a word, a glance, or even a moment, Lorne put two bullet's in Lindsey's chest. The smile that Lindsey wore turned to confusion, then briefly to pain, before outright panic and horror. Not only was Lorne able watch the man's face, he was able to see his aura clearly now. It was bright, sharp, and filled with red. Despite it's brightness now, it was clearly fading as Lindsey's life blood spilled onto the floor.

"Why.. why did you.."

"Our last job. You're not part of the solution Lindsey. You never will be."

Lorne was only slightly surprised by the coldness in his own voice. Despite whatever he might think of Lindsey, or feel for Lindsey, the work was done. Lindsey now lay on the floor, propped up by the wall behind him. Not even the wall would help him in a few minutes.

"You.. kill me?" His voice was squeaking, high pitched. He attempted to climb up the wall, but all he managed to do was leave long bloody streaks. His face was wet with sweat, his eyes wide and glassy. He was refusing to accept his fate. "A flunky?! I'm not just.. Angel.. kills me. You don't.. Angel.."

With one final twitch, Lindsey lay on the floor and died. His last words were of confusion at his fate.. not what last words should be. Lorne looked down at the face of the man he just killed, blood oozing slowly out of his mouth frozen mid word, eyes still wide and accusing.. even that one piece of hair that refused to co operate was out of place curled on his forehead.

Lorne felt pangs of regret instantly. He wanted to take away what he had just done, he wanted to heal Lindsey, make him whole again, tell him that he was a member of the team. He would not delude himself to think that he was in love with Lindsey, but there was chemistry and maybe a little but of lust.. but that was enough. Atlest he would be feeling something.

He could not, however, change things. He couldn't just take back his actions. No, Lindsey was dead. His aura was gone, soul gone to where ever it is he will find the afterlife. Now all that was left was for his flesh to rot.

"Goodnight, folks," Lorne said quietly to himself, still tightly clutching to the gun in his hand. He moved out of the room, feeling the bile starting to build once again in the back of his throat. This is when he saw what would change his life.

A portal. He couldn't believe it. A portal just like the day when he was in Pylea, just floating there. He looked behind him, feeling the heat of the room behind him waft into his face. That was all this world had for him. That was all he had to look forward too staying here.

Without a second thought, he stepped through, ending his life in Los Angeles. Wherever the portal brought him would have to be better than here. Here, he was dead inside.

He could feel himself traveling in a swirl of light and sound. Songs and music he’d never heard before danced around him. It entered his mind and his soul. He could feel the light all around him inside of him, becoming one with him. He was becoming the light.

In one flash it was gone. The music, the light, the feelings inside, all gone. He felt strangely empty.. But where was he? Infront of him he could see what looked to be domes. There didn’t seem to be any threat around him, no one rushing to kill him.. So it probably wasn’t Pylea. He could see an entrance to the domes not too far from him, with a little man standing in front of him. Lorne wondered how the man would react. After all, all he had was his trench coat to hide what he looked like. Meh, he would just explain it was a costume.

“Hey, um excuse me. Could you tell me where I am?”

“Why, this is Paixao! Here, you will be wanting this!”

The man handed Lorne a small electronic journal. The door opened.

“Okay, this is nice. It’s cute. What’s it for?”

“You’ll find out, go on inside! Mr..?”

“Lorne, just Lorne, no Mr.”

Lorne stepped inside, and his eyes went wide with wonder. It was an entire city! Completely under these domes! People moved about in their business, their voices echoing against the curved roof. It reminded Lorne of his brief stay in Vegas, a completely indoor world. What a strange place this was.

Lorne did the first thing that came to mind here. He sang.

Somewhere, over the rainbow

He belted the lyrics out, his voice strong and clear. He could feel almost feel the acoustics around him. He had a smile on his face.

“Hey, now we’re talkin here!”

He took a few more steps into the strange new world, arms spread wide as though to hug the new life he might be able to start here. He sang as he walked, his voice ringing loud, drawing eyes and ears to him.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemondrops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

There was some applause from the inhabitants around him.

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So, pretty much, Demyx no longer understood the appeal of sitting around by the gates and people-watching. He could swear he'd seen the same blond guy with the handlebar mustache go by at least five times. Sure, he had his walkman to half-listen to, but he'd been here long enough for it to loop.

He shut it down quickly when he saw - and heard - the green guy come in. This was the first time he'd heard of anybody being happy enough about winding up in Paixao to immediately break into a show tune. Granted, he'd have probably gone and said hi either way. The Organization's reputation around town wasn't exactly stellar, but as a performer, Demyx knew the value of a good first impression. He may have been wearing jeans, t-shirt, and a denim jacket right now, instead of the recognizable black uniform, but on the off chance this guy did find out who he really was, well...

Anyway, it was kinda fun, making people think he was something he wasn't.

He was one of the people to applaud, and he stood up from the sidewalk bench he'd been sitting on and approached the freaky-colored newcomer. "Hey, you're pretty good," he said casually, smiling. "You in a band?"

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Demyx shrugged. "Ehh, not in a while. I used to be in one, but work got in the way and y'know how it goes..." Naturally he hadn't stopped playing since he'd lost his heart, but it wasn't the same. (Not that that bugged him too much lately.)

"What's your name, anyway? I'm Eddie," he said, offering a hand to shake.

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Demyx listened to Lorne's song, impressed. It wasn't every day he ran across other musicians around here, much less pros like this guy - at any rate he was a lot better than the gypsies he'd played with at the festival. An amused back corner of his brain wondered what he might do if he did get enough free time to start a group here, buuuut the subsequent realization that his coworkers would probably crash it (or worse, try to join), just to spite him, kind of deflated the idea. It kind of sucked, though - Lorne was right, the acoustics around here were pretty awesome.

"Nah, singing's not really my thing... I play sitar, mostly. And not guitar, if you were wondering," he added, rolling his eyes a bit. Enough people immediately followed up the sitar thing by asking him whether he'd just mispronounced guitar that he'd started baking it into his initial answer. (He could play guitar, in a pinch, but that wasn't the point.)

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Demyx grinned; the fact that Lorne knew what a sitar was had pretty much automatically put him on the Nobody's good side. Maybe he'd treat, just for that. (Maybe.) At any rate, it was nice to hang out with someone who didn't want to kill him for a change.

"Well, the good bar's clear on the other side of town, but the cafe that way -" he pointed generally northward "- maybe has somethin'." He shrugged. "I dunno, your pick."

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"Eh, I bet you could find something," Demyx replied with a shrug - although the 'saving souls' part threw him off a little bit, as he had no idea what that was supposed to mean. He'd ask later. "Anyway, not like it matters out here... hang on a sec..."

He trailed off, looking around for something, which he spotted a few sidewalk segments away and sped up a bit to reach. He plucked it out from between the stonework and tossed it back to Lorne with a "Hey, catch!" - a dandelion, at first glance, but closer up, the flower was made completely out of yellow topaz.

"That oughta buy us a few rounds," he said with a self-satisfied grin.