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What Happens When They Tell Her She Can't Leave [Completed]

Character(s): Haruhara Haruko, torment of an utterly random NPC, Demyx, Garnet, Xemnas
Content: Haruko has kicked out the man-behind-the-booth and taken over to have her own fun. Xemnas eventually faces her down himself. Damn.
Setting: Vanaheim gate [F3]
Time: Evening
Warnings: Haruko's insanity. Probably violence. More insanity. Torment. Lies.

Despite having repaired her vespa, she still continued to tote it around behind her as if it were a pet. The yellow vehicle rested besides her, quiet and dormant, no longer sputtering.

Haruko herself perched herself on a chair that she had swiped up from some old grannie on her way back to the Vanaheim entrance. Her legs were crossed up on the counter of the booth where beyond it was a line of people, the leading man begging for her attention. She strummed away on her Rickenbacker, paying more attention to the chords versus the pesky little man.

It was amusing how she got there in the first place. She warned that pathetic guard she'd be back. When she finally did return it was as though he suddenly became a mouse and shrank down as if she wouldn't see him. She had smirked and swung the Rickenbacker onto her shoulder, threatening his very life and giving him the options of 1) taking the beating like a man 2) laying down on the ground so she could run him over with her vespa and -- after she let him sweat it out and smelled something funny coming from him -- 3) run away like a coward.

Well, needless to say he ran.

Haruko finally stopped playing at stared at the person in front of her. "What do ya want, buddy? You want in this place? Huh. Looks like everyone behind ya does too! An' your holdin' up the line! What a piece of scum, eh?"

He of course disagreed. Blamed her for holding up the line! How dare he!

She looked down at the countertop. There were pages after pages of names. She wanted to burn them. Rip 'em up into little tiny pieces and throw them over this blame-placing-person... trying to use her as a scapegoat!

A smirk pulled over her face and she leaned forward. He wasn't as cowardly as that other man, but she detected a tremble! She pulled from the pile of journals from all around her and waved it in front of his face. "You want this? Is this what you want? You have to have this, y'see! If you don't, you walk beyond that fucked-up-gate and paiiinnnfulll lightning strikes you down, bolt after bolt until you're dead! ... but there's nothing else you can do, see. So y'gotta buy one of these, got it?"

She had emphasized her speech with loud pulls at her guitar, cringing and wailing about the possible doom that could befall this man. Inside, she was laughing up a storm. He seemed to believe her! A gate, with giant fruits on it, shooting out lightning!


She snickered. "Pay up, fella." She snapped her fingers. He shoved a bunch of strange money at her and she gave him the journal and one of those stu-pid panphlets. Hey, she had to partially do the job right! She didn't need people like him running into the city screaming. Might give her away as some sort of imposter, and then someone would come and attempt to take her away from her source of money and amusement! They'd fail, of course, but her cover would still be blown.

"Oh, and one more thing~" she hummed. Stared down at the lame papers. Didn't think it really mattered, but maybe she could sell some identities off. Her snickers turned to almost giddy giggles. "I need you name. You know, records and all that jazz. Population counters! Ohhhh~ So important!"

He mumbled something and then ran in. She played a few strings and then shouted, very loudly, and very manically, "NEXT!"

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Demyx was not in a hurry to get into town; he had just waited patiently in the queue with the rest of the new arrivals. (Not that the rest of them really counted, but...) It really sucked, he'd just got here and already they were putting him right to work, and he didn't want to do it, and now there were like two things he had to do at once and he was gonna get yelled at again and aaaaagh. It was almost enough to make him wish he was working fast food.

... Almost. This had slightly fewer wackos yelling their heads off.

He leaned to the side a little to see around the scared guy in front of him. ... Wait, so it was the gatekeeper who'd been making all that racket for however many minutes?? Or is it supposed to be like that? This sucks already...

Well, next in line was a pretty perplexed-looking Nobody, probably with no idea what he was getting into.

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Now, see, any regular old citizen of Paixao might have fallen for that. But Demyx wasn't a citizen of Paixao at all, so the first thought that crossed his mind during the girl's spiel was You've gotta be kidding me.

Nice guitar, though.

Anyway, he did need to pick up a journal, so he'd just have to figure this out. He took a deep breath and held up both index fingers as if that would somehow help his case. "Umm, for one thing, these are supposed to be free, and for another thing, do you even work here?" he asked.

He sounded more uncertain about it than he really was - she obviously wasn't a native - but to be frank, after what all she'd said to the guy before him, he didn't really want to piss her off.

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Well, she did have a point about the work thing. Technically, Demyx worked here himself. Technically. "That's not quite what I meant," he said carefully, doing his darnedest not to just back off. What was he supposed to do, though? She had that really creepy look on her face.

"What I mean is - I don't think you're a gatekeeper," he tried, but was already starting to wish he hadn't said it. Maybe he could just give her a few munny or something and then call the new police on her once he had a journal.

Actually, that was a better plan, though it kind of depended on how much munny he'd brought along. Which he knew wasn't an awful lot. He reached into his coat pocket to check for sure, though.

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Yep. Sure. Couldn't argue with that logic. He halfway wanted to, but whatever... She was actually doing the job (albeit half wrong), even if she wasn't from around here, so there wasn't much point in pressing the issue. This did seem like the kind of thing his coworkers would be pissed about, actually, but he could just leave that to them to worry about, right?

"Okay, okay. Um. Gatekeeper. Right." Demyx pulled a handful of munny from his pocket and held it out to her - not so's she could reach it, though. Bad enough he was getting ripped off anyway; he didn't want to get double ripped off. "How's this?" he asked. "And, uh, my name's.... Bob. Bob Smith."

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Well, Demyx had green eyes, but the girl was close enough. He traded off the munny with her and took the journal. Easy enough. "Well, uh, thanks," he said awkwardly, then walked on through the gate.

Man, hadn't even been here half the day and he was already in deep trouble with the boss... this was terrible. Maybe he'd score a couple brownie points for reporting this chick, though.

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Garnet glanced up at the gates, having watched the performance silently between the girl with the guitar and the guy in the black cloak. Her own white cloak contrasted sharply with him, and... She would have rather hung back. They had to pay to be allowed entrance into the city?

She fished for a moment, before she was able to produce a pouch, where she took the money and counted it, silent. Could she really afford to get into this city? And besides, if there was a toll to be allowed inside, why was there no sort of price marker? Was the woman arbitrarily deciding how much gil she wanted?

Garnet was in a predicament. If she had known she would run straight out of her room and into this feild, with this gate, she'd have packed more gil. However, it was safe to assume that something like this couldn't be planned. She looked a tiny bit upset with the circumstances. However, she was free of her mother, and could move forward from there to Lindblum.

That would just take ascertaining where she was. Perhaps-- no, it would be foolish to try and brave the forests alone. She looked up, and after a small bit of hesitation, walked towards the gates. She would have to go into the city and attempt to contact someone who could help her. There was no getting around that fact.

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Garnet looked a bit confused at the behavior of the gatekeeper. Weren't gatekeepers usually more reserved than this? Or, at least, they usually had better manners and language at any rate. Garnet wasn't sure what could possibly help her, this time.

"Alexandria," she replied easily, and honestly after a moment's pause. She wouldn't notice the woman's not reaching for a journal. As far as she knew, one didn't get journals for entering cities. Why should they? There were news papers and magazines for that sort of stuff, wasn't there?

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Garnet took a step back-- one step, and then she found her reserve strength. She was royalty, and royalty was not easily intimidated! Her frown extended to the domes as she glanced them over, and said, "I very highly doubt that this city is near Alexandia, or else I would have heard some mention."

How? Well, that was better left unsaid. But she had been thinking the same thing that the woman had said to a certain extent. There was no viable option of escaping into the woods, not until she ha some strength behind her. Her eyes focused back in the gatekeeper.

"What is that? And how much should I be asked to pay for it?"

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The situation was out of hand, and Xemnas had known it was so when Demyx of all people had reported it. His appearance on the scene wasn't so much of a shock-- all the other organization members had far too much work to do to handle one miscreant. And Xemnas would rather have focused in on the problem himself instead of forcing another to do such.

Sometimes, they managed to handle things far too badly. He walked forward, hood drawn over his face. There was no reason for anyone to actually see him, personally, act on it. It was better that they simply saw the coat, the two of them.

"You are not the gatekeeper. Stand down, or else there will be reprehension," he announced, slow and drawn out.

Garnet jumped at the sound of his voice, and stepped out of the way for the approaching, cloaked man. He towered over her, easily, and she had to wonder. Who was this person? He stood out like a sore thumb. And how did he know the business of the gatekeeper.

Was he a city official, then? Was it possible she might be able to keep her gil? She hoped so, because Inns did not tend to be cheap.

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Xemnas chuckled, and slowly held up his hand. "You will regret not stepping down peacefully, cursed fool," he announced, his face still black under the hood.

From his hand, suddenly, a wall, about 6 inches deep, shot out, knocking Haruko back into the next wall, the journals showering around her from the force of the impact. Xemnas didn't have time for her to continue with her disruptions in his plans.

Garnet, jumped, and pulled out her rod, to defend the not-really-a-gatekeeper woman. Her face was set, and before she could really do anything, a weird type of black and white jagged line came from Xemnas's other hand.

It wrapped around her and choked, effectively keeping her busy while Xemnas focused on Haruko.

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She walked into it, again. The wall had faded-- wait for it.

As soon as she stepped within range, it flared up again, knocking her back against the wall with a little more velocity this time. It was an effective move, more effective than the throwaway move he was using on the other girl. But.

Effective. "Step down," he said again, calmly. "Or you will not live to make that choice. These gates are not meant for your amusement, nor are they meant for your profit."

He glanced back at Garnet, who had collapsed to her knees. The lightning vanishd around her, and she gasped, trying to take in slow, steady breaths.

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"You are firing into a wall," Xemnas pointed out with a laugh, his hands dropping as he vanished in a portal of smoke and darkness. He, unlike Larxene, didn't bother to laugh, and he didn't bother to toy with people. He wanted the job done fast, quick, with as little delay as possible.

When he reappeared behind her, grabbing her by the neck, he had every intention of finishing this useless struggle. Darkness surrounded her, like a ball of lightning, pinning her hands and feet-- and it was pain. It left no option of escape-- Garnet would not help her.

Couldn't help her, is more like it.

"You will go back inside the city."

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Xemnas let her go, let the lightning drop. He was not one to waste potential experiments, potential outlets, whatever one wanted to call them. He watched her, focusing on her alone. Garnet wasn't a threat (not at this point in her life, anyway).

He was not leaving, not until the former gatekeeper had been restored, and not until both Garnet and the trouble maker were safely inside the city.

Garnet stared, eyes wide, as she pushed herself upwards. This... This man-- he was certainly dangerous, wasn't he? She would have to watch out for that cloak again. And avoid it at all costs.